Playing Catch-Up

Good morning (or afternoon) Duranie-world!

As a quick aside: I think I’ve made up more words for the Duran fan “world” over the years than what might be necessary...

Yesterday, I did something I would have never thought possible a few years ago. I forgot Dom’s birthday.

I’ve had a lot going on in my personal life lately, I suppose, and Duran hasn’t always been at forefront of my mind. Even so, he’s my favorite guitarist, and I felt pretty terrible when I opened my email yesterday to see that Amanda had written his happy birthday message. I didn’t even realize it was the 14th! Granted, the man hasn’t been on social media since what – January – so that might be part of it too, but I get it.

In the note posted on, Dom mentioned the challenges of homeschooling – something most parents and teachers are familiar with these days. I know his pain. My 12-year old daughter did her absolute best to do the bare minimum to survive, and that’s even with me looking over her shoulder each day to see that work had been finished. Assignments went unfinished, threats were made (by me), and then I heard from her teachers, who took great joy in telling me she was one of their only students that was *laughs* thriving. So much for my concern, I guess??? So yay for homeschooling!

I don’t mind saying that I’m really hoping…and pretty much willing to sacrifice whatever is needed to satisfy the Gods…for regular school next year. In any case, I couldn’t let the day go by without saying a very belated Happy Birthday to Dom. I’ve been cheering for you since the beginning, and it’s nice to hear you’re doing well! Stay healthy and happy!

In other news, I want to continue to encourage anyone who hasn’t taken the time to listen to the Whoosh! podcasts with Simon and Katy to do it. Put your earbuds in, grab your headphones, or even listen to it over a Sonos (yeah, that’s a shoutout for my husband’s company and I’m not even sorry) speaker. In return, you’ll be well-entertained for an hour or so and the music choices are stellar, too.

During the last episode from Friday, someone had asked him about lyrics, and Simon repeated a sort of mantra that someone had told me once and sticks with me every single day just before I hit “publish”. The words are yours until you release them. So whatever you meant when you wrote the line of lyric, the book, the blog, whatever…was yours until you allowed other people to read, listen and interpret them, then those words become theirs. I can’t quite remember who first gave me that advice, but it was by far one of the best tips I’ve gotten. Once I recognized that it wasn’t up to me to defend the words once they’d gone live and out to the universe, my life became far easier. He feels the same about his lyrics. Good advice for any writer!

Additionally, I just want to thank he and Katy for the extra work I know it takes to produce the podcast each week. Simon says he really enjoys doing it. Well, I really enjoy listening. So much so that I’ve taken time to listen to more songs by a few of the artists he has picked for the podcasts over the weeks. From last week’s show, I’m throwing out L.A. Priest and Denai Moore as artists to check out on Spotify. Both are super talented, and pleasing to the ears for sure. Give either of them a listen and let me know what you think! More of that to come later…

It is my time to sign off now, as I prepare to spend an afternoon at the beach with my youngest. Cheers for now!


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