John Taylor posted a new blog today over at dd.com. If you haven’t read it, I suggest that you do. If you have read it, read it again. He expresses so much of what I am thinking and feeling. Of course, many people have read it and just appreciate the explanation of what is going on. I can understand that but what I appreciate more is John’s feelings that so clearly come through. It isn’t just about the facts for me. He summarizes so well what he and the rest of the guys must be going through. He also summarizes what many of us fans are feeling.

He explains very well how powerless he is with Simon’s ongoing voice problems. He can’t do anything to fix it and really no one can. Yes, Simon is seeing specialists and doing what he is directed to do by his doctors. Of course. Yet, even with that, Simon nor his doctors have any control with this. We would all like to fix it. In fact, I have heard many, many, many fans offer to give their vocal cords if it would mean that Simon would be able to sing. The other thing about Simon that John explained so beautifully is that he is the voice of the band and irreplaceable. Would it really be Duran Duran without Simon? I don’t think so. Even I, who has given Simon a hard time or two, would never want to lose him. Again, many people have suggested having John sing. I believe that most, if not all, of those people are joking. Everyone wants Simon to be able to sing, especially Simon and the rest of the band.

I can’t imagine what Simon and the rest of the guys are going through right away. They know that people are disappointed. They have to deal with everything involving canceling a show as there are many people needed to make for a successful show. I can’t imagine how horrible that must feel. I’m sure that they also know that there are many, many, many fans who are criticizing how they have handled the situation. I, personally, have heard fans say how “angry” they are about the whole thing. That must feel like people are pouring salt into an open wound. Aren’t we, as fans, suppose to be offering support, ESPECIALLY at times like these? Or is our love for them, conditional? Is it about them as HUMANS or only about what they can give us? If it is the latter, I can tell you that I’m uncomfortable with this. They are humans who have feelings. John clearly expressed his level of fear and a fear that I don’t blame him for and share.

This is the reality here. No one really knows how long this will take for Simon to get better. He is powerless. The band is powerless. We are powerless. The truth is that it may not ever be the same again. Like John, I’m struggling with the fear. To me, this goes way beyond 4 shows and a big trip to the UK. This is my favorite band. More than that, this is something that I have loved for decades! What else can I say that about? This is also my escape from reality and part of a large dream I have in seeing the book through all way to being published. I can’t imagine a world without Duran Duran. I can’t.

For now, all I can do is continue to offer my support to the band that I love and hope that Simon does get better, and as quickly as possible. To me, it is the best and only thing I can do as a fan. I won’t be complaining that the band hasn’t handled it well because I don’t agree and I don’t think that helps anyone. In fact, it hurts.


6 thoughts on “Powerless”

  1. I really appreciated John's post, too. It's got to be so frustrating for all of them, and dealing with the various levels of anger/disappointment/complaining from fans. I think they know that most of the fans are reasonable people and even if they missed out on shows, they want Simon to be healthy. But there's still the fear, that it won't get better. Back in 1993, they had to postpone their tour for SIX WEEKS after Simon tore a vocal cord. But eventually he got better.

    I don't even want to contemplate the idea of this being the end of the band, which it seems like some people are already doing. I'll wait to have that emotional breakdown until it's absolutely necessary!

  2. John's blog has me worried as well. Let's hope he just tends to fear the worst and that Simon will be back singing very soon, because like you I don't think there can be a Duran Duran w/o Simon. I also believe that Simon cares very much about all the disappointment this is causing, as he tweeted, “more than you'll ever know.” Some fans have been harsh on him for not apologizing like John has been. Sure it would be nice but I think Simon realizes that dwelling on all the negative is not going to help him get better and that is what his only goal is now.

    Thanks again for taking the high road and showing what a true fan is all about.


  3. Thank you for speaking up! I think someone is a real fan they would be more concerned with Simon's health. People forget we don't own them. It stinks that it has happened & that people have missed out on seeing them. However they feel bad enough so if people are not going to be supportive then just shut the hell up! Remember we almost lost Simon before but we still have him. He has given us over 30 years of his life so show some respect please.

  4. @Madame Duran-You are right. All we can really do is hope for the best.

    @semibold-Yes, I think that fear is very much alive for all of us. I am obviously not ready to give up hope yet about the band and their future. We have all seen them get through tough times before.

    @Anne-Thank you for your kind words. They mean more than you will ever know.

    @Cindi-I definitely think that respect and support are needed right now. Thanks for commenting.

  5. I think the initial anger is a perfectly human response. There is nothing wrong with that! However, I think we're all concerned about Simon's voice and the timing of this is awful, not just for us, but for the band as well. They've got an amazing album out there and they can't support it with live shows.

    That being said, we can only hope that this is temporary and if they have to cancel every date they've booked so far for Simon to get the vocal rest he needs to prevent permanent damage, then that's what they should do. Yeah, it sucks for us. But it would suck even more if Simon were told he could never sing again.

    Fortunately, most of these sorts of vocal issues are temporary and do usually go away. They just take time.

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