Presentation Video: Uniqueness of Competition in Female Dominated Fandoms

I am tired.  The last few days were pretty mentally and emotionally exhausting  that also included a very long drive home.  While I need time to process everything regarding the conference, I do know a few things already.  First, I feel confident that I gave the presentation well and that I was thoroughly prepared.  Second, I did receive some useful and not-as-useful feedback, though all coming from good intentions.  That said, I am left wondering if it was worth it in terms of the time, stress and money.  I hoped to feel super accomplished and motivated and that did not happen.  I know that I did learn from the experience, though.

On that note, I know a lot of people wanted to see the presentation.  I recorded me practicing it from my hotel room.  That means that this does not adequately show what it was like to see the real presentation but I do share the ideas and as much of the visuals as could fit on the screen.



10 thoughts on “Presentation Video: Uniqueness of Competition in Female Dominated Fandoms”

  1. I think you two (and whatever shreds remain of your self esteem) need a break from DD and fandom. Jesus.

    1. Thank you very much for proving our points. I’m also particularly entertained that you spent your time not only checking out the presentation but also responding. -A

  2. Hello. I agree with what you are saying. My question is why do you feel that it is necessary to point this out? Im not trying to start a fight. I am genuinely curious. Honestly I just want to enjoy their music and have a good time and hopefully meet new people. I ignore the rest.

    1. Hi Aubree,

      Perhaps the post I’m writing today will explain some of this, but this was a presentation we had worked on for a pop culture conference. A lot of our readers had asked that we post it, so we did. I think both Amanda and I realize that it may not be of interest to some people, but we were sharing what we’ve been working on. -R

        1. Yeah, it’s one of those things where not everything we write each day is going to resonate with all people. We do have a lot of fun with writing the blog too, it just so happens that the conference was this past weekend and so it’s been on our minds. We do go to shows for JUST having fun though, too. That’s our escape from reality!! -R

    2. I know that Rhonda already responded to you but I wanted to add something. We feel it necessary to share because “the rest” as you put it often gets in the way of enjoying the music. Besides that, as I stated in the presentation, the competition between women has larger implications for society, too. I want women supporting other women. -A

  3. I enjoyed your presentation. From an academic and social standpoint, I think you hit the nail right on the head to explain why people (women) in this fandom behave the way they do and where the competitiveness comes from.

    At the risk of getting flamed for saying this, frankly, I never understood the need for the competitiveness in this fandom, or in real life, or the need for someone to belittle people in the process in order to elevate his/her own social standing on the ladder. That’s probably the reason why my circle of female friends tends to be small, and why I have a lot of good guy friends who are just friends and nothing more – IMO you don’t see that element of competitiveness (though I think a more accurate term is cattiness) with guys that you see with women.

    Just curious, in your research, did you come to any specific conclusions as to how the guys in the fandom behave?

    1. Hi Sue,

      I think male Duranies are just different. The emotional aspect is so different from women. They don’t seek validation in the same way as women do. I think they are prided far more based on the quality of their collections, or their knowledge base. Amanda and I zeroed in on females for a great deal of reasons, but one being that the more we studied other fandoms, the one thing we kept noticing over and over was how different our fan community was from others. We finally realized that we’re different because we’re mainly women, and so we were better able to direct our research from there. We have made many observations about how men in our community behave, additionally how women in our community interact with male fans…but we haven’t done enough research to really start spouting theories, although we certainly notice some worth further investigation.

      The thing about the competition between women – and it really is competition, although there is certainly cattiness within the exchanges women might have with one another – is that if you look at the fan community as a social ladder with rungs on each level, and you note that the ladder itself is very narrow, there isn’t room. No one can share that same “space” as you. There is such little room, that instead of helping one another up to share, we women tend to push one another down and out of the way. So we call it “competition” because of the fact that we’re all trying to occupy our own spot! It’s like a GA show, but without the band performing I guess. 😀

      Our circle is incredibly small…but I actually prefer it this way now. I know exactly who I trust and they are the people closest to me. I don’t need anyone else, and I feel lifted up by the friendships I have. Yep, it works for me. -R

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