Pressure Is OFF now…until Summer!

It’s looking like a mid-summer release for “Pressure Off”, at least at the moment, much to the dismay of fans ’round the globe. Not only did Nick Rhodes mention a July release during his interview with The Daily Mail, but in the most recent DDBlast it would appear that even DDHQ is on the summer bandwagon for the first single off of the band’s new album.

This would not matter nearly as much had fans not already heard from the <incredibly inaccurate> grapevine that the single would in fact be out in May. Many were bouncing around the internet, openly tagging May as the month we would finally hear new music, but alas… We are going to have to continue to be patient and know that on the other side, it is going to be worth the wait.

I would venture to guess that at this point, I am not the only fan on the planet that is tired of the roundabout this band seems to keep us on. I’ve seen more than my fair share of fans worry “out loud” in comments online that they’re tired of waiting, or that they’re tired of being strung along. We don’t know why they’ve decided to wait a little longer. Maybe they’re waiting to do promo closer to the album release. Maybe they’re waiting so that the single release will better coincide with other events…and maybe I’m just making aimless guesses so that people see that it really might not be the fault of the band.

No, it’s likely not their fault, but yes…we’re impatiently ready to hear what they’ve been working on for the past three years.  I can only give a toothy smile and say that we’re listening and cannot wait to hear the final result!

Slightly more curious to me is the question of momentum. Did it make sense to have the band appear at that listening party of sorts at a winery? Your guess is as good as mine…and we can only hope that all answers will be revealed in time. I know I’m looking forward to watching it all unfold in the coming months.

I’m sure that many, if not most fans will be openly forgiving and still pledging their undying love and devotion for this band no matter whether the single is truly dropped in July of 2015 or July of 2020. Durantime? Sure…I think we all get it by now, even if we’re scratching our heads and wondering what is really going on with that hamster behind the wheel at times!


6 thoughts on “Pressure Is OFF now…until Summer!”

  1. I always enjoy the analysis… although I have nothing to contribute with regard to how the band is marketed and promoted. Part of me thinks that there is much reliance on the existing fan base– but I don’t think they are as willing to admit HOW much they depend on us. If they are seeking out the new generation of fan, what you’ve described does nothing to cultivate that. That’s who all the effort is really aimed at, right? And if that is the case, then their tried and true method will require reconsideration… as this generation of fan is a much different beast than the tried and true Duranie.

    This inability to cease on momentum has to come from someone… and the management team has changed at least a little from the time of Warren? (I don’t know). I guess what I am trying to do is point a finger… although I am not sure at who exactly. On the other hand, no one seems to mind, either.

    And Nick dropping the info about the album when he is pimping his outrageously priced wrinkle cream… was that off message? Or was that planned, do you suppose?

    Interesting discussion, regardless!

  2. I LOVE this band-have for a LONG time, but, that having been said-they do NOT capitalize on momentum, always having to start from square one, and they rely TOO heavily on suckers like me who buy EVERYTHING they do, regardless… Example (and please, no hateful remarks, as I truly am a HUGE fan), I heard the Pressure Off tease, frankly, I’m NOT impressed… 🙁 Waited all this time for that? Not particularly catchy or interesting single… Also-too many witches spoil the brew… Is it even a DD album anymore? At this point it seems they are more like guests in their own endeavor… Again, that being said-I’ll still buy it, because I buy everything they do, but I wish I loved it…

    1. Hi Kami,

      Do you really think though that it’s fair to even judge Pressure Off yet given that we haven’t heard a super-clear version of it yet? I mean…I understand first impressions. I felt the same way about Nite Runner, I hated it from day one and the first time I heard the song, it wasn’t a clear version because I was at a concert. Even so, I have often wondered if it was really fair of me to hate it so much from the first listen. *sigh* 🙂

      I just think for many of us, we’re super anxious at this point and any delay is too long. The trouble is, at least the trouble *I* find, we don’t rule the world yet. 🙂 -R

    2. I Love Pressure Off from the first moment when I heard the teaser. Can not wait until the single is published. I can understand it. The albums Pop Trash and Medazzaland it felt the same way. But hope that the new album is not how the two albums is. Rather like Pressure Off.

  3. When now comes Pressure Off. May or July?
    I am a little confused.
    I love Nite Runner from the first moment until today. But so has jedseine own fav.
    Mona B.

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