Promotion Clips and Excitement

Could my blogs get any later in the day?  Of course, the answer is yes.  I still have over 4 hours in this Saturday.  I don’t really have a good excuse to the tardiness of this blog.  Today was the first day that I didn’t go anywhere in months.  Months.  I know that I confused my poor cat, which couldn’t figure out why I wasn’t jumping out of bed to get ready to go.  While part of me thought it might be good to take this day to get a lot done, the other part of me preferred to do not much.  I did get a few things done, in between naps (I took two!), including a few Duran related items!  First, I hooked up my new blu-ray player in order to be ready for the upcoming release of A Diamond in the Mind.  (By the way, I’m sure that Rhonda will either be entertained or horrified that it took me since the end of April to do this task!)  The second thing I did was to try to catch up on the news front, the Duran news front, that is!  Some of what I found I will be sharing here!

Obviously, part of what I learned about what has been happening in Duranland has to do that upcoming DVD/Blu-Ray release.  Apparently, the band announced a digital premiere of it on facebook.  The news release can be read completely here.  I’ll summarize what I understand about it here by using those fantastic journalistic questions of who, what, when, where, why and how.

Who:  Obviously Duran Duran

What: “Duran Duran to stream their latest concert DVD, A Diamond In The Mind with EXCLUSIVE Audio Commentary and LIVE Q&A.”  As I understand it, this commentary and Q&A session will be special to this streaming, which I’m sure is done to encourage viewing.

When:  July 8th at 2 pm EST 
For some people, like me, this would be the first chance to see it and, for others, the DVD will already be available.  Again, though, I guess with the additional commentary and Q&A session, the date isn’t so important.  I do find it interesting that it is on a Sunday afternoon.

Where:  Facebook through some application called Qello.
Is this a case of Duran acknowledging the number of fans on Facebook or a case of them encouraging fans to join facebook?  Both?  No matter, I find it interesting that they are once again acknowledging social networking like they did with the youtube streaming of the show directed by David Lynch last spring. 

How:  This application, Qello, will cost $4.99 for a 30 day all access membership. 
I know nothing about this app, but it appears to be new based on this quote from the news release:  “The program launches June 18th with several weeks of festivities on the Duran Duran Facebook page, including Digital Premiere ticketing, and VIP Ticket and CD giveaways. To promote the Premiere, and make the experience more social, fans that post about the event via Facebook will gain access to a special sneak preview.”
Will this $4.99 be worth it?  Is it lame that they are charging money for this streaming?  Like many other things related to Duran, I find myself assuming that I will be purchasing this app in order to watch, assuming that I can figure out what to do when the time comes!  I’m such a sucker!

Now, if all of that didn’t get you excited for ADITM, my friend, Faby, found a lovely, lengthy preview on youtube, which I will now share with all of you after she shared with me:

Of course, beyond ADITM, there have been TV and radio appearances.  I am focusing here on the TV appearances because I haven’t been able to find many (most) of the radio interviews.  If you know where to find them, please post the link for me and everyone else!  Thanks!  As for the TV appearances, I know that Simon appeared on Loose Women in the UK.  I also read about appearances on Sky Sunrise, ITV Daybreak and CNN.  Again, I completely suck because the only one I could find was Loose Women, which I have included below.

My reaction to this clip was that it was enjoyable despite being like every other interview on TV with the list of successes in the beginning and the video montage, which, of course, included Rio!  I’m not sure what the deal was with the bananas but I like seeing the silly side of Simon!  On a more serious note, one comment I found interesting was when Simon stressed that the band only focused on the songs and not the videos, back in the day.  Of course, I think that they focused on the music more but following that statement up with the intelligence of the managers imply that the managers did everything with the video.  I always had the impression that the band gave input to the videos.  Am I wrong?  Also, on a serious note, I loved the statement about how ADITM was a celebration of being able to sing again.  On a personal level, the UK tour felt like a celebration for me, too!

Now that my blu-ray player is hooked up, I have seen that long preview, and had Simon describe ADITM as a celebration, I’m really ready to see it!!!  I can’t be the only one, right?  Right???? 


13 thoughts on “Promotion Clips and Excitement”

  1. Love this! I am also technologically challenged. Plus I think my eyes are killing me from too much tiny smart phone screen viewing. Thanks for the clips, I have missed them. Feeling like a hot mess here! Step by step directions and help are greatly appreciated! Thank you for the info and head's up!
    Michelle Browner

  2. Either Simon, John or Nick had mentioned in previous interviews that the Berrow brothers were the ones who caught wind of the emerging power of music videos before the band did. Back then, creating a visual to accompany the music was the rage in certain NYC dance clubs and the Berrows wanted to recreate the same thing back at the Rum Runner. They probably sensed that music videos were also good as a promotional tool (as some record companies were beginning to discover). The Berrows didn't mastermind the entire videomaking process for DD; they're credited for having foresight and insisting that the band make videos to go with their songs. Understandably, Duran Duran–being a musical group–just wanted to focus on the music at first. Duran Duran wasn't resistant to the idea of doing a music video but it was a bit of a novelty at the time and they didn't fully appreciate its significance until later on (i.e. when the band was heavily featured on MTV, which led to their rising fame).

    I still regard Duran Duran as pioneers of music videos (at least for starring in several of the most MEMORABLE vids). The Berrows just helped to nudge them into that direction from the start.

  3. I completely agree that the Berrow brothers pushed music videos. What I am not sure of is that the band had NOTHING to do with concepts, etc. From everything I heard, they would often give their thoughts about what a video should look like. I have a hard time imagining that Nick, for one, wouldn't have something to say about what their videos would look like! My take on Simon's statement was that they always want to be known for their music first, which I think is the right way, but to imply that they had nothing to say seems like they were puppets of their managers, which seems wrong to me.


  4. I don't think they did, not in a big way. They might have thrown in some ideas here or there but as I understand it, it was mainly the managers and the directors who came up with most of the ideas. They did videos in Sri Lanka because their manager went on vacation there and as has been said, had dreams of being a filmmaker. They did the videos in Antigua because most of them were already in the Caribbean on their vacation, Andy and the Berrows and the director came in and they just did it. It was all set up for them. The director came up with most of the ideas.

    They may have contributed things here and there(like for example I know Simon came up with using the Queen Mab speech because apparently the video needed something like that and they didn't really have any books around look stuff up and it was the only thing he already knew by heart that might fit). And I remember one of them had the idea for the military costumes in that one little scene in Is There Something I Should Know? Except the director basically got the wrong end of the stick because that wasn't the type of military uniforms he had in mind(was it John? Might have been John as he is always saying he was into military uniforms:)). It should have been less Nutcracker Suite and more West Point. 🙂 The Reflex was a live video because they were on tour and they needed a video, the concept was the director's though.

    So they had ideas(and as they did more videos they seemed to have more ideas) but it was mostly someone else doing all the planning and coming up with things back then. Even Wild Boys, that was all about Russell Mulcahy trying to get someone to approve him to do a movie based on William S Burrough's book, that is one time they specifically wrote the song for the video in the sense that they knew Russell wanted it to be called Wild Boys and be sort of apocalyptic.

    I didn't take what Simon said to mean they had nothing to do with the music videos just that they really focused on the music, it wasn't about videos to them and giving credit where credit was due to their managers who really saw the power in the video medium. They liked doing them(most of them did:), they threw in their two cents when things were being filmed but for the most part, they wrote the music and someone else came up with the ideas for the videos.

  5. Again, I don't disagree. I think this debate is about semantics. How involved was the band in the video ideas? I have no idea. I think they were some. So do you. How much probably depends on which video and whether or not someone had a real idea, much like your example of Wild Boys, which was all Russell's idea and very little of the band's.


  6. Revisiting your quote, Amanda:

    “I think that they focused on the music more but following that statement up with the intelligence of the managers imply that the managers did everything with the video.”

    Sorry but I don't see how Simon was implying that the band had absolutely NOTHING to do with their videos. The band's primary focus, then and now, was/is the music. How does that suggest that they completely surrendered creative control over their own image? You can tell that Duran Duran had an interest in art/fashion and wanted to include that aspect into their overall package (e.g. collaboration with Antony Price). They could've settled with making plain videos of themselves performing with instruments on a stage or with the sunny backdrop of an Antiguan beach…but they didn't. They jointly worked WITH whomever (Mulcahy, Godley & Creme) while offering their input here and there, borrowing whatever images or influences they were exposed to at the time. Duran Duran is known for their innovative, visually arresting music videos. I can see where someone would mistakenly assume that DD initiated or orchestrated everything when the reality is that they more or less stumbled across an opportunity and were fortunate enough to have skilled people with whom to collaborate. I believe Simon was just acknowledging the fact that the Berrow brothers had a role to play in getting the band started down the video path.

    So much of the media emphasizes Duran's handsome looks and lavish 80s lifestyles that poor Simon (and the other band members) have to redirect its attention to what ultimately matters–the music. He's trying to focus on substance, the “here and now” but interviewers/critics only rehash the same titillating froth…yet the band gets accused of being stuck in the past? How ironic.

  7. Yes, maybe, my words were too strong in saying that they had nothing to do with video. That said, my point was, really, that Simon didn't take any credit. He could have both credited their managers AND themselves. He didn't. I found that interesting. That's all.


  8. Perhaps I don't know the difference between an iPad app an a FB app, so please help me understand. On my iPad, qello is a free app through the apple store. When I go to FB, I don't know how to search for an app.

    I use my ipad2 pretty much all the time, and for social networking FB is a free app. Will it interface? Idk.

    So my question to durandom, can you help me with this so that I may be prepared in time?

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