Proving One on One; It Can Be Done

My mind is spinning from all of the John Taylor news and updates the last couple of days as his autobiography has been released in the UK and Australia. This release has been accompanied with a media blast all over the UK and signing/book talks in many UK cities. I know that our facebook and twitter were filled with tweets and status updates from many a happy Duranie after getting a copy of the book signed by the man himself. With all of this activity, I struggled with what I should focus on with this particular blog post. Do I focus on the fan reports? Do I talk about how jealous so many of us are here who are unable to experience what people went through yesterday? Do I ponder why there aren’t more signings? Do I mention what I have already learned from brief appearances on TV shows like Loose Women and Yahoo UK? All of the above? I swear, sometimes, when it rains it pours in Duranland…

In many ways, I think most of this is connected. Obviously. While I could talk about those media appearances, I think I will focus more on the fabulous book talk and signing that many were lucky enough to experience and how so many more want the same thing. From what I heard via social media and friends, this signing in London yesterday was golden. I only heard of positive experiences! The format consisted of having John do a book talk first before people were able to line up to get a copy or two signed. To me, the book talk really adds to the experience. Don’t get me wrong. I would always love a chance to say something to John and to have John say something to me. Who wouldn’t?! That said, I truly am anxious to get my hands on the book. I want to hear what John has to say about it and the process of writing it. The signing part would be like the icing to the cake. It adds sweetness to something that is already wonderful. Anyway, the signing portion of the evening definitely pleased everyone we heard from. According to what I heard, he was charming and took the time to personalize each and every copy! He was open and conversed briefly with the fans there. Friends of ours were able to exchange a few sentences with him and I didn’t hear one mention of feeling rushed. This one-on-one time, I’m sure, meant a lot to each and every fan who was able to participate. The fans felt appreciated, from what I could tell, and I’m sure they are all still grinning today!! I think this type of experience helps people’s fandom not only survive but to grow. It doesn’t take much to please most of us and it sounds like John did that and more yesterday!

Of course, as thrilled as we all are for our friends across the pond, many of us here in the States openly wonder why is there only one signing here and the one planned doesn’t sound like what they had yesterday, either. As far as I can tell, it is just a signing in New York.Β  There will be no book talk. So, why the difference in focus between the UK and the US? By the way, I’m in no way saying that there shouldn’t be events in other parts of the world besides the US and the UK as I wish for everyone to get an event like the one that happened yesterday! Nonetheless, I’m still wondering why the focus ONLY on the UK. Of course, we don’t know for sure that there won’t be more signings. There might be. I’m just preparing myself that there won’t be. I admit it. I would be disappointed. Why wouldn’t the publisher be pushing the book here? I see no upcoming media here either. It is like the book is only being released there. Now, I do know that it isn’t coming out here for another month. Thus, again, it is possible that events will be added but…some people have started to wonder if it isn’t because the publishers or the powers that be (Note: I know NOTHING about how this sort of publishing works or who makes decisions.) think that the book won’t sell well here. Others have asked if it isn’t because of the contents of the book.

This makes me think about the point of the book and the audience of the book. The teacher in me would say that when anyone starts to write, s/he needs to consider the intended audience. Rhonda and I did for our book. I’m willing to bet that John did, too. In my opinion, the audience of this book isn’t just for fans. It is for Duranies but it also tells the story of one person who experienced a tremendous amount of fame and everything that went with that. It seems to me to be the story of an extraordinary life. This is a broader story and one that should be easy to market. It seems to me that a lot of people are interested in life stories such as this. Thus, I have a hard time believing that it couldn’t sell here. *shrugs*

While I will continue to hope that the people with power reconsider adding more signings and book talk events, I will be paying attention to the stories from all of the lucky fans who have had or will have their moments with the Bass God himself. It sounds like the time one-on-one definitely sent a powerful message of appreciation between both John and his fans.Β  What a great experience!


P.S.Β  We would love to have a first-hand account so if you were there and would want to share, please get in touch with us!!!

11 thoughts on “Proving One on One; It Can Be Done”

  1. I don't know about book signings in the US, but I do know the publisher is behind this book in the US and there will be media appearances-from publisher information that I have access to for my work, John will be on the Today Show on October 16th, but I'm sure there will be more announced as pub date is closer. It also says “events in New York and Los Angeles” so lets hope there are more events between the coasts.

    The publisher paid JT major money to do this book, so i'm sure that they are expecting it to sell-why would they publish it otherwise? My job is on the periphery of the publishing industry and I have to keep up with all the books being published and so far i've only seen good reviews of the book. I don't see any reason why it won't be on the NYT best seller list, and musician bio's are all the rage this fall.

  2. That's good news, as there are truly rampant rumors that the NYC signing would be the only one. I don't think Amanda (or even me, and I'm the more “negative” one of the two of us) were ready to believe there would be NOTHING in the way of press. Maybe you can answer something for me though – just out of simple business curiosity – what is the purpose/benefit/etc of waiting an entire month between releasing the book in the UK and the US? Seems so long, but of course that's only because we're sitting here waiting for it, you know? πŸ™‚

    Thanks for the information – I know we're not the only ones who appreciate it! -R

  3. Ladies-I'm sure you've seen that I called Dutton Press this morning to ask about any and all events planned for this book. The girl on the other end confirmed NYC (Oct 16th) and mentioned LA as an (as of yet) unconfirmed possibility. I then asked if there was the possibility of ANY other events: she said there wasn't. (I said, 'are you SURE?' –ha!–she said she WAS sure.) I know it's the pub's decision where he goes, so it's not for lack of wanting I'm sure. Needless to say, lots of people are disappointed (and no reading? DAMN!) — just cause we love the guy and want to see him do his thang. πŸ˜‰

  4. I've never really heard a good reason as to why some books are published in the UK before the US. This has been a big deal in the past with other books like Harry Potter and the Girl with the Dragon Tattoo series (and right now i'm reading the new Ian McEwan, Sweet Tooth which was published in August in the UK and won't be published in the US until November-at least we don't have to wait that long for In the Pleasure Groove!), and the best answer I can find is that the business side of publishing and larger print runs take more time here in the US. Pretty vague, I know.

    If I see any press is added to the list, i'll be sure to let you know.

  5. Just a note – it has not been released in Australia yet. Delayed until Sept 25.

    I was annoyed (though not at all surprised) when DD Facebook made and announcement about the Aussie/NZ release delay and several US fans came in screeching 'Americaaaaaaa'. Geeeees guys give it a rest. The DD camp can make announcement about non US or UK now and then without the stage-hogs. πŸ˜‰

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