Question of the Day: Friday, October 4, 2019

62% of our participants do own Arena: An Absurd Notion (DVD) while 39% did not.

What about Three to Get Ready? Here is some information about this DVD:

Directed and produced by award winning filmmakers Carolyn Brooks and David Gasperik, this is a behind the scenes look at Duran Duran. The documentary was filmed entirely in black & white during The Strange Behaviour Tour in 1987.

First shown at film festivals during 1987, the video features footage of Duran Duran travelling on the road, interviews and visits to American TV shows including Soul Train. There are also stage performances of “Notorious“, “Save A Prayer” and “Skin Trade“.

Originally Three To Get Ready was released in Italy as a 75 minute version in 1987. An edited 29 minute version was later released in several countries in 1990. The DD Fan Club have also released an unofficial DVD edition in 2010.

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