Question of the Week: Astronaut Tour Representation

It is Saturday! That means that it is time for the question of the week. If you have been following along, the theme of this current set of questions is the song that represents each tour. By the end of the set of questions, I am hoping that we have a song for each tour Duran Duran has ever done. When we started this set, I opted to go from most recent to least. Our results so far are:

Paper Gods Tour – Pressure Off

All You Need Is Now Tour – All You Need Is Now

Red Carpet Massacre – Nite Runner

Now, it is time to vote on a song that best represents the Astronaut Tour. When creating the poll, I looked the songs the band played in 2005 as they played most of the songs then. Now, before I share the poll, I want to warn you that the band played more than 40 different songs in 2005. Will it be hard to choose? Without a doubt. To ease your struggle, pick the song that grabs you first. Then, next week, I’ll do the same question, narrowing to just the songs that were chosen. This way if you change your mind, you have another opportunity to vote. On that note, happy voting!


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Which Song Best Represents the Astronaut Tour?
Which Song Best Represents the Astronaut Tour?
Which Song Best Represents the Astronaut Tour?

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