Question of the Week of June 21st: What Song Represents the Strange Behaviour Tour?

This week’s poll moved to Sunday, where it may stay. Honestly, I pushed it back a day in order to celebrate John Taylor’s birthday, which I suspect that you are all fine with. Anyway, the survey theme continues. We are trying to develop a playlist of songs that represent each and every Duran tour. When this set of questions began, we chose to start at the most recent tour and move backwards in time. Here are the selections so far:

  • Paper Gods Tour – Pressure Off
  • All You Need Is Now Tour – All You Need Is Now
  • Red Carpet Massacre Tour – Night Runner
  • Astronaut Tour – Sunrise
  • Pop Trash Tour – Hallucinating Elvis
  • Ultra Chrome Latex and Steel Tour – Electric Barbarella
  • Thank You Promo Tour – White Lines
  • No Ordinary Tour – Too Much Information
  • Big Live Thing Tour – I Don’t Want Your Love

This, of course, brings us to the year of 1987 and the Strange Behaviour Tour to support the album, Notorious. As always, the poll includes each and every song that was played by Duran live during that year. Out of all the songs on the list, which one do you represents that tour the most? Happy voting!


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Which Song Represents the Strange Behavior Tour?
Which Song Represents the Strange Behavior Tour?
Which Song Represents the Strange Behavior Tour?

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