Question of the Week: Song That Represents the No Ordinary Tour

We are moving back in time to 1993, when Duran Duran played over 100 shows to support their latest album, the Wedding Album. Most of these 100 shows were part of a tour entitled “No Ordinary Tour,” to go along with their commercially successful single, Ordinary World. The question, then, rests with you, the fans, about which of the songs that they played best represents that tour, that album, that Duran era. We, of course, have already asked this question about the tours that followed in 1995, 1997, 2000, 2005, 2008, 2011 and 2016. The results of those polls are as follows:

  • Paper Gods Tour: Pressure Off
  • All You Need Is Now Tour: All You Need Is Now
  • Red Carpet Massacre Tour: Night Runner
  • Astronaut Tour: Sunrise
  • Pop Trash Tour: Hallucinating Elvis
  • Ultra Chrome Latex and Steel Tour: Electric Barbarella
  • Thank You Promo Tour: White Lines

On that note, please vote for which song best represents the Wedding Album Era Tour.

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Which Song Best Represents the No Ordinary Tour?
Which Song Best Represents the No Ordinary Tour?
Which Song Best Represents the No Ordinary Tour?

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