Question of the Week: Song that Represents the Pop Trash Tour

Anyone feel like doing a survey? I know you do, especially if it is about Duran Duran. This week we are moving on to the next tour, the Pop Trash Tour. The basic idea here is that we are asking people to pick out the song that represents each of Duran Duran tours. So far we have picked out songs for the Paper Gods Tour, the All You Need Is Now Tour, the Red Carpet Massacre Tour and finally the Astronaut Tour. Here are the songs so far:

  • Pressure Off (Paper Gods)
  • All You Need Is Now (All You Need Is Now)
  • Nite Runner (Red Carpet Massacre)
  • Sunrise (Astronaut)

The tour before the Astronaut Tour was the Pop Trash Tour. In order to do this poll, I looked at the song that Duran Duran played during the year 2000 as the band played the most number of shows for that tour during that year. As always, they played quite a few different songs over the course of the year. You may find it difficult to pick just one to represent the entire tour. Therefore, look at this week as your chance to narrow the choices. Then, next week we can pick just one. On that note, happy voting!


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What Song Represents the Pop Trash Tour?
What Song Represents the Pop Trash Tour?
What Song Represents the Pop Trash Tour?

2 thoughts on “Question of the Week: Song that Represents the Pop Trash Tour”

  1. I loved the Pop Trash album and the tour. Can’t understand why so many ‘fans’ hold it in such low regards!?!

    1. Hi Martin,

      I think it’s always dangerous when someone else decides or judges what the word “fan” means. That said, I think there are a variety of different albums in DD’s catalog – something for everyone – so it seems. As such, it isn’t a surprise to find that some people adored the Rio album or the Sing Blue Silver tour, yet didn’t care for the tour for Big Thing, or the Pop Trash tour. Very, VERY few fans love every single thing the band has ever done. In fact, I highly doubt the band themselves loves every single thing they’ve ever done…that’s why they have drawers filled with tape of recordings that were never released or finished. 🙂 -R

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