Random Ramblings for a Monday

This is one of those mornings where I can’t come up with a succinct topic and should probably be taken out to pasture and shot, so I apologize in advance.

We’re now two shows into the US tour, and so far there has been no sign of Secret Oktober or Shadows on Your Side.  I did see that Roger asked about whether the fans wanted them back into the setlist on Facebook, and of course I commented with enthusiasm over the prospect, but to be fair I didn’t take the time to read any of the other comments to know for sure how others may have felt.  I’m very disappointed that the band hasn’t incorporated at least these two songs into their show – it would appear that the band is playing it extremely safe by sticking to the hits and weaving the new album among them.  Funny that a band who prides itself on taking risks and trying new things is so bent on sticking to such a formula, but on the same token – I am a longtime fan, not a general audience member who only knows Rio and Girls on Film.  I have it on good authority that the audience has reacted well and that Simon’s voice is better than ever, which is such great, great news I can almost forgive the setlist.

Tonight they play the Mountain Winery – a California venue that I have never been.  I am a huge wine fan, so it pains me to think that this is the second show they’ve done at this winery and I’ve yet to make it there to see them.  My luck would be that I’d get so involved in the wine tasting that I’d forget the show!  One of these days the trip will work out for me and perhaps I’ll make it there to see them.

Unfortunately, I have to cut the blog short for today as I unexpectedly have a sick little one here at home that needs my care.  I hope everyone at the winery has a great show tonight – and remember to do some wine tasting for me!!


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