Readings, Signings and John Taylor…Oh My!

Just when I think I couldn’t add anything else to my extremely busy plate of activities, schedules and thoughts, something else falls into my lap, which is what happened yesterday afternoon.  Now, Friday afternoons have become a big deal in my life.  They didn’t used to be that important as I typically would spend Friday going out for a drink with colleagues or friends or just come home to sleep and relax.  Now, Friday afternoons and evenings mean getting ready for the weekend and, in my case, a weekend of all day campaigning.  Therefore, after work yesterday, I ran some errands and began straightening my house and making a list of everything I needed to bring to the campaign office that I’m in charge of through election day.  Before I got into a groove, I received both an email and a text message regarding the fact that many John Taylor book signings and readings were announced on  If you want to read the details, you can go here.  Here is the basic gist of locations, dates, and events:

October 16th-New York City book signing at 12:30 pm

October 16th-New York City book reading and signing at 7:30 pm

October 18th-Ridgewood, New Jersey signing at 6:00 pm

October 24th-Hollywood reading and signing at 7:00 pm

October 25th-San Francisco reading and signing at 6:30 pm

October 26th-Austin reading and signing at 6:30 pm

October 29th-Toronto reading and signing at 7:00 pm

October 30th-Chicago reading and signing at 5:30 pm

To say that I am surprised by all of these events is an understatement.  I honestly didn’t think there was any chance that more book events would take place for three simple reasons.  First, the first New York City event was announced a long time.  When there is a long break between event announcements, I just assume that is all that would be happening.  I suppose that I should know better after seeing the long break between the first announcement of  some summer shows last year like Durham and Chicago and the rest of the tour, but habits are hard to break.  Second, the only locations mentioned when John appeared in Second Life was New York City and LA.  Yes, perhaps, he mentioned that he hoped for other locations, but hopes are very different from reality.  Lastly, I assumed that I wouldn’t have any luck and that he wouldn’t come anywhere near me.  In general, though, I have to say that I’m pleasantly surprised that he is going to as many places as he is.  I’m also glad that he isn’t just going to the coasts.  Now, of course, there are COUNTLESS more places that could be picked for a spot.  I know this.  Everyone knows this.  I’m sure that John Taylor and the publisher knows this. 

So, what does this mean for me, the insanely over-scheduled and lucky to get 5 hours of sleep person?  I’m not sure.  Obviously, I would LOVE to get to the one nearest me.  Who wouldn’t?  It does mean missing other things, other commitments.  Here’s where the real test of fandom comes in, right?  Do I skip other things and possible risk consequences?  If so, does that make me a bigger, better fan?  If I don’t keep my real life commitments, does that make me too obsessed of a fan?  Will I totally regret not going or will I feel guilty if I go?  I am totally over thinking.  I know this.  Another thing I know and have been living for awhile is how much I HATE being pulled into 3 or 4 different directions.  I would love to just be able to commit to one thing and one thing only, but I can’t give up any.  For example, I can’t give up my paying job (as much I would really like to, at times) because it is what pays the bills.  I won’t give up fandom because it brings me the most joy.  As far as campaigning goes, I only have 24 days to go.  I just wish that I could worry about one at a time.  I wouldn’t feel so very torn and guilty all the time.  So, readers, I ask you.  What do you think I should do?  Do I allow myself a day of John Taylor and screw the consequences?  Ignore my other responsibilities?


13 thoughts on “Readings, Signings and John Taylor…Oh My!”

  1. I agree… do it! First, what's the worst that could really happen in “real” life? Second, if you don't you know that you will spend your time reading his book wishing you had. Third, I'm asking nicely like a complete stranger would, do it for me? I know I won't get there (and would make such a complete fool of myself if I did) so I could be happy thinking that someone I “knew” got to shake his hand. Please. Do it. 🙂

    Your new found follower,

  2. I say if you have no problem taking the day off w/o affecting work or campaigning, then go for it! Wish he would come to the Boston area for a signing, but looks like that is not in the cards. But if he did, I'd be taking the day off!


  3. If it helps, it seems like you've EARNED a day of JT. I also agree that if you don't go you'll be thinking about it for the next few months (at least) and regretting not going. Also I know you want to show him some support, for him as well as you!

  4. I had to say no to the date nearest me in LA. My kids come first, and I can't very well just run off and leave all of them to figure out how they're going to get home from school or to their various activities. While I wish I could see John, I have spent so much time traveling this past year that I really cannot complain. Sure, I'd like that second in front of him to say hi and get a signed book, but really – it's just a second and my kids are my kids for a lifetime.

    I can't tell you what I think you should or shouldn't do, Amanda because I'm not in your shoes. That said, I have to that I don't really believe this, or any other Duran event for that matter, is somehow a litmus test for fandom. There are many, MANY people who don't even have the opportunity to go to events like this that are STILL fans, even though they've never been to a single show or event, and on the other hand there are many fans out there that collect pictures and memorabilia like they're nothing and that doesn't make them “better” fans either, no matter what the media might say. I think you know all of that though, I just wanted to make it clear for the people out there who might be reading this and actually think we believe going to these things somehow makes someone a bigger/better fan. It doesn't.


  5. soooo, what was the verdict, Amanda? Are you going?? If so, I will see you there! After much hemming and hawing and discussion with my husband, I just bought my tickets and I know it will be worth the 800 mile round trip drive 🙂

  6. Glad Amanda decided to go…I am too thanks to my Duranie partner in crime who got on the internet and landed us tix at 9:03am Chicago time!! So excited!!! Couldn't teach my class & be on the internet at the same time, so it helps to have a partner in crime! Hope I can run into you Amanda at the signing….we have a lot in common the DD thing of course & I am a teacher too! Now to go finish the book before the signing in 12 days!!!

  7. I am a Duran Duran fan in that I listen to their music, follow them on Twitter, but do not go to signings or concerts. I have read John's memoir and like it, but I would not go to a book signing. Maybe I am just not a good fan, but I do not want to stand in line to have anyone sign a book. He posted a Q and A about his book on YouTube, so that is good enough for me.

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