Record Store Day 2019

How was everyone’s Record Store Day? Did you buy anything? Maybe a certain Duran Duran vinyl? My RSD was…well..interesting and different than previous ones.

The past few years I got up pretty early to get to the largest record store I know in Madison. This, of course, meant waiting in line in what is never a warm spring morning. Then, I would eventually get in to successfully buy whatever Duran Duran album was for sale. This year held some similarities and some major differences but it definitely didn’t go as planned.

My plan was to follow previous years with a couple of what I thought were slight adjustments. Instead of getting up super earlier, I figured it was safe to let myself sleep a little but that I would have no problem buying one for myself and even one for Rhonda. I needed to sleep because I had little sleep over the course of the week as grades were due and I had to drive to pick up my sister and niece from Chicago. So the plan was simple: sleep in a little, pick up the family and head over. We arrived at about noon with my eldest niece joining me as the rest went to a few stores. As normal, there was a line to get in. The wait allowed my niece and I to catch up as I enjoyed the free beer.

After waiting a half hour or so, we got in from the cold and immediately sought out the Record Store Day albums only to come up short. No Duran Duran. I checked a few other sections to make sure that I didn’t miss it. What the heck, I wondered. There were at least five copies of Devo but no Duran Duran. That didn’t make sense so I looked again and again. Finally, I had to give in as the rest of the family was waiting for us. That said, I still felt confident that I would be able to find it at one of the other stores participating in Madison.

The visit to the next store had to wait, though, as we had plans to go take a look at my mom’s latest art show. I tried to be patient as I fretted internally. Would I be able to find it? Why didn’t I ask at the store? Why didn’t I call first? Finally, we headed over to store number two. I silenced my inner voice of negativity and reminded myself that the hunt could be part of the fun. Again, we entered the store and made a beeline to the RSD section. This store had dividers for each artists. Awesome. This would make it easier to….not find it. No Duran Duran divider. No As the Lights Go Down. This time, I asked and received an uncertain response, “Uh…I think we had it.” Really?? Why no divider then? I start swearing to myself and vow to call the third store, which I do after complaining a bunch only to find out that the third store didn’t have it. Well…shit.

So, when I returned home from more errands with the family, I did what I had to do and ordered a copy from eBay, probably paying twice as much as I should. Yet, I would not be defeated. As I tried to move on from my frustration, I had to acknowledge that I made two wrong moves. First, I assumed that the stores would carry it. I’m not certain that they ever did. If I had called ahead of time, I would have known. Second, if the stores had copies, then I should have planned to get there super early. I could have gone back to sleep after. Lesson learned.

While I wished that I could listen to As the Lights Go Down today, I must be happy knowing that my copy will eventually come to me. The anticipation will just increase my enjoyment, right? On that note, how did everyone else do? If you were not successful, did you opt to get it elsewhere like me? If you were, how does it sound?


7 thoughts on “Record Store Day 2019”

  1. I spent my day on a guided tourist tour in my town to discover the places and the traces of our Reinassaince genius Leonard from Vinci (ever heard of him in the USA?).
    Speaking of the Record Store Day, more generally I’m starting to not understand any longer the sense of this day: how can you celebrate music and the stores only just for one lonely day in the year and offering limited copies of whatever?

  2. I did manage to get mine in-store – I was queuing at 8.50am, probably wouldn’t have managed it otherwise. Loved the RSD atmosphere! Not had a chance to listen to it yet though.

  3. HI Amanda I was so lucky enough to find a store that had 4 copies here in little Rhode island! I was nervous, like you, wondering if my local store would even have it. I went on their website in the morning and it wasn’t even among the RSD releases! My friends in Massachusetts got theirs early. I had to work and I wasn’t getting out until 2pm ugh… So like you, I took a chance and went directly there! My mind was racing thinking did they have it? If so, will there be any left? I also heard they were already on Ebay with some asking more than double the sticker price?!?!( Which I would of gone that route too if the mission failed.)
    As I walked in there was the RSD display right up front with about 15 different titles. I felt like a teen Duranie again when, as I entered, my eyes went straight to the colorful artwork and I grinned from ear to ear. I proudly picked it up and perused the rest of store, my copy in hand. I am sorry you didn’t find yours in store. I count myself very lucky to have been able to get it. ๐Ÿ™‚

    1. No jealousy here. I am excited for all fans who got a copy and I will have one coming my way soon enough. ๐Ÿ™‚ -A

  4. As I would be in work on a Saturday at 8 am, I was upset I would not get a copy; my husband was willing to travel a good distance to one of the few that , after me calling quite a few stores, said they had a few copies ; I could only imagine him in line with our 5 and 8 year old girls! ( My mom offered to watch them , so that was good). Lo and behold, a record store I order from frequently I had contacted earlier the week before let me know they had a copy, and would be happy to ship it to me!! I was so grateful! Needless to say, my husband was happy to hear this as well! ๐Ÿ™‚ Ah, what family does for a Duran fan!

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