Release Day Much?

Happy March 22nd everyone – or as I like to call it “Thank goodness the countdown is freaking OVER!”  I’m going to quickly apologize for what you’re about to read, because I am sick.  Not sick “in the head”, but truly sick.  You know that “man-flu” that Simon and John had last week?  Well, I have something similar, but of course in ways that only my own gender can manage – it’s a bitch!  You’d think I would be in bed today, but alas – I’m female.  We carry on.  Besides, I had two children to get off to school and a Deluxe Best Buy exclusive CD to go purchase for this very blog today.   I’m sick, just a bit grouchy….and quite honestly…shivering as I type.  Is this dedication or stupidity??   Don’t answer.  I don’t wanna know.

Our plan was simple.  Get the CD and review the packaging today.  I started panicking a little yesterday because the pre-order didn’t get here – normally when I pre-order from Amazon, I get the CD the day before it comes out.  I love that about Amazon.  Well, this time I didn’t order from Amazon.  I ordered from a company that is sending me a signed copy of the deluxe version (we all know who that is, but because I’m not happy with said company at the moment – I’m not advertising for them.), and although they claim to have sent it – it’s not in my mailbox as of yet.  So, my backup plan was to go to Best Buy and pick up another deluxe copy because it has songs on it that my other copy won’t have.  Whose brilliant idea was that, anyway?  Show yourself and prepare to be flogged!    I called Best Buy last night, knowing a contact at a local store that would set one aside and hook me up.  Well, that contact told me that his store, as well as the other local store I frequent – sent their copies back.  Their stores have very limited shelf space, and in his words “Duran Duran just doesn’t sell.”  I was surprised mainly because this is a Best Buy exclusive.  You’d think that the store would at least carry a couple of copies, if for no other reason than to say they tried!  This morning I got up, promptly noted that I was A. Feverish  B. Probably dying or at the very least dizzy from an inner ear issue, oh and C. Realized that it was release day and I had nothing to look at, listen to, hold or even use as a coaster if it sucked.  (I’m kidding about that last part.  For THIS album, anyway.)   I got up, prayed a shower would warm me up and make me feel human…and got on with my morning.

At this point, I checked Facebook, cursed at the hundreds of others that had their CD (Because for today at least, this is the way I am.  I’m weak, annoyed, and damn it – everyone should love me.)  and posted my Best Buy debacle.  I then got several text messages and a phone call from Amanda letting me know that her Best Buy must be in the Duran Duran PRIDELANDS because there are 18 freaking copies at her store.  Of course there are.  She’s kind enough to pick me up one, (which is fair play because I have her signed one coming to my house – then I’ll be forwarding it on to her) but both of us agree that I really should make the 25 minute drive to Best Buy, preferably one that I didn’t check stock with last night, and see if they’ve got anything.  So off I go.

I get to Best Buy, wait outside for 5 minutes because they open at 10am (keep in mind that time is ticking away here – my youngest is in preschool for the morning.  I have approximately 2 and a half hours of “me” – HA don’t I wish!!! – time before I go pick her up.), and promptly at 10, go in with the half dozen other crazy people that needed to be there when the store opens.  I briefly considered that perhaps I wasn’t the only Duran Duran fan wanting their newly minted copy of All You Need Is Now, then I realized that my cold drugs were kicking in so obviously I wasn’t thinking clearly.   I went into the store, and on the way back to the CD section I was asked three separate times if I needed help.  Looking back, I don’t know why I didn’t say yes – but I didn’t.  I figured it would be fairly easy to find a new release, especially of a band as auspicious as Duran Duran.  Of course I’d find it!  Amanda said there were like 18 copies at her store!  This is Orange County California – there should be at least that many!  Well, first I looked in the regular CD section.  They not only had nothing, they didn’t even have a nice little divider card with their name on it.  That’s when I started getting nervous.  Then I went to the New Release “showy” racks at the front of the department.  Let’s see – they had The Strokes, Kanye West, Taylor Swift (that damn album isn’t even NEW anymore!!!), and a whole bunch of others that I don’t care about.  No Duran Duran.  So then I start looking for someone to ask.  There isn’t a blue shirt to be found.  Where in the hell did they all go?!?  That’s when I started thinking it was a conspiracy.  Obviously.   So, I finally get pissed off and go up to Customer Service.  The woman behind the counter says “Oh yeah, I’ve seen it.  I remember looking at it and saying ‘Wow – I didn’t even know they were still together!'”  I take a deep breath, mainly so I don’t unleash on the poor girl.  She must sense my annoyance because she immediately goes on a hunt for it, stopping at three tables and then saying “Oh, you know what, it must still be in the back!”   She goes to the back, comes out and tells me they don’t have it.  I say “Yeah, see that’s fine except your little website says you do, so I wonder where it is?”  I even tell her all about how it’s a Best Buy exclusive,and that it’s got two songs on it that you can’t get anywhere else, and that I need to write a blog about it…TODAY.  Then she starts apologizing.  She finds two other guys to help her and at this point there are 3 blue shirts crawling around on the floor looking through every single shelving rack that was out, on the hunt for Duran Duran (I swear I could say a quote from Barbarella here….but I will refrain.)  Finally and triumphantly she shouts with glee “I found them!!”, and there in her hands are not one, but two copies of the album.  She then told me that they only got the Best Buy exclusive version, not the regular album – but the deluxe, and that I am going to be buying one of the two copies they will ever get in stock, because their store won’t re-order.  “Duran Duran just doesn’t sell.”, she tells me.

At this point, I’m leaning up against a shelf, trying to steady myself because I can tell my fever is back up and running again.  I go and buy the copy, being congratulated by the clerk for making them find the album, and I run out of the store – ready to listen to all of the songs to my hearts content.  FINALLY.

I’ve listened to most of the album at this point, and I’m looking over the packaging with a fine tooth comb.  Later as I am gripping a box of kleenex, my blankie (yes, I have a blankie – it’s an afghan that my grandma crocheted for me when I was about 4 and went into the hospital to have my tonsils out) and a pillow – I will watch the DVD.  Tomorrow, I will comment.

Until then, have fun finding the CD.  I do have plenty to say about this release and the various “exclusive deluxe copies that you can’t buy anywhere else!”, but I’ve decided that until I can think clearly – I’ll wait to comment.  I’m at least that kind….sometimes.


9 thoughts on “Release Day Much?”

  1. Went into the local Best Buy on my way home from work this evening [around 6pm]; The copies in the new release section had all sold out, but there were about 20 copies in the regular music section, right where they should be alphabetically in the 'pop / rock' section! At $11.99 for bonus tracks AND a DVD, I can't complain one bit.

  2. I hear you. At least you obtained one. The only reason I pre-ordered from Best Buy is because of the extra songs. There are no copies listed at Best Buy from Portland to Seattle. Called customer service and asked for supv. He was apologetic but said that they didn't receive the cd from the manufacturer. I informed him that others across the country had received their copy. I also let him know that per their advertisement they would have a minimum of 2 in stock but never did. Unfortunately the most the poor guy could do is give me free overnight shipping once they receive copies. I received an email earlier this evening stating it could be as long as one – two weeks! Are you kidding me??!! As of this moment I am not a happy camper. I wasn't even able to burn a cd so I could listen to it. I don't understand why it had to be exclusive to Best Buy. Why not let everyone sell the version with the extra songs. I have been a devoted fan since the beginning but man this blows. I may try to go buy and see if they are hidden in the store.

  3. That's really disappointing Carrie – I've been reading that a lot of fans had similar issues in places across the country, and I also read the Best Buy has the CD's on backorder now, which is really unfortunate. The good thing, if there is one, is that the CD obviously has more of a demand than what the label thought was possible. The fact is, these retailer exclusive versions provide somewhat of a guarantee to the retailer that there will be a demand – and for bands like Duran Duran, where the audience for them is smaller these days (than say for Taylor Swift, Rihanna or *coughs* Justin Bieber), it's those deals that actually convince big box retailers to even carry the CD in their stores. It's a tough spoonful to swallow, but it's reality these days. – R

  4. there are plenty of reasons why i will defend best buy, but here i will just say that i'm glad you were successful in your mission. i can only imagine what you would have unleashed on those employees in your feverish state. hope to have my paws on a copy soon.

  5. I really think my frustration had far more to do with the process than it did the store. All of these hoops to jump through and versions to buy just to get the full catalog is a pain in the ass, to say the least….but onward and upward, right? 😉 – R

    oh and @Jessica – I have a soft spot in my heart for a couple Best Buy workers I've met along the way. 😀

  6. I pre-ordered the CD with signed booklet from Newbury Comics and I STILL have not received it (as of 3/24). They sent me an e-mail on 3/17 that it had been shipped. That was one week ago, via US mail from Boston to Chicago. Doesn't seem like it should take quite that long. I've been able to listen to the bonus songs courtesy of others, but I want my CD & DVD dammit!

  7. Funny you mention that – I still haven't gotten it either. They sent me an email on the same day as you mention saying it was shipped. Granted, I am on the west coast, but it seems I should have gotten it by now unless they shipped it super cheap media mail or something. Not sure I'd go that route again, to be honest. -R

  8. I missed this when it was posted. (I was spending 3 days in LA to see the band.) Anyway, I pre-ordered mine and had to have them correct their error in sending the wrong ones. I also ordered from Newbury and HMV. NONE of them arrived on Tuesday. The Best Buy one wasn't even SHIPPED until Tuesday! It arrived a week later. One of the 2 HMV copies arrived from England on Friday and one the following week. No idea why. The Newbury copies arrived Thursday, I think. I knew I would not be near a local store to go buy a copy, so I listened to what I downloaded from the internet earlier anyway. I have no problem with downloading what I can when I find it. It's not like I am not going to buy the albums anyway. The FYE version was picked up by my mum while I was in LA. She wound up making it a birthday gift. I was very happy with that. So now, I have the I-Tunes download, the Best Buy, HMV and FYE exclusives, and 2 regular copies from Newbury with signed booklets. All I need is the regular vinyl and to win the lottery so I can afford the deluxe vinyl! (Seriously? They are asking HOW MUCH???)

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