Reliving last May, good news & Uberlife!

I have two topics for your reading pleasure today!  I hope everyone is doing well, and that Dubai is beautiful for everyone who has made their way by now.

Yesterday we were treated to some tasty news bytes from Duran Duran HQ as they posted a solid update on the Diamond in the Mind DVD, due to be released in early summer (of 2012!).

I saw the update just as I was typing up the blog, and while part of me wanted to comment, another part of me just couldn’t find the words.  I must give props to begin with – I’m happy to see the band (and the people doing the hard work for them!) updating as beautifully as they did on Facebook yesterday.  It was great to see where they are in the process, and I know I speak for all fans when I say that it’s great to read solid news like that when they have it to share.  Recently Daily Duranie had a bit of discussion about where fans get their news, and while it was clear that all of us have differing opinions on the subject, the important thing is that news is being shared.  I think that has to be difficult to be working behind the scenes for Duran Duran because just as you and I are learning how to utilize social media, learning of all the new ways that people can connect, contact, and engage – so is the band and their people.  While a few years ago it may have seem prudent to just throw the information up on their website, the fact is there are many more people on Facebook or Twitter now, and the information can be dispersed far more quickly.  That doesn’t mean it shouldn’t ever be posted on the website, of course not.  It just means that they are having to learn what way works best for the fan community as a whole, and yes, sometimes things don’t work as smoothly as we’d like.  Sometimes this BLOG doesn’t work as smoothly as we’d like.  It’s a learning process for all, and as much as I want to bust chops when needed, I can also appreciate that the job is difficult.    (And no…we’re not being paid by the band.  Just wanted to make that clear.  Again.)

While those words came remarkably easy, the next ones are not.  I saw that the band is going to do a documentary on 2011.  Not an easy year for any of us, really.  Naturally we all know (and lately I’ve learned even more) about Simon’s vocal problems back in May of last year.  We lived it, didn’t we?  I think it’s fascinating, if not just a little scary for me, to hear that they are going to even include some of the rehearsal footage from that time.  I know we’ve talked about this before on the blog – but Amanda and I were there.  We were standing outside (I might mention here that I was shivering the entire time, both from cold AND a good case of nervous anxiety) the rehearsal studio while the band went in to rehearse to see if they could even do the show at the O2.  By that day Amanda and I had already missed out on seeing 3 out of the 4 shows we’d originally planned.  While I was excited and nervous to even be in the presence of the band (albeit somewhat remotely as I was outside of the fence surrounding the studio and the band was inside), I felt so sick to my stomach that day.  There was just an overall gloom in the air even though the UK girls who were kind enough to share sidewalk space with us that day tried to stay as cheerful as possible.  It wasn’t long before the band came back out, a few stopping to talk from inside their cars – John being one of them, and by far the most poignant.  It was just a very, very tough day, and the idea of reliving it – well, I’m glad it’s being included on the DVD for those who weren’t there and didn’t quite believe what they were seeing and hearing online.  I still say that I really didn’t believe Simon would ever come back from that.  Thank goodness he did.

The next tidbit I’ve got is more along the lines of Direct to Fan.  Anyone ever heard of Uberlife?  It’s a new app that a lot of bands are trying out.  There are plenty of places for “hanging out” online, but this app takes a band from the online world to the real world.  Granted, I really can’t see how this would work for Duran Duran since I think they’re pretty much scared to death of their fans (we can talk about why this is the case if y’all want….but I think we all have a good idea why!)….but it IS something that could work beautifully for the fan community at large.   Here’s a couple articles on the subject along with the website:


Uberlife to launch at SXSW

It’s an app…and I’m kind of thinking that this is something Daily Duranie could really use…watch this space!!


5 thoughts on “Reliving last May, good news & Uberlife!”

  1. I'm not so sure I want to use an app that says…

    “This application will be able to:

    •Read Tweets from your timeline.
    •See who you follow, and follow new people.
    •Update your profile.
    •Post Tweets for you.”

    Maybe I'm just Uberdumb, but either they need to hire a new technical writer, or this app will tweet for me? Follow new people for me? Update my profile? Eh?

    Okay, I imagine that it will allow me to do these things via the app, but it still makes me nervous. Call me paranoid, but there seem to be too many privacy issues with a lot of things online now days. The more we log in and sign up for, the more we search… the more the evil gnomes know about us.


  2. The app will tweet whatever you tell it to tweet – that's the whole point. You can use it through Twitter, or use it through Facebook. It's an app meant for bands in particular – and the reason it's being launched at SXSW is so that bands (Shiny Toy Guns is a band that is going to be using this app, for example) can communicate with their fanbase. Yes, it sounds like you could do the same with Twitter, but the difference is that you can send out tweets ONLY to those people who are signed up to go to a specific event or “hangout”. It's a good idea if it genuinely works the way they say and if the company expands upon it the way they're hoping. I liked the idea, actually.

    The reality is that everything is moving in this direction, and yes – plenty of people in our generation are nervous about every single last thing they put online. Conversely, the younger kids are not worried. They live their lives out on their phones through chat, through Twitter and Facebook. This is just another step on that ladder for them. I think there's a way to move ahead with the times and yet still be aware. I recognize that there's an immense amount of information out there about each one of us, and that companies like Google are using our personal information for their own gain. The trouble is, it's very difficult to get away from that without completely living off of the grid. I'm not willing to do that, and I want to stay up with technology. I'm not exactly sure I'd call them all “evil gnomes”… but we each have our own comfort zones. 😀

    For us here on Daily Duranie? Well, I liked the idea simply because when Amanda and I are touring – if we wanted to set up meetups and things, this app might prove useful. Time will tell….but I wanted to share what I'm reading!


  3. You mention finding out even more about Simon's voice troubles in May recently – what did you learn? I mean was it in an interview?

    There is a report and some pictures on Duranasty's(the June 10th 2011 posting) from around the 27th/28th of May of the band leaving rehearsals including Simon. I have to give him props for managing to pose so smilingly and all with the fans out there esp. on the 28th considering he must have been so worried about what was going on with his voice.

  4. Interesting idea with the Uberlife – admittedly I didn't read past the “this app will be able to…” My attention span is about three sentences lately. If I'm not buying it by the third sentence, ciao! I do like the idea of being able to direct tweets to certain groups of followers only, though. It's funny how my idea of what's cool to share online has changed recently. Some of that is due to my husband who would totally live off the grid if he could. (His twitter account lasted a whole 8 tweets!)

    I am looking forward to seeing the documentary. Unlike those of you who were either there or hearing about it in real time, I had been off the Duran Duran island for quite some time and didn't know about it until after he'd recovered. I cannot imagine the thoughts that must have been going through all their minds at the time. On the one hand, they had a long career; on the other, they still have a lot to give. It would have been devastating on so many levels.

    Is it summer yet?

  5. @anonymous. I did hear more about his vocal troubles, and yes it was in an interview – he spoke of it in an interview he did for Dubai radio this week. He talked about how his vocal chords (actually I thought he said vocal folds, but don't quote me…) had a bleed, and I've read that in several places now. I just remember back in May they really didn't seem all that sure of what was going on, and although we all knew it was something he was going to have to rest to hopefully get rid of, I didn't realize he was having a hemorrhage (bleed). Those pictures you're talking about were the day that Amanda and I were outside the studio. Simon was in decent spirits that day, although it was obvious that he was worried and sad. That doesn't really come across in the pictures, but it was all there when he spoke to us before going into the studio that day.

    I know what you mean about living off the grid, Betsi. My husband – who WORKS in the technology industry – is completely paranoid about giving info…ANY info. He won't use Google at all anymore, he freaks out over my having a Twitter account – he just keeps saying that the government is collecting information on all of us. I ignore him because while I'm sure he's not wrong, I need to be able to live without fear. -R

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