Repost: Just a Number on the Metal Fence

I am drowning.  Not literally, obviously, but it sure feels like it.  I’m sitting on my couch surrounded by papers and notebooks to grade.  Why is this?  I could point out that it is the end of the school year so I have to calculate final grades.  While this is true, I also have students who are terrible procrastinators.  Seriously, they are awful.  So, I have a lot more grading than I should.  Yet, I’m being kind so I’m grading assignments that I should not.  Some might even say that I’m a sucker.  It is so bad that my parents are grading objective tests for me.  Anyway, the reason I am sharing this is simple.  As much as I would like to be blogging tonight (as I’m writing this Thursday night), I’m not going to be able to do a whole new blog.

So, I am doing the next best thing.  I looked at the blogs that have been published on June 1st and ran across one entitled:  “Just a Number on the Metal Fence.”  I knew exactly what it was.  To summarize, it is one I wrote about what the fan community was like during the Red Carpet Massacre era.  I focused on the division between the fans that liked the album and the ones that didn’t.  It is a blog that I felt like I did a decent job explaining myself.  Likewise, it is one that caused a whole bunch of people to react.  On the day the blog originally came out, I was at a political training.  My phone buzzed with notifications all day.  I couldn’t keep up.

I suggest that you read it and see if you, too, have a lot to say.  The blog is here:  Just a Number on the Metal Fence.


2 thoughts on “Repost: Just a Number on the Metal Fence”

  1. Amazing blog.
    Maybe Paper Gods improved things a little, as I see that the band tried to get closer to us, but the division during and over the RCM album was not only over the producer or on that new music.
    I am still left outside alone whenever I do not share the love towards the band, following the community rules, but here the band and their music can’t do anything to heal. This is a natural friction within our Fandom.

  2. Well. First off, I really like Red Carpet Massacre.Some great songs and a great video came out of it, and part of the reason Duran holds my interest is that they try different things, grow and evolve. I know that a lot of fans left and that is too bad but it was their choice, and the band must please themselves first.It might not have been the project Duran began, but the made the best out of the situation and the album has some treasure for the fan who can put aside their hurt feelings.The biggest lesson is that we won’t all love everything Duran does. It’s okay to disagree, and debate. It’s not okay to take it to a level of personal attacks and hostility.I think that destructive interaction bled over and tainted any open minded listening to that album and still persists to this day. Part of the reason I have not entered twitter or facebook is those kinds of fans.I like that with Daily Duranie we can talk and disagree, but not hate.(Good job, Rhonda and Amanda)

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