Repost: “Rolling Stone 2022” Interview Part 2

Today is installment two of our completely fictional and overly dramatic interview saga….I challenge those willing to read to find the Duran references from their own interviews over the years. They’re in there! -R

Once again, we have a soundtrack suggestion…this time it is “Pop Trash Movie”.  Enjoy!!

Saw a close up of my pretty lap
Overnight tweetsation
Holding technology
From all around the world
If I rewind back to 2010
And stop the blog there
No one knew who we were
But now they’re at our siteWe’re living in a pop trash movie
We write together in every post
We’ll all be infamous for just a few seconds
Part of an internet curse

Reading Twitter going tweet-by-tweet
Might have blurred our vision
Our lives went flashing by
Where did it all go wrong?

We’re living in a pop trash movie
We write together in every post
We’ll all be infamous for just a few seconds
Part of an internet curse

We’ll write in the hotel for you
We’ll change your lines for you
But now the blog is final you know, it’s time to go
So we’ll have to say goodbye

We’re living in a pop trash movie
We write together in every post
We’ll all be infamous for those few hits
Part of a social networking curse
We write every single day
And it’s never quite what it seems


We’re living in a pop trash movie
I know we’ll make it with this stupid blog – yeah
We’ll all be infamous for those few hits
The apex of Nick’s social networking nightmare – yeah!

The following is an excerpt from an interview in “Rolling Stone”….**

June 2022

Rolling Stone:  Last month’s article with C.K. Shortell created a virtual tidal wave of emails and response to our offices.  Daily Duranie began as a simple fan blog somewhat late in the career of the band – and somehow outlived the band’s existence and became something quite different.  People demand a response from it’s founders, and we felt it was time to allow Rhonda – infamous for lengthy blogs, biting replies to comments, and a wicked sense of sarcasm (she forced us to print that.) – a chance to set the record straight.

RS:     So Rhonda, why speak now?  

RR:     Well, as I recall – you called me.  I could ask you the same. Why is important that my side of the story be told now and not say, two months ago?

RS:      Fair enough, but what do you say to your readers? You’ve been out of sight for a while now.

RR:     I’ve been writing the blog since September 13, 2010, and it has been a daily blog. Twelve years. Not monthly, not “whenever the mood strikes”. No…it is daily, even on Sunday and even when we’re sick. We never stop. I’m extremely tired and need a bit of a break. I need to be bored. I guess I need to stew in my own juice again and let the creativity happen.  This isn’t goodbye for ever, it’s merely a break. A hiatus.

RS:     Let’s start from the beginning then, shall we? How did the blog begin?

RR:     (takes deep breath) September 13, 2010 – it was my father’s birthday, although he is no longer with us. I think on that day I was feeling very introspective. I felt that I had so much to say.  Amanda and I had been working on our first book together and I felt that we needed to create an audience before we tried getting a publisher. The blog seemed like a logical way to establish ourselves. For a long time, no one seemed to read, much less respond. We did have one incredibly supportive “anonymous” reader who encouraged us to keep going, and that really provided the sustenance we craved. 

 RS:     How long then before you met C.K?

RR:     It is so strange to think of him as C.K. Seems so stuffy. I called him Chris. We didn’t meet until the Durandemonium convention in 2013, but I believe he started doing a blog or two for us back in 2012. He had a great wit, wonderful sense of humor and the same biting sarcasm and love for the band. He was a natural fit…..(trails off)

RS:     And his tale about singing ‘Shotgun’ at the convention?

An appropriate way to deal with Silva Halo and/or Sterling Campbell?

RR:     (drops head to hands and begins mumbling) All true.  Listen, I really don’t want to go into that. (puts hand to forehead) It had been a long night.  I’m sure he had the best of intentions. However…five hours of continuous Silva Halo, Yo Bad Azizi and Zoomin In? Really?! No fan needs or deserves that. No ONE.  Don’t even get me started on Sterling Campbell….It was all I could do not to just finish off all the vodka in the city. After that Shotgun came easily.  EASILY. Let’s leave it at that.  

RS:     But I thought you were a Duranie.  A big fan?  

RR:     Everyone has their limits, my friend. All of us.

RS:     (brief silence) Good point.  Ok, so tell us about the direction after Amanda left.  CK mentioned it was to be an 18 month mission to Africa?

RR:     Yeah. 18 month Clinton Global Initiative Trip my ass.  Damn politics gets her every single time. I love Amanda, I really do. We’ve been writing and business partners for a long time – but we are very different people with two distinct personalities.  For once let’s not say it was creative differences that got between us and just call it what it was: DIFFERENCES.  She didn’t even bother to tell me she was going, although I should have seen the signs.  We never could make a buck trying to blog about a band that never acknowledged our existence.  She wanted to move on and the blog held her back. I know that. (wipes tears)  So C.K. called me, mentioned that Amanda was gone, and that he was my new blogger. I laughed off the phone call at first, knowing that Amanda would never just quit without saying anything.  I thought he was an insufferable egomaniac, assuming that the job was somehow his – but there he was, and he was right about Amanda leaving.  I actually found out by accident, catching an interview with her on TV about her mission.  Honestly.  So there I was, up a creek without a paddle – and Chris was there.  He was damn good and did things with our blog that Amanda just couldn’t. Except that Star Trek and NFL nonsense.  We’re a Duran Duran fan blog. Period.  Trying to tie those fandoms into our blog is like a pop band doing Hip Hop or Urban dance music.  It makes no sense. 

RS:     What about the other directional changes with the blog?  How do you answer the critics that say it killed the spirit?

RR:      To be honest, I blame the band.  Way back even in 2013 Nick gave an interview to Katy Krassner where he mentioned that he hoped the future would create less of a role for social networking. He wanted even less interaction with fans, apparently – which fascinated me since it seemed like such a terrific way to create energy where one clearly lacked even as late as 2009. I always wondered if that was their downfall. The fans wanted to have more of an active role rather than a transactional relationship – and the fear of the crazy people won.  The band dropped off of (what used to be called) Twitter, and of course the demise of Facebook – well none of that helped. We only changed direction because we had no choice. The band didn’t allow for any sort of synergy. Shame. I still don’t have pictures with any of them!  

RS:     So tell us about @Rhondaslap.

RR:     (silence)

RS:     We did discuss that this subject would be brought up. 

RR:     (interrupts)Yes, I know. I just don’t see the importance. Yes, there was a twitter handle. It started as a joke. Amanda would take pictures of my lap while we’d be road tripping to see the band on tour. Maps, GPS equipment, phones…I guess I have a big lap?!? Chris thought it would be funny to come up with a twitter account for it – and I did tweet from there once in a while. It was sophomoric humor while it lasted, but it ended badly. I understand that everyone wants to know…I have a responsibility to the people around me. To my family. My husband. My friends. There just isn’t anything to say as it is in the past. I don’t spend a lot of time looking back, because it is really just this little bit here that matters most.

RS:     But you did sever ties with C.K….

RR:     Well, we did agree that with Amanda returning, there just wasn’t a proper place. He felt that he had plenty of other opportunities and endless talent to share, and we wished him well. At some point maybe we’ll get together and see if the magic is still there. You never know.

RS:     Are you saying there is a chance you’ll do something as a trio?

RR:     Oh, I’m not saying that. Definitely not. 

RS:     And the restraining order?

RR:     Oh that? Does that sort of thing actually stop any Duranie out there? Listen, we will always be friends. He is a fantastic writer and I wish him well. I don’t know that we could successfully collaborate with him again.  Chris…uh I mean C.K, is just not used to working as a team on a daily basis. His blogging is so…well…synthetic. I mean, he’s a great writer, and everything he touches turns to gold…but it’s like working with a producer who has only used a beat box and sampled from others. I prefer a more organic approach.  If we ever work with someone again, and that is a big maybe, that person will be a writer but they will never again be part of the business. That’s is just something we couldn’t share. Amanda and I have been together too long for that.

RS:     So what is next for you?

RR:     I’m thinking of doing a side project, actually. I am all about growth, and doing a side project that is completely different from Daily Duranie would give me a chance to spread my wings a bit. Not that I feel stifled by only writing about Duran Duran every single day or anything. Sometimes I just feel like I’m the last man standing.

To be continued with the final installment tomorrow…

The moral of the story is never send us a blog as a joke and assume we won’t use it to laugh at ourselves (and the band), because we will.

  **For those who remain confused, all characters and events portrayed in the above blog are fictitious. Any resemblance to real persons or organizations living or dead is purely coincidental.

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