Repost: 12 Reasons People LOVE Duran Duran in 2016

In the last couple of months, Rhonda and I have been thinking about how to make the blog work for us but also what our readers would like to see.  One suggestion that came up multiple times was the idea of reposting some of our old blogs.  Both Rhonda and I liked the idea, but we were not sure how best to do that.  Which blogs would we do that with?  Why those?  Are there some blogs that simply wouldn’t work to post again?

Initially, in thinking about this, I started to look at the blogs posted on this date last year and the year before that and the year before that.  You get the point.  It became clear to me that I couldn’t just pick a blog from this day and post it.  No, I had to repost blog posts that are meaningful in some way.  So, I began to approach this idea of reposting in a different way.  Instead of searching blog posts from a certain day, what about posts that got a lot of love and attention at the time?  As soon as I did that, I ran across a blog in 2016 about why people love Duran in 2016.  I reread it.  Strangely or not so strangely, the ideas I shared there still fit in 2018.  When I was done rereading it, I found myself nodding and smiling, enjoying the blog post even more today than I did then.  Maybe, you will experience the same.

On that note, here’s the link to the blog post entitled:  12 Reasons People LOVE Duran Duran in 2016.  After you are done reading it (for the first or second time), let me know if you think it is still valid.


3 thoughts on “Repost: 12 Reasons People LOVE Duran Duran in 2016”

  1. Amanda and Rhonda, thank you so much for taking the time to share your experiences. I truly appreciate you both during my recovery time from ankle surgery. Back to work as usual on Monday. Looking forward to more of your stories!


  2. The idea of reposting old things is valid, it is like the Facebook function of the daily memory and it is up to you to share that memory or not on your timeline.
    Having said that, lots of feelings in me changed since then.
    no hate towards the band, but my point of view, due to stories I became aware of, did change a little.

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