Respecting Fan Spaces

As Amanda wrote over the weekend, she is considering where to take this blog. I’d like to share where I’m at in all of this, for those who may be interested.

The band is on some sort of hiatus, at least when it comes to performing. I don’t know what, if anything, they’re working on. They certainly deserve time off, and I’m not questioning that. However, we write about them. We write about being fans. Without the band doing much, it makes blogging a creative challenge. In and of itself, that doesn’t bother me, but it is something I consider. I tend to split my posts evenly between dates in history and fan issues – but sometimes it can all get a bit thin. I mean, there’s only so much one can write about a performance somewhere or a radio interview. On the other hand, topics having to do with fandom are another ball of wax.

I have found, over the course of the past eight years or so, that people either love us or hate us – and many start out loving us until we write something they hate. Not surprising, but definitely has its annoying moments. Not enough to make me stop blogging, but more than enough to convince me to keep my circle of genuine friends incredibly tight. I’ve learned that writing about fandom can be a double-edged sword. In many ways, it is eye-opening, and feels cleansing (for me) to understand why things happen the way they do. On the other hand, I’m examining something that most everyone has a lot of time, money and emotion tied into. There are always a few fans that are instantly offended, likely because they see a bit of themselves in what we describe and they don’t like it.

I’m going to write the explanation again in case it wasn’t understood before. We are really not judgmental of fans, although yes, sometimes I ask and present tough questions. I’m not shy about it, and I’m not sorry. I have my own opinions on things, and yep, sometimes dear reader, you’re not going to agree with me. I can accept that. Once I write something, a reader is going to respond however they feel. I hit ‘publish’, and the words are no longer my own. I feel good about letting go.

That said, Amanda and I are still fans of Duran Duran. We still  function in the community. Much to the dismay of a select few, we haven’t been burnt at the stake yet, and no – the band hasn’t asked us to stop going to shows. We’re not going anywhere. We not only acknowledge our fandom, we celebrate it every single day when we write, and I think this is where it gets sticky because what Amanda and I see as positive exploration, others find offensive. I guess when it comes down to it, Amanda and I are a bit unusual, if not flat-out weird.

We’re even sometimes embarrassed by our own behavior as fans. I’ve written about those moments MANY, MANY times…but somehow, those blogs are easy to ignore. For those who have already dismissed the blog as being a bunch of lies, or that Amanda and I are evil bitches with an ax to grind, I’d imagine that reading something where we admit to being silly or human doesn’t really fit the agenda.

As I told Amanda last week, sometimes I feel as though the blog has run its course. After eight years, it is a good challenge to find something new to write about. I spend a lot of time writing, when I could be researching or writing one of our own projects. While being a fan is absolutely a joy, writing about fandom is my passion. The blog here is just for fun – which I desperately need at times. That is why I want to continue Daily Duranie.

Keeping with that “fun” theme, I must be careful in the future about how topics are presented here, because fans are so emotionally vested, and naturally biased. Like I said, I think Amanda and I are just kind of weird. We enjoy being fans and doing all the “things”, but we also like examining WHY we do all of the things. We’re not afraid to call ourselves (fans, collectively) out in the process. While I don’t have an answer as to why I am able to compartmentalize (and sometimes I can’t – which is another issue for another day), I need to respect YOUR fan space. Point taken.


9 thoughts on “Respecting Fan Spaces”

  1. Keep the weirdness going! 🙂 Right there with you! I think you two do a great job. I certainly would not be brave enough to do what you are doing, and who knows how you even get the time to write!!

    1. Thanks Eileen,

      I really don’t know how we find the time to write either! I suppose a lot of it is just that the blog is something we enjoy and commit to doing, so we make the time to do it. Weirdly. 😀 -R

  2. It is always interesting reading about your adventures, perspectives, and the historical aspects. Okay, so sometimes I am a bit jealous of your awesome experiences but I suppose that there are people who would feel the same about mine. I often want to respond to your posts but don’t because of my anxiety but this time just felt the need to tell you how much I appreciate all the time and effort that you have put into your blog.

    1. Hi Lara,

      I think our experiences are probably not as fabulous as some might believe. 😀 That said, we have driven ourselves to do a lot over the years and I don’t think either myself or Amanda regret a single thing. Well, MOST things, anyway. 😀 We wish you would respond more, even if you don’t agree with what we’re saying, because sometimes we need another point of view – but I totally understand and I want you to feel comfortable. First and foremost, that’s important. 😉 Thank you very much for taking time to write. I know that neither myself or Amanda are one bit sorry we started the blog. We are just finding that it might be time to grease the wheels, give the whole thing a good kick or two in order to make sure it is still running the way we want, and just do a thorough tune-up. We all need that from time to time, and we also need to make sure it still fits in our life properly. A lot has changed for us over the past 8 years. Amanda has changed jobs. I’ve gotten a job. I’ve moved two grown children out of our house, and my husband has changed jobs twice – soon to be three times. It’s just time to do some reflection while the band is sort of doing their own thing, too. -R

  3. My motto has always been, “Wave your Freak Flag”. Keep doing what you’re doing. I always love reading your perspective…even if I don’t always agree. But I appreciate all your effort and devotion to “this band of ours”. 🙂

    1. Hi Al,

      The secret is that you’re not really supposed to always agree. 😀 Thanks for being willing to share your opinions, and to take the time to read! -R

  4. While new to active participation in Durandom, I am not new to fandom. Frankly there are a lot of disturbed people out there just waiting to emotionally vomit on whoever they don’t like or agree with.Your perspectives are unique to me as you are a professional person and obviously educated.I find that a refreshing difference. It’s alright to disagree, and if handled politely, could lead to fascinating discourse.I look forward to more of your take on our shared obsession.

  5. You have never offended me and you always respected my space.
    If you write whatever I am not interested in, I just skip it and move forward, without leaving any rude comment.
    I admire all the awesome job you do, because it is really a daily huge commitment you have taken.

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