Save a Prayer, Leave a Light On…and let us get through the stress!

Stress is not fun.  I don’t think many people would disagree, although I’m sure there’s somebody out there who likes a little stress.  Under normal circumstances, even I can handle a little stress.  Sometimes, I can even handle a lot of it, until that stress has something to do with one of my children.  Then, for some odd reason – I can’t.  Right now, I’m having one of those moments with my son.  I don’t want to get into details (Although if this keeps up for any length of time you never know…), but he’ll be thirteen in July and he’s decided he has everything all figured out.  No need for school, no need to strive for decent grades, no need to follow the rules.  When I’m awake at 2:30 having panic attacks about what trouble my son will create or find next, I realize that I’ve already been through this sort of thing with my oldest at approximately the same age.  We all survived, and I’m at least semi-hopeful that we’ll survive this with my son as well. Ah, to be a teenager and know absolutely everything again….

My writing partner Amanda has her own stress going on.  She is deep within the throws of a hotly contested campaign to recall the governor of her state, she is extremely passionate about the issues, and this is very important.  All the while, she is considering changes within her career and finishing up the school year for her students.  Truth be told, Duran Duran has taken a bit of a backseat for both of us in this moment.  That’s part of life though, the natural ebb and tide, the give and take.  It’s not always easy or simple to find a way to accommodate our interests as well as take care of business.  Don’t even ask us about book writing….

Rest assured, we will continue writing Daily Duranie.  We are hoping to share some rare interviews and other tidbits as well as the same type of blogging you’ve all grown to expect over the next few months while our lives are working themselves out.  We discussed taking a bit of a hiatus (we’ve been at this with no break for over a year and a half now), and while we may still take advantage of that, neither of us want to stop writing the blog completely. I promise to keep going however we can!

So, with that in mind, we want to open the door to our readers.  We are looking for guest bloggers for Daily Duranie.  Is there a subject we’ve missed that you feel a burning passion to write?  Did we miss the mark somewhere and you’ve been dying to revisit a topic?  Amanda and I would love to hear from you and give you space to write here on the blog!  Drop us a line at our gmail ( and let us know what you’ve got in mind!


7 thoughts on “Save a Prayer, Leave a Light On…and let us get through the stress!”

  1. I had thought about that….by any chance are either of you a Gemini? 😉 I could anticipate the final paragraph before it came.

    Your dedication to this blog, fandom, duraniverse, the band we so love, and all of us who can't wait to interact with you each day IS the definition of the ultimate fan in my book. I think websters has updated the definition and now have your faces next to the definition. Well, it should be.

    There is eustress and distress. Both are stress. The former is associated with let's say, planning for a vacation, or seeing dd on tour. It's a positive event that takes a lot out of you, but you do it and it's worth it. Its an exciting build up to an anticipated positive event, graduation, new job, marriage, new home. Yeah, there may be a hangover from the fun, or what i call “honeymoon period is over” and i “pay for it” feeling like needing a vacation from the vacation so to speak,

    But it is far different a feeling than that of distress. The term we use daily in life to describe those events that challenge us and cause a whole host of emotions. What makes it different is that the challenges aren't planned. There isn't a method on how to get ready or resolve the stress. It may even, in my experience, involve skills I don't even have to know where to begin to address the stressful situation. A U2 lyric comes to mind “stuck in a moment and (I) can't get out of it” only the moment is drawn out in time. No end date.

    So. My thoughts are with you both. The good thing is that it doesn't last forever. Change is the only constant in life. It it scary as hell, but the alternative as I say is to spend my life exactly as it is right now. So, I'm thankful for change, but scared. Another life transition. Unplanned but doable.

    Will email you an idea or two. So grateful for u 2! Hang in there. You're worth the wait! {{{Rhonda and Amanda}}}. The brackets mean hugs btw.

  2. I keep saying “This too shall pass.”

    I hope. Sigh.

    Hey…maybe the band needs a 12 year old roadie for the summer…I think they could pound the arrogance out of him!! 😀 (I'm KIDDING. Well….sort of anyway.) -R

  3. That's ok. Maybe ther is a duranie mind meld.

    Ever hear of “young marines” ? Check it out.
    But you be the roadie….why should he have all the fun?

  4. can you just imagine what my husband would say if I told him I was going on the road with Duran Duran as a roadie?!? *gasp*

    His first question would not be “What?”, or “Are you crazy?”….it would be “How much are they paying you?” followed by, “Are you taking the kids with you?” ;D -R

  5. Hang in there kiddos. Deep breaths. A bit of chocolate. Maybe a bit of wine. A good escapist movie. A lot of prayer.

    You'll get there. >HUGS< Grey Rzeznik

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