Secret Oktober…Is There Something I Should Know…or bust!

So last night in Philly the audience was treated to not Secret Oktober, but Is There Something I Should Know.  They also played Tiger Tiger…which means the setlist is now up to a respectable 20 songs. (Not that 18 wasn’t respectable in it’s own right!)  This, my friends, is indeed progress!

I have to admit that now I’m curious as to what will really get played on Friday night, as well as what will really get played in the UK.  It would seem that the band has plenty to choose from!  As much as I’d love to hear Secret Oktober, I also must admit that Is There Something I Should Know is my #1 favorite Duran song of all-time.  This is the one song that I could hear over and over again at concerts and never get tired.

I also love the video.  I have no idea what any of it really means, but I don’t even care.  I would sit and watch that video for hours. I can remember running home from school – I think I was probably in 8th grade at the time.  The last bell would ring, I’d run to my locker, get my clarinet and books out, slam the door and make a run for the crosswalk.  I lived about a block and some away from my middle school, and I’d run (ok, really I would walk “quickly” because as most of my friends know, I wouldn’t ever run unless I were being chased….but run sounds better here!) home, my clarinet case hitting the side of my knee as I walked.  I swear I’ve got permanent bruises from that case!  I’d get in the door, throw my things down on my bed, and then go get the VHS cassette and pop it in the player.  I love seeing Simon walking along with a fork in his hand (Why?  Did he just come from the lunch truck and happen to still have the fork with him??), watching Roger mumble his “Please, please tell me now” line at the end…and of course laughing as they sing “you’re ’bout as easy as a nuclear war” line.  I mean, this is great stuff!!  I’d rewind that part over and over.  So yes, if they play this Friday, I’d love every minute.  The fact is, they’ve got such a great catalog and so many fantastic songs – it’s a great problem to have and they’ll never please us all.  Isn’t that why we keep going to shows??

So, I have no idea what they’ll really play that night.  I still say they can ditch Hungry Like the Wolf, but you know – no one listens to me anyway.  All I really know is that I love this band and I can’t wait to see them again.  This time, I’m going to be on John’s side. (for the first time since the second leg of the Red Carpet Massacre tour)  It’ll be like watching an entirely different show with an entirely different band!

I’m off to get this house in order – it’s amazing what can be done to destroy the place in 48 hours (about the amount of time I’ll be gone) – so I must do what I can to get it together beforehand!


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