Setlist Reactions…So Far

Next week, my writing partner will be seeing Duran perform live.  I should also be receiving my tickets for the Chicago show.  We have also heard that other people have begun to receive their tickets for the UK shows.  With all of these signs indicating that shows will be coming up quickly, I decided to take a really good look at their setlists so far.  Now, before I analyze what they have been like, I want to acknowledge how difficult this task must be for them.  I realize that they have a ton of material to choose from and I know that they have to balance pleasing us diehards who want to hear really obscure material with those people who only know the hits. 

It seems like Duran usually develops a pattern in their setlists with every tour.  While I know that there might be some changes here and there, some songs in a particular order seem to get locked into place.  This is the first thing I look for when examining the most recent setlists, which included the Superbowl Fan Jam, Milan, special London show, Austin and Oklahoma.  While I’m struggling to find much a pattern (perhaps due to the differences between playing at a festival vs. a solo show), I do see some.  First, all of the shows, except for last night’s in Thackerville, opened up with A View to a Kill or the Bond Medley.  Last night, they opened with All You Need Is Now.  I’m fascinated with this idea of a AVTAK first.  It seems to me that when they are introducing a new album, it is common for them to have the first single or the first track of the album be the opener.  For example, during the Astronaut tour, they opened with Sunrise.  During RCM, they opened with the Valley.  I wonder why they have avoided doing this until last night.  In my personal opinion, I think AYNIN would be a great opener.  The beginning part of the song is definitely jarring (in a good way, I think) and would grab people’s attention and increase energy and excitement.  Thus, I hope this change is how it stays.  That said, I also admit that I’m done with AVTAK.  Over it.  Sick of it.  Second, the second song in all of these shows has been Being Followed.  Clearly, this is one of the new tracks that they are feeling comfortable playing.  They have also played Girl Panic at every show but later in the show.  In fact, that song is being played before either Sunrise or Careless Memories, depending on if Careless Memories is in the setlist at all.  I think that is a solid set of songs.  I approve.  Third, the only other new songs that they have played are Runway Runaway for 3 shows, Safe for the last 3 shows, Leave a Light On for 2 shows, and Mediterranea for 2 shows.  Is anyone else surprised that they aren’t doing The Man Who Stole a Leopard?  Clearly, it is a fan favorite and I thought they would put it back-to-back with the Chauffeur.  I think they are missing something by leaving it out.  I don’t understand it, especially since I know that I saw a tweet from John saying that they were rehearsing it.  Also, what about Blame the Machines?  I would gladly take those two over LALO and Safe.  Am I the only one?  Fourth, the last song has been Girls on Film for these shows.  I’m okay with that but it might seem weird to have Rio before it.  Interestingly enough, they haven’t always played Rio-only 3 out of 5 shows, in fact.  The ending also seems to consistently have Sunrise in it.  I love that one live so that works for me.  Some shows have had Careless Memories and Wild Boys towards the end as well.  I’m a fan of that, too.  Lastly, the other thing I noticed is that they seem to be swapping more of the older songs, which is a great plan.  I would love to NOT know what I might be hearing next.  For example, they busted out with Ordinary World a couple of times, The Reflex a couple of times, Is There Something I Should Know once, Friends of Mine a few times, and The Chauffeur once.

My overall reaction to these setlists is probably like all of yours.  There are some things I like.  Some things I don’t like.  I’m surprised by some things and not by others.  I like that they are playing some of the new tracks but I would like to pick some different songs as mentioned above.  I like that they are mixing up some of the older songs but definitely would pick different ones there.  I could do away with Hungry Like the Wolf and Come Undone and I’m missing Planet Earth (my favorite) already. Am I the only one who would love a little Hold Back the Rain?  I find it interesting that the only song from the last two albums that they are playing is Sunrise.  There has been nothing from Red Carpet Massacre.  Perhaps, that is not surprising.  Although, I really do love Red Carpet Massacre, the song.  I also noticed that they aren’t playing Save a Prayer at all, either.  I’m okay with that.  What will be interesting from here is to see if the setlists change as they get further into the tour or when they go from the US to Mexico or from the US to the UK.  Now, I could always offer them my ideal setlist if they begin to struggle with this task!


7 thoughts on “Setlist Reactions…So Far”

  1. I hope (desperately HOPE) the setlists vary. I am thrilled, every time without fail, when I see that they didn't play HLTW. I know it's a hit. Every Duranie in the entire world knows it was a hit. Most of us are over it and willing to swap it out with some other hits. I know many feel the same way about The Reflex.

    I'm excited at the prospect of hearing and seeing the band play songs from the new album. I really hope to hear them play Leopard at some point because i really believe the song is worth playing live. It deserves it at least once, and I hope I'm in the audience to see it. I also would love to see them play Too Bad You're So Beautiful (yeah, I know I shouldn't have heard it yet but I did. So sue me.). That song is an easy favorite. I'm humming it all the time and I LOVE the robotic delivery of the chorus. It is amazing. Whoops – this is not a review. 😉

    I'm all about hearing LATE BAR. *sigh* Someday, they will play it – and I'll fall over. 😉 That said, I'll take anything at this point. I feel like someone who has been crossing the desert, stopping at various mirages along the way and finally sees shade, glorious shade and running water in the distance!

    Too dramatic maybe?? 😀 -R

  2. The man who stole a leopard… A must !

    Change the set please ! (will be in Nottingham in May)

    Philip from Belgium

  3. Please play:
    Too Bad You're So Beautiful
    Runway Runaway
    Before the Rain
    Girl Panic
    Blame the Machines
    Being Followed
    New Moon
    Is there Something
    Friends of Mine
    Union of the Snake
    Save a Prayer
    The Chauffeur
    Ordinary World
    Electric barbarella
    After the Rain
    Careless Memories
    Skin Divers
    Tel Aviv
    Take Me (Drug)

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