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I’m one of those fans.  I am like the sports fans who are glued to the scoreboard or one of those TV or movie fans who go online to read spoilers, or details about what is about to happen.  I pay attention to each and every setlist of Duran Duran’s that gets posted or announced.  In my case, I do it with more and more obsession as my concert gets closer.  I want an idea about what might get played and I don’t want to hope for songs that there is no chance for.  I like having a general idea about what I could expect.  As you all know, my show in Chicago is one week away.  Thus, my setlist watching has increased.  As I’m sure many of you will know, last night in St. Augustine, Florida, there was a bit of a setlist shocker as the boys played a song that they have not played here in the States at all during this fall tour.  Before I get into that and begin my personal begging, let’s examine the general setlists so far.

Theoretically, the band has played 9 different setlists.  However, the differences in those setlists have been very small.  Sometimes, the difference is where one song is located.  Lately, since Grand Prairie, Texas, there has been a consistent setlist except for last night and the festival in Mobile, Alabama.  Even last night, despite the shocker of one song, it really wasn’t all that different.  So, what are they playing?  Again, because I like to analysis their choices, I have grouped the songs into the following categories:  A.  Songs they have played at every show.  B.  Songs that they played at every show except one.  C.  Songs they have played a lot.  D.  Songs that they have played but rarely, very rarely.


The songs that they have played every time are All You Need is Now, Hungry like the Wolf, A View to a Kill, Blame the Machines, Come Undone, Notorious, Leave a Light on, The Reflex, Ordinary World, Planet Earth, Sunrise and Wild Boys.  Thus, if you still have a show coming up, expect to hear these songs.  I would be shocked if they dropped any of them from the current setlist.  Since this blog is the place where I get to voice my opinion, I will briefly comment to say that they really could have dropped HLTW, AVTAK, and CU.  I wouldn’t have been upset if they also left off Reflex and OW.  I will survive, though.

As for category B, those songs they have almost played every time except for one show are Before the Rain and Safe.  Those two songs were left off the setlist for the festival in Mobile.  I thought those were interesting choices to leave off.  While I understand that starting with a number like Before the Rain might not work as well for a festival, I also think it is good for Simon to really warm up his voice this way.  Instead, though, they started with Planet Earth.  I wasn’t terribly surprised that they left off Safe for that festival.  In many ways, I’m surprised that song is such a standard on this fall US tour as they played it during the spring and most fans weren’t/aren’t into it as much as many others off the new album.  Again, though, if you are going to a show before the end of October, I would expect to hear these until your show is a festival or something like it.

The next category is songs that were played most of the shows and that list includes Tiger Tiger, Leopard, Girl Panic, Rio and Careless Memories.  Personally, I would love to hear all of these and suspect that I’m not the only one.  Of course, in my analysis, I asked the question of why weren’t they playing these all the time.  Were other songs played in their place?  In the case of Tiger Tiger, it wasn’t played at the festival and it wasn’t played last night.  I’ll get into that more in a bit.  Leopard, also, wasn’t played at the festival and it wasn’t played in Saratoga, Vegas or Valley Center.  First of all, those shows along with the others in the beginning had less songs.  Portland and Saratoga, for example, only had 17 songs but Grand Prairie, Texas, had 19 songs.  Perhaps, Simon’s voice is such that he is now able to handle one more song.  Getting back to Leopard, maybe, the band felt those places wouldn’t appreciate the song as it didn’t seem to be replaced by any song but dropped with shorter setlists.  Girl Panic seem to be in a similar situation in that it was dropped in shorter setlists of Portland and Saratoga.  Rio has been played as the last song in all but two shows:  Everett, Washington, and St. Augustine, Florida.  When Rio hasn’t been played, Girls on Film has.  Thus, I would expect to hear Rio but don’t be surprised if it ends up being GOF at the end!  Lastly, Careless Memories was added in Saratoga when they did not play Leopard.  Again, perhaps, they thought they needed a different type of song that night.  Since then, it has stayed.  Thus, it looks likely to hear that one. 

This leaves the last category, songs that have been played but extremely rarely.  I have already discussed Girls on Film.  The two other songs in this category are Other People’s Lives and…wait….for…it…Secret Oktober.  Other People’s Lives was on the setlist twice in Everett and in St. Augustine.  For the St. Augustine show, it is listed right next to Leopard, which might indicate that both songs were shortened and blended into each other in a way.  I must check youtube to see!  I wonder why this one did not last.  Was it not received well at the first show?  Did the band feel like it needed more practice with it?  Was something messed up with the visual accompanying it so they had to take it out?  I don’t have a clue.  It will be interesting to see if it comes back more or not.  As of right now, I would not expect it but be excited if it appears at your show! 

As for Secret Oktober, the news of this song playing broke pretty quickly throughout the fan community.  There was much shouting!  For the fans who have no other shows, they were upset that they didn’t get this song!  For the fans who have shows coming up, like the Daily Duranie, begging has begun in the hopes of hearing it!  Before my pleading begins, I did want to take a moment to acknowledge that it was played in place of Tiger Tiger.  I have to admit that this doesn’t thrill me.  I love Tiger Tiger and was SO looking forward to hearing it.  I’m not sure why they couldn’t leave in Tiger Tiger and take out…I don’t know, AVTAK, perhaps!  That said, here is where my begging begins!

Dear any member of Duran Duran, their management, or anyone else connected to them in any way shape or form is reading this, I’m begging, pleading, hoping, longing to hear Secret Oktober and will be at the show at the Chicago Theatre next Friday!  Hearing this song live would mean a lot to both of us here at the Daily Duranie!  We have been very loyal and dedicated fans for decades.  We have traveled through the US and to the UK to see your concerts.  In fact, we traveled in May to the UK to see four shows that did not happen but will be returning to your home country to see shows later this year.  This song is a special one as it brings us back to the beginning of our fandom, to that glorious decade that treated us all well.  This is a song that we love and hope that our desire to hear it live happens as opposed to what happened to us with another one of our favorite songs, Late Bar, which we have yet to hear as well.  In the case of Late Bar, we thought we had our chance to hear that favorite of ours in 2009 as it was played at a show a few shows before ours but never played again.  We were heartbroken then and hope that we will not express the same disappointment now.  This is your moment to please not just us but many of your dedicated fans who will be at that show.  I’m sure that many of your fans would be grateful forever, which would just reinforce their fandom and their continued desire to support you and your career by buying many, many concert tickets in the future.  I thank you in advance.  Love, the Daily Duranie.


5 thoughts on “Setlist Shocker!”

  1. I too am THRILLED at the possiblity of Secret Oktober next week! But I have to say I was a bit stunned by the FURY expressed by some fans who attended earlier shows. “HOW CAN YOU PLAY THAT SONG NOW, I ALREADY WENT TO THREE SHOWS AND DIDN'T GET TO HEAR IT!” and so forth. I just want to smack some people. I understand being disappointed, there's all kinds of songs I'd love to hear that I have no expectation that they will EVER play, but GET A GRIP. I think we're lucky they're still touring at all. I will gladly listen to Simon sing Hungry Like The Wolf as many more times as I can, because who's to say when it will be the last time.

  2. I didn't comment on that much. I get being upset but to get that angry, I don't get that. Everyone should just be glad that they are still touring but we are never satisfied and always want something else.


  3. I've already seen them on this tour and no, they didn't play Secret Oktober. Am I disappointed? Yes, sure I am. Am I mad?? No. How can I be mad?!? The entire tour is already a serious “upgrade” from the one I was on previously in May because this time -they actually PLAYED! I sang right along with John for HLTW and I suspect I'd even do it again. That said, I am begging to whomever necessary that they play Secret Oktober in Chicago. Wanna see something really funny? Play it and then take a gander out on John's side of the audience to about the 10th row. There will be a woman out there who literally falls on the floor in complete sobbing hysterics. That'll be me. It's the song I never thought would ever get played…and it's my favorite B-side right along with Late Bar. (but that song would never make me cry – it's too much of my party theme to do that!)


  4. Personally, I would love to see the Seven and the Ragged Tiger trifecta that was in the rehearsal shows: Tiger Tiger, Shadows and Reflex. I find it interesting that they did Shadows in the rehearsals but it has not shown up on the tour (at least as of yet).

    The only two songs I really am dying to hear this go around are a View to a Kill and Rio (as overdone as they may be), simply because they were not played at the show I was at in April. But if they don't play them, I think I'll live! 😉

    Like someone else commented, I'm just happy that I get to see them perform again, regardless of what songs show up on the setlist. I'm curious though to see what the Boston setlist looks like, and I don't know if the fact that it is the second to last show on this leg of the tour may influence what they choose to play or not.

    Enjoy Chicago!


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