Shackled and raised for a shining crowd

Yesterday, I blogged about my top 5 shows. It wasn’t an easy task, and to be honest I gave myself no real criteria for making those choices. I just wanted to have them come to mind with no real basis other than for whatever reason, they stick in my memory. Then yesterday afternoon, I had a phone call with none other than Amanda. She mentioned that she was working on a few “top 10” lists for the blog, and being the friend I am – I’m stealing one of her ideas.

I’ve done as much complaining about the setlist as anyone, going as far as to brazenly submit my own setlist for the band to follow. Sadly, they did not follow directions well. (not that I actually expected our brown napkin with the set list written in black Sharpie to go far…)  So for this blog, I am only going to pick 5 songs that I’ve NEVER heard live (keep in mind that perhaps you may have heard songs that I have not or vice-versa as you read along) and make my case. It is never too early to begin the “setlist suggestion box”, I like to say!!

These are also in no particular order…

Late Bar: Yes, I know you’ve probably seen us mention this before. I’d ask for Secret Oktober again if I could, but that’s on another list for another day. The fact is, this song is a great dance and party song – and while it is true that many in the audience have not heard it before – I think there are more than a few of us who are willing to sing and clap enthusiastically enough to get the right amount of charge for everyone else!

New Moon on Monday: So, I hear that this will never happen because it’s out of Simon’s range.  I don’t know if that rumor is true or not – but I do know that I’ve never heard it live, and I would love to re-enact those super cool dance moves at the end of the video. Oh yes, you know the ones, and I rock at that “white girl dancing” thing. Besides, what Duranie does NOT want to sing “I light my torch and wave it for the new moon on Monday, and a firedance through the night, I stayed the cold day, with a lonely satellite” at the top of their lungs along with the band?? It’s a song simply MADE for a sing-a-long. Dreams are free, people!

Sound of Thunder: This song has deep personal meaning for me, and if you don’t know what I’m going on about – you should check out the review we did of this song here. I would love to hear this live, and I’ll bet John’s bass line would have me (and everyone else) on their knees begging for mercy. Who doesn’t want that??

Edge of America: Have you listened to this one lately? The words are enough to bring me to tears..and the music is some of the best that Duran has ever done. I would love to see Dom tackle the solo in this one…and to see even a smidgeon of the jamming that takes place  in this song would make me scream. It’s brilliant, and I’ll bet it would be incredible live. This is a song I’m actually surprised the band hasn’t done more often – they are SO good at bringing rawness to their songs live, and this one just begs to be played.

Lastly…and I’m hesitant to even bring this up…

Tricked Out: I know, I know. Sit down before you fall down. You read that correctly.  The thing is, I have a sort of hate/love relationship with this song. When I first heard it, I felt like it was a near rip-off of Danny Elfman, which both intrigued and concerned me, as I’m a pretty big fan of Elfman. I didn’t like the way the guitar was buried in the mix though, and it really is buried in there, I promise. I chalked it up to being overproduced and kind of gave up on it,  just ask Amanda. She went to the Broadway shows while I was at home sick, “incubating” and unable to travel, and reported to me that I “HAD” to see this live. I heard her say the words, but figured she was crazy and never thought much about it again. In April when I was out visiting, she dug out some footage that I’d never seen of one of the Broadway performances….and I have to say…I’m a believer now! I think the band should play it, and that I should absolutely be up front for this one. Who knew one of my five songs would end up being off of Red Carpet Massacre?!?

There were so many songs I could have put on this list….songs like Of Crime and Passion and Cracks in the Pavement, or Perfect Day..or even Too Much Information. For as many times as I’ve seen the band live now, there is still more for me to see and hear – I suppose we’re all both cursed and lucky in that regard! Can you come up with five never-heard-by-you-live songs that you’d love to see??


3 thoughts on “Shackled and raised for a shining crowd”

  1. Great blog!

    I heard New Moon on the summer 2000 tour. Didn’t think it translated well live and I would tend to agree that Simon shouldn’t be singing it. Totally agree on Sound of Thunder and Late Bar, although the latter did show up on either the 2000 or 2001 shows (but not any that I was at).

    As I have long advocated on these posts, I would love to hear some of the Notorious tracks live, specifically Proposition, So Misled, and Hold Me. Would also love to hear Hold Back the Rain (even though John said it’s nearly impossible to play live on that Classic Albums show!) and The Seventh Stranger even though I’ve heard it 5,000 times on Arena—would still be cool to hear in person.

    And finally…I know that it’s likely the band has retired songs from many of the less popular albums from any inclusion in the set, but I do hope that I get to hear The Valley and Big Bang Generation live again at some point.

    I still dream of them playing Vegas for a month and highlighting 1 or 2 different albums for each show, along with the requisite hits. How awesome would that be?? Certainly, solo stars have done that, although I can’t think of any bands. But I feel like that’s the only way we’d ever get to hear them play some of the more obscure stuff live again.

    Just think…all of us there…it would be like being in college with a bunch of Duranies…you could set up shop as the “Vegas Duranie” for the duration of their residence…and yes, I would go to that. I would so be there…just thinking about it gives me goosebumps…can you picture the night they would highlight the late 90s stuff?? It would be me and 10 other people…

  2. I love the idea of a residence…especially if it were not on the East Coast this time. The band would say they've already done this though, having done RCM on Broadway before, but that's really not the same thing as you're suggesting. 🙂
    Like your choices, and I can still wish for NMOM even though I realize the likelihood is not good. *shrugs* 🙂 -R

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