Shadows on your side…we’ve got INFORMATION on summer tour dates!

It’s Thursday morning and I have news to share on this beautiful, non-headache filled morning. (it’s honestly cloudy and gray in So CA…and I hear the band are soaking up sun and water in Sydney…what’s up with that?!?)

Today’s blog was originally entitled “He can’t dance and so can you!” (If you’re a Stephen Colbert fan, you might chuckle.  If you’re not then, well…I sound like an idiot.) That blog has since been pre-empted for the following breaking news:

(so this part isn’t the breaking news….)
I was in the car headed to drop off my son this morning to school and broke his “no music” rule for in the morning.  I should explain that he’s on the autistic spectrum (he’s high functioning though and you wouldn’t even know he was on the spectrum if I didn’t tell you), and if there is one thing that gets him in a horrible mood quicker than anything, it’s music in the morning.  He’s a grouch in the morning, and to him, pop music is just a bunch of noise.  I think his brain has a hard time with organizing it all first thing in the morning.  I’m sort of the same way – I like peace and quiet (which is IMPOSSIBLE in my house) when I first get up. We listen to talk radio in the morning on that 10 minute drive to school just so that there’s relative peace in the car.  Anyway, this morning I broke the rule and had Shadows On Your Side on.  I have always loved that song – in fact it’s probably one of my favorites off of Seven and the Ragged Tiger (SATRT for those Duranese speakers out there…)  Little did I realize that the song would be indicative of the day ahead.

(Here’s the breaking news!)
I’m sure many of you have seen the little love note that was posted on the band’s website this morning.  If not, you can find it here:  (there’s a link for those of you anal Duranies out there that don’t believe a single thing unless you read it directly on the band’s website – I know you’re out there!)

I’ll give you all a second to read through the dates.  Go ahead…you know you wanna!

March 29th, 2012

We have received numerous requests to give fans an idea of where the band will be this Summer. Unfortunately we are still confirming exact details but wanted to let you know the cities we will be visiting so that you may plan your travels. As soon as we have details they will; be posted in the TOUR section of the website. As soon as additional cities and dates are confirmed we will update the list.
Expect an email with details soon.
Thank you,
Duran Duran
Sat 23 Jun
Sun 24 Jun
Mon 25 Jun Wroclaw – Poland
Tue 26 Jun
Wed 27 Jun Prague, Czech Republic
Thu 28 Jun Budapest – Hungary
Fri 29 Jun
Sat 30 Jun
Sun 01 Jul
Mon 02 Jul
Tue 03 Jul
Wed 04 Jul Berlin – Germany
Thu 05 Jul
Fri 06 Jul Theseloniki – Greece
Sat 07 Jul
Sun 08 Jul
Mon 09 Jul Istanbul – Turkey
Tue 10 Jul
Wed 11 Jul
Thu 12 Jul Belgrade – Serbia – Exit
Fri 13 Jul
Sat 14 Jul Ljubljana -Slovenia
Sun 15 Jul
Mon 16 Jul Verona – Italy
Tue 17 Jul
Wed 18 Jul Roma Foro Italico – Italy
Thu 19 Jul
Fri 20 Jul Cattolica – Italy
Sat 21 Jul Lucca – Italy
Sun 22 Jul
Mon 23 Jul Carcasonne – France
Tue 24 Jul
Wed 25 Jul Monaco – Monaco
Thu 26 Jul
Fri 27 Jul London – England
Sat 28 Jul
How about that lovely London date on Friday, July 27th. Hmm….I wonder what could possibly be going on in London on that date! Opening Ceremonies for the Olympics, anyone?!? The plot continues to thicken….  
Just prior to London, they are playing in Monaco. Monte Carlo. I have to say, if there was one place I’d love to see the band (there are approximately one million…but just stick with me here…), it would be there. If only I were independently wealthy, I’d just tour the summer away!  Wouldn’t you?!? Seems that there was another Italian date added as well for Cattolica. Sounds like Italy might be the place to be for the latter part of July!  
Back to those US dates…I know that we’re all chomping at the bit for information. We see Europe getting some attention, and like the jealous, overwhelmingly obsessive fans we really are (Admit it.  Acceptance is good!), we want our own, and we’d like them now please. I agree completely. It is sometimes very difficult to remind myself that most of the time under normal circumstances we don’t even have presales until May or even June for dates in late summer – and it’s pretty clear that the band will be coming to the US for a short tour in late summer (August). One thing Daily Duranie does know – thanks to Amanda who keeps track of this sort of thing – we typically get dates 6 weeks to 2 months in advance (not advance of presale, but in advance of shows taking place). I know it’s difficult, but we’re going to need to wait just a little bit and defer to the band’s management on this one. We’ve got time, even if I’m biting my nails down to nubs in the process.
Daily Duranie also knows, via some “super sleuthing”, (sarcasm is ALWAYS intended!) that both the Durham, NC date as well as the Chicago Ravinia date were announced in advance in part (if not wholly) due to the venue. In both of those cases, the venue wished to have their own presale for their membership. Each of these venues has a donor or season ticket holder program where people can buy seats to a block or package of shows. Typically these types of venues announce entire seasons worth of shows at one time so that their patrons can buy tickets. In both cases (Durham and Ravinia), the Duran Duran concert is available as an extra ticket that can be purchased by donors. (as opposed to part of a package). In the case of Ravinia – I think the venue went to press extremely early with news of the show and it came as a complete surprise to band management. It happens. The patron presale for that particular show has already taken place, and truthfully I have no information as to what will happen with regard to DDM presale at this point. In the case of Durham, DDM had their presale earlier this week (Monday) – I believe tickets may still be available,  and the Durham patron presale took place yesterday. The whole point here being that these two shows were announced under unusual circumstances.  
Our readers should know by now that Amanda and I are all about being fair. That means we give props to the band (and the Machine that runs the band – Blame the Machine, get it? *sigh*) when deserved, and we’ll also gladly take them to task as needed. We’re fans just like anyone else, first and foremost. In this case, the band and their management deserve a huge thumbs up for the effort. They gave fans information that they didn’t have nailed down, and a thank-you is in order. This is a big step in the right direction. Naturally, I’ve seen a bit of backlash this morning from US fans. I get it, and I have to think that the band gets it too. The trouble is, we are not the sole people in this fandom.  Contrary to popular belief, it isn’t ALL about the US. There are many other people that want their moment with the band, and that’s OK. Our time will come. In fact, we’ve already hosted the band here twice in this tour. While yes, I still feel there’s room for improvement (isn’t there always)? It would be completely unreasonable of me to expect the US dates in their entirety this early. That said, I have faith the dates will be announced soon. The real question will be if we’re given more than 18 hours between the announcement and the presales.  (I beg the powers of be on that one for all of us. A couple of days would be outstanding!!  A weekend would send me over the moon. Any longer than that would be ridiculous.) 
I implore fans to really think the situation through. Have any of you organized a tour – much less a tour encompassing several continents – before? I have not. I have enough of a time getting my kids ready and out the door on time each morning, thanks. While in no way am I saying that the band is perfect about the announcements, I am saying that it’s not a case where they’re not listening and they don’t care. They are, and they do. The olive branch of “here’s what we’ve got so far for Europe” is proof. It’s a start, and we’re all partners in the same cause: we love the band. I think it’s great that fans who are planning to go to Europe can really begin to plan. Hug the band for Daily Duranie if you get a chance!! They won’t know who you’re going on about – but that’s OK!
Oh, and we’re still not being paid by the band! Promise!  I just like what they’ve done and I’m not afraid to give a little. We’re partners (like it or not!) and I’m not here to bash.  
The shadows really ARE on your (our) side today.  Happy planning, everyone!

One thought on “Shadows on your side…we’ve got INFORMATION on summer tour dates!”

  1. Too funny…I had to do a “omg” because I felt as if like you quoted me with Blame the Machines and Machine reference.[I'm not worthy]At least I felt like it, even though you likely originated it and I took it. (sarcasm is my second language which I speak fluently as well).

    Thanks for making me feel important and heard today. Not your intention, but my response to perception only. I needed that.
    But you have to wonder if the song itself is about management…..just a theory….

    Although I have only been following you for a few months now (disappointment with another fan community ahem). And very pleased to find like minded DD fans here. You gals rock!

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