Should I be relieved…or sick?

I’m on a ride and I wanna get off….

Forgive me.  I heard The Reflex on the radio this morning and I can’t get it out of my head. (thank you very much 93.1 JACKFM in Los Angeles – it’s the only station I can hear The Reflex and Back in Black by AC/DC in one 10 minute car ride to and from my son’s school!)

However, better lyrics could not possibly have been written for how I am feeling this morning.  All I’m asking for are my four shows.  Is that really so incredibly wrong?  Am I not allowed?  Is there some sort of embargo in place somewhere that requires every single damn show I wish to attend (never mind the buying tickets, selling the original tickets, buying new tickets since the original shows are on dates I can’t be out of the country…) outside of the US be somehow plagued by bad news??

If you are scratching your head wondering what I’ve taken this morning (the answer is nothing, I swear!), there was an article in The Argus that was posted by our good friend Kitty from Gimme a Wristband.  The article is here for your reading pleasure.  As of this moment, the venue staff will not be under strike and the show should go on.  However, if you read the article – I daresay that the wording doesn’t sound all that solid for the show.  It’s a little unnerving for people who, oh, I don’t know….are traveling all the way from California and Wisconsin for the show!  Then of course there’s the issue of other public worker unions deciding to strike in support.  I don’t even know if that sort of thing happens in the UK, but it does happen here, on occasion.  It gets my paranoia going on overdrive, that is for sure.  I can’t even imagine going through what we did in May again.  I just can’t.

Might I suggest that perhaps the strike take place a week or so earlier?? 😉 Far be it from me to tell people that they shouldn’t strike – I wouldn’t dare be so bold – but I would absolutely be bold enough to say that I’ve already gone through the insanity of dates being postponed once and that I’d REALLY like to be able to attend the shows this time, thanks!

And to think I was going to talk about the shortened version of Girl Panic that is popping up…
funny thing…I’ve got a completely different type of Girl Panic going on right here.  *headdesk*

I will say one thing about the shortened version:  NOT ENOUGH BAND.

There you have it from me!

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