Show Day in Vegas!

Yesterday Rhonda and I drove from Paso Robles to Las Vegas where we experienced a vastly entertaining show despite or because of the strange setting.  Seeing Duran Duran play at a fair was definitely a new experience.  For example, it was quite a sight to see a whole area of cows next to one of the drink stands.  I hope the cows enjoyed the show and thought it was moo-velous!

The drive was long and hot as we drove through the desert to get to Vegas.  We watched the outside temperature climb from a “cool” 81 to a “we are now in an oven” 118 degrees.  The landscape was less than friendly and reminded a friend of ours from the opening scene in Sing Blue Silver when the semi-trucks are driving on a similar stretch of road.

Drive to Vegas

As we entered the city, there were definitely signs that we were in the “right” place as Duran seemed to be everywhere!  On the road, we saw a big billboard advertising the show.  Oh, how, I wish that the trees weren’t in the way!

Vegas billboard

Then, once we entered Mandalay Bay, there were hanging signs, signs by slot machines and more.  I loved seeing all of the advertisements.


If all of that wasn’t enough, as Rhonda and I sat down to grab some food, what began playing?  That’s right.  Rio!  Yes, kids, we are exactly where we are supposed to be!

Last night, we spent time with my cousin and his wife, which was super fun.  It is pretty funny.  We only live a few hours away from each other and yet we travel to Vegas to hang out!  Being with them makes me laugh as my cousin never understood the Duranie thing when we were kids.  I would always try to convince him about how COOL they were and he just wasn’t buying it!  That said, I do remember him recording As the Lights Go Down for me when it aired on one of the paid cable that my family didn’t get.  So, today, he will attend his very first Duran Duran concert, which entertains me to no end!  Of course, it is disappointing that his first show will be without Nick.  As I told his wife, this means that he will have to go to another show when Nick returns!  She needs to use the situation to her advantage!

Our plan for today is a simple one!  We will do whatever during the day until it is time for our Vegas meet-up!  We are meeting at the Eye Candy lounge located inside Mandalay Bay at 4 pm.  There is lots of room for us to spread out so that we can mingle, chat, etc.  I am looking forward to the meet-up as I will be seeing a few people that I haven’t seen in a LONG time and another person that both Rhonda and I have known for years but have never met in person!  Should be a great time!  For the meet-up, we will be doing a raffle of some Duran items and will have wristbands for sale.  In fact, we have three styles available:  the classic black (like the ones John and Dom have), the new silver (like the one Nile has) and the new glow-in-the-dark purple.  Even if you are unable to get to the meet-up but still want one, just find us at the show.  We will be somewhere in the center section close to the front.

On that note, I better get moving!  It is a show day and there is much fun to be had!


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