Showcasing Fandom: Paula, Page Organizer

It is time to take a break from the intense discussions of the last couple of days.  While I love the discussions and thinking deeply about whatever the latest happening is in our little fan community, it takes its toll.  I’m feeling pretty beat this morning and need a picker-upper type of post.  Thus, I figured it would be good to showcase another fan and show how Paula, in this case, shows off her fandom!  Paula is a fan from Brazil who not only maintains a Facebook page but takes on the responsibility of connecting the Portuguese speaking fans with what is happening in Duranland. 

How do you express your fandom?
In the past, I used to have a newsletter that then turned into a blog that now is a Facebook page.  We used to be called Lonely Satellite and now we are DD Brasil.
Describe exactly what it is that you do.
Along with 2 other friends, we keep our eyes out on the DD world to post news, photos, videos and any other information available.  When possible some of this information is translated into Portuguese; usually the messages from the guys in because these are more on a ‘personal’ note than articles from newspapers.
Why did you choose this means of expressing your fandom?
From the early days, I’ve always liked to share the band with whomever wanted to learn about them.  I used to make tapes for friends to try to convince them they were the best around!  Sharing has always been a part of me.  I used to lend my records and video tapes because I knew this way, more people would hear about the band so having a newsletter, blog and now a page felt like the natural way to go as far as sharing is concerned.  The main principle here being that the band belongs to the world and the more I get the word out, more people will know about the band!
Tell me your fandom story.
I lived for 2 years in the USA (my dad was in the navy and got transferred).  Those two years were between 1982 and 1984…amazing musical years for anyone living up there!  I knew DD from the radio and videos but what turned me into a Duranie were my friends!  It was my high school friend, Lori, who told me YOU MUST SEE DD LIVE.  I already knew a few songs and liked their music so I bought tickets.  April 2, 1984, was the day that I caught myself in a point of no return as far as being a Duran fan.  Listening to a song on the radio and thinking it was awesome is nowhere near seeing them live and thinking…WOW…they are really AMAZING!!
How else do you participate in fandom?
Considering where I am geographically located (Brazil), the band, up until 2011 had only come here for concerts here in 1988 and then 2008.  If I wanted to see them live, I needed to go after them, which I did 2 times in 1999 and 2003 in Atlanta with my friend, Tara (who I met via a chat room we held on Sunday nights in 1997!)
In 2011, the band came here for a festival in the state of Sao Paulo so I had also to travel from Rio to see them and lived on the promise that they would stop back in the near future for a tour, which happened in April/May 2012.  I attended 5 concerts, even going to Buenos Aires to see them.
Apart from concerts, I am always checking groups and pages but I am more active in my own paget than any other.  I am NOT part of the DD community, though.  (Daily Duranie note:  I assume she means DDM.)
During concert periods, I have fashioned a few t-shirts to use during the concerts.  
I know very few people in the area to stage up meeting and from what I saw these don’t work as well in reality as on paper…DD Fans talk more than act!  Trust me, that’s a fact.  (Daily Duranie note:  We have tried to change that here!  😀 )
What has the reaction been to your page?  What do people think of it?
I haven’t honestly asked anyone about it and since pages don’t carry names, I believe few people know who’s behind DD Brasil.  (Daily Duranie note:  They will know now!!)  We do have over 1000 likes and it grows by the minute, so I want to believe we’re doing a good job.
I am also an amateur photographer and I am proud of my work.  I love to photograph the concerts I go to and trips I take.  I like to believe my eyes see what no one else sees and with that, I can share a whole different view of the world!
Do you use your means of fandom expression outside of fandom?
I do have another page regarding dogs and I have photographs spread around the web!
Where and how do you share your expression?
Dog page: On this page, every year, there’s a contest to choose 13 photos for a yearly calendar that I design.
Here are some photos I took when you needed to use your hands to develop pictures:  photos
I like to show things like this:  click here
Can you share something that you are most proud of?
I am very proud of this set of pictures I took:  photo set
These are covers I made for DD Brasil:

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