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Yesterday marked the end of the set of daily questions about people’s favorite song of any Duran related side or solo project.  It came out exactly as I thought it would with Arcadia’s The Promise on top as the favorite.  This didn’t surprise me for a couple of reasons.  First, most Duran fans have heard Arcadia and are familiar with them as opposed to projects like The Devils or Neurotic Outsiders.  Second, when we asked about favorite side or solo project, Arcadia came out on top of that, too.  Thus, it would make sense that whatever favorite song of Arcadia’s would win.  Now, we turn to the videos connected to the various side and solo projects of Duran Duran.  In order for people to participate, I will post the videos that I will be asking about and clips, if I can find them.

Power Station—Some Like It Hot

Power Station—Get It On

Simon LeBon—Grey Lady of the Sea

Arcadia—Election Day

Power Station—Communication

Arcadia—The Promise

Arcadia—Goodbye Is Forever

John Taylor—I Do What I Do

Arcadia—The Flame


Andy Taylor—Take It Easy

Andy Taylor—When the Rain Comes Down

Arcadia—Say the Word

Andy Taylor—I Might Lie

Andy Taylor—Don’t Let Me Dies Young

Simon LeBon—Follow in my Footsteps

Neurotic Outsiders—Jerk

Power Station—She Can Rock It

John Taylor—Feelings Are Good

Simon LeBon—Dreamboy

John Taylor—Anon

John Taylor—Hey Day

The Devils—Dark Circles

TV Mania—Beautiful Clothes

TV Mania-Euphoria

I did my best to put these in chronological order by when they came out.  I probably missed a few as well.  If you know of a song that has a video that I forgot, let me know so that I can add it.  Until then, please, enjoy the videos and I look forward to all of you voting each day until we finally get a favorite video from a Duran related side or solo project.  🙂


9 thoughts on “Side and Solo Project Videos”

  1. As a longstanding JT girl, it's gotta be all things Power Station for me. My love of hard rock and metal can be treaced right back to my first hearing of 'Get It On. I went from that to 'Hysteria' and 'Slippery When Wet' and then discovered the unadulterated joy of 'Appetite For Destruction'. Something I am proud to say I told Duff McKagan about, at which point he grinned and said “Oooohh, so youre a Duranie, huh?”.

    As for 'I Do What I Do'? Oh dear lord, the effect that song still has on me to this day……..I could explain it, but it'd definitely be NSFW.

  2. Yes, but I would just like to point out that AMAZING was number two!!! Not too shabby of a finish for a guy that isn't the original guitarist!

    Looking forward to seeing how the videos turn out! -R

  3. Throwing some love out there for our Guitar God! Take a song like “I might Lie”, its an awsome lovesong in itself and would work as an acustic version as well. He can sing and play the guitar on a level that most could only dream of.

  4. Just to interject – there are no videos of Dom unless you count the ones he has up on YouTube from a couple of the live shows he's done. To my knowledge, he hasn't done videos for any of the songs off of his albums. 🙂


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