Sneak Peek of Diamond in the Mind!!!

We interrupt this edition of scandal, ridicule, news, gossip and debate to bring you special breaking Duranie news…

Diamond in the Mind footage

Go on, click on it.  You know you wanna.  I’ll wait.

For those of you out there who can’t possibly wait until “early summer 2012” for the DVD, I know you’re going to watch it again.  And again…or is that just me?  So what if a lot of it is in German and it’s interlaced with interview.  How exactly is listening to John and Nick speak on a Monday morning a bad thing???

I can’t blame you.  Don’t even begin to think I might have sat here stone-faced as I watched it…a few times.  Are you kidding?  Seeing them on stage?  Those lights?  That snakeskin patterned shirt of Simon’s?  Yep.  Brings back all the memories of seeing them in the UK last December, with none of the jet lag.  The bonus?  My bank account hasn’t taken a hit yet this morning either!

Oh, and there’s that guitar player too….gotta love Dom.  Not bad for a Monday morning.

So while you’re all watching…I’m gonna go watch too.  Again, this time with a coffee mug in hand.

(we’ll be back in the morning with more of those hard-hitting questions and debate worthy topics….but even Daily Duranie needs to take a fangirl break now and then!)


14 thoughts on “Sneak Peek of Diamond in the Mind!!!”

  1. I just so happened to be one of the 'interviews' in this video you had to sit through to get to the live footage; sorry if it bored you! Some of us took great pride in being at least a nominal part of Duran Duran's recorded history.

  2. Sorry if you felt I somehow offended you personally by commenting that there were interviews – the fact is that the YouTube file was of an interview interlaced with the DVD footage, and that was the point I was trying to get across for our readers before I was barraged with emails about how this was not solely a sneak peek of the DVD. Congratulations on your interview – I'm the very last one you should assume wouldn't think this was cool, because here on Daily Duranie – we're all about THE FANS. Thanks! – R

  3. I'm truly excited to see the show again, I just wish Secret Oktober was going to be on it. But I'm sure it will be fabulous.

    Anonymous – congrats on being in the clip. A very cool piece of history to be included in. Jealous much!! 😉

  4. Can't wait for this. I've watched youtube footage of the Manchester concert and it looks like it was a great show.

  5. ROFL @One of the Seven NZ fans – I am laughing at your name. Good for you!!! I hear there are only about 30 South American fans too, so I guess you all are in good company even though you're nearly a world apart. How dare you all want more shows…right? *rolls eyes* Seriously. I love your humor. You can come post here anytime. I encourage it!! 😀 -R

  6. Hey, the 30 fans in South America are just across the Ocean, not too far away. All 37 fans could get together and road trip around in a bus and see shows! Any stray weasels, rats, or trolls watch out – no party for them.

    Read some more about that DVD – it's coming with a CD. Looking forward to that. I thought the Live from London dvd was terrific – so if it's anywhere near that.

  7. Of course, you wouldn't be in the VIP section of those shows because…well…unless you're coming to the US or the UK….there are none. But the party bus would be first rate!

    I did see that about the DVD today. I know I should have blogged about that…but I must admit that I was having a difficult time finding the words to write about the idea that the band would be including rehearsal footage from when Simon had vocal problems. Amanda and I were in the UK at that point, and likely outside the rehearsal studio as well. It was a very difficult time, and we're just fans. -R

  8. There's VIP in Oz. So the 30 South Americans and 7 Kiwis need to congregate with the 83 Australian fans. Heck we should invite the 12 South African fans too. 🙂

    I can appreciate your trepidation about the footage. So much upheaval and uncertainty at the time. I like how they are showing their human side more now though – while it may lead to some miscommunciations (as previously discussed) it shows a more human side too.

  9. That's nearly a fan club entirely on it's own!! Who needs the Americans, UK & Euro people?!? 😀

    That DVD, or at least the documentary, is definitely going to show their human side. I think it's going to be very interesting for fans worldwide to see. I know I didn't quite get the severity of the situation until I saw Simon that fateful day, and it was reinforced when John came out. Very, very emotional day. -R

  10. I can only imagine how shattered the guys all were that day. Unknown stuff and how to handle it all and what on earth to do and say. I think Simon showed huge amounts of diginity and humility, but was probably very scared.

    Emotional for you too – having travelled so far.

  11. It's interesting how the DVD is not available for pre-sale on Amazon. It would seem easier to release quickly and yet I understand they want to make money with the tour first before having the DVD out. Let's face it, the concert and band merchandise sales trump any pittance DD would make if it were.

    for those who are interested, JT's book, however, IS available for pre-order. I've already got it in my shopping cart!

  12. The DVD isn't due to come out until summer – and perhaps they don't have a set release date for it yet which is why it's not in presale?? I really don't know – it's just a guess. John's book has a release date already for late September.

    I'm excited for both though!! -R

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