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Have you checked out, lately?  Believe it or not, but, I have.  While I know that many people, including myself, have criticized Duran’s official website for a variety of reasons, including that it doesn’t post or provide all the news, that it isn’t the most user friendly, and more, I still think it has some gems for fans on there.  Some of these gems might be well-known by fans but others might not be.  Some gems might have been known but not thought about for awhile.  Thus, I thought it might be good to highlight some parts of the band’s official website that are actually very cool!

If you haven’t been to the official website in awhile and I understand why you wouldn’t (most news is now shared on Facebook and Twitter first), you might notice that the splash page no longer shows pictures from A Diamond in the Mind.  Instead, there is a group shot that was featured on the VIP posters in 2011.  While I like the picture, I still wish for a group shot featuring one Mr. Dom Brown.  From this page, you can go to the regular official site, DuranDuranMusic, Duran’s Facebook, Duran’s Twitter, Duran’s YouTube and Duran’s Google+.  Once you enter the official site, it looks the same as it has with the latest news on the bottom, a picture at the top, and a bar of other links to click, including press, store, on tour, music, links, etc.  While those all look familiar, what is really worth one’s time to look at?

The music link includes the discography, places to buy, official versions list and jukebox.  While I may never use the places to buy links since I own all official releases, I understand why it is there.  Likewise, I don’t use the jukebox a lot, but I have, at times, at work when I have no other means of tunes available to me.  The discography, though, gets used by me a lot.  Rhonda and I joke that we probably represent quite a few hits on the site since we are frequently looking at parts like the discography.  I often use it to make sure that I get lyrics correct, since they are available there.  It also is a good resource to see what was released and when.  Yet, the real gem here is the official versions list.  This is a complete list of what songs and REMIXES have been officially released.  This is a huge deal for any collector.  If you have been around the Duran universe much, you can see that there are a ton of remixes out there.  Yet, so many of them are fan made.  While many of those completely rock, it is nice to know what are the official ones.  This is a list that I will be using to ask daily questions about remixes, which will be coming eventually.  I recommend that this is a great place to see how complete one’s collection is.

I love this section as it has both the past blogs and past postcards.  Those features definitely showcase what was going on with the band at that given time and provides a real insight.  If you haven’t read all of the blogs and postcards, I definitely recommend taking the time to do so.

This section features exactly what you think it would feature.  There is a videos section, which has the videos from All You Need Is Now, Red Carpet Massacre and Astronaut.  You can also get to the jukebox from here as well.  Yet, the majority of this section has photo albums, including any recent pictures from the studio while the band works on DD14 and, my favorite, Nick’s audience pictures from tours.  Have you all found pictures of yourself there?!

JT’s Vault:
*sigh*  There are moments when I miss John’s Trust the Process website that was maintained during his solo days.  Yet, I am so glad that a little bit lives on in this section of the official website.  John’s “vaults” contain his scrapbooks from the early days, which are so cool, and his “style”.  John’s style, obviously, discusses many of his famous fashion choices over the years.  If you want to know about his outfit in the 1987 Strange Behaviour tour, this is where you would go, for instance.  Likewise, if you really want to know more about the posters of early Duran, you would want to go to John’s scrapbooks.  I, for one, am so thankful that he thought to keep all of that and to put it up for all of us to see.

Ah, one of my very favorite sections and one I refer to a lot.  This area contains a pretty thorough timeline of the band’s history and biography.  Yet, the real gem here is the complete list of concerts.  Yes, there is a complete list of every single Duran show.  This list contains the date, venue, and city of each and every concert.  How cool is that?!  It is also visual evidence that Duran has played a ton of shows over their career!  If you want to remember what you date you saw them or what the venue was, this is definitely the place to go!

As you can tell, Duran’s official website might not be the news source that some might think it should, it does have some very, very cool features.  If you haven’t checked it out lately, I really recommend that you do.  I’m so thankful for the elements like JT’s vaults, the complete tour list, the official versions list and more.  What are your favorite features?


2 thoughts on “So Much Information”

  1. My favorite section is the discography. I am there at least once a week, sometimes more…and yes….I'm pretty sure I account for most of the clicks on that one! 😀

    Additionally, I wish they included Dom more. I suppose though that I'm just going to have to make peace with the fact that to the band, he's a hired guitarist. That's fine. I'm his fan. -R

  2. My fave section was the “Writings” one, the ones featuring postcards and blogs. Today I love the Music one.
    I have to admit I rarely share the official site, as I follow the updates on the social websites.

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