So Nice…Duran Live at Sonar Festival!

It was SO nice yesterday and even this morning to see all of the pictures and video clips of Duran Duran playing at the Sonar Festival in Barcelona, Spain.  I’m not the only one to think that, right?  It feels like we have gone forever and a day since the last live reports.  I know that isn’t the case since they played a few songs in April and played things like the FanFest in Austin, Texas, last year.  Yesterday’s show feels different to me, since it represents not just a random show but the beginning.  It is the start of dates that will go through December.  Yes, there are some months that don’t have any or many shows but we all know that there are shows coming.  It is the beginning of this album cycle.  We now have the new song to listen to and a date for the album.  No, yesterday’s show was part of a flurry of Duran activity with more activity to follow.  You could practically feel the level of energy and excitement in the fan community.  Everyone is so ready for the Paper Gods era of Duran Duran.

So, what did they play yesterday?  Here is the setlist that was posted by Duran’s social media:

Setlist for Sónar Festival
(Audio of “Pressure Off” feat Janelle Monáe & Nile Rodgers)

Wild Boys
Hungry like the Wolf
The Reflex
Come Undone
Girl Panic!/All You Need is Now
The Chauffeur
Election Day
Ordinary World
A View to a Kill
White Lines
(Reach Up for the) Sunrise
Planet Earth

Girl on Film

People seemed surprised by a few things regarding the setlist.  First, they were surprised that Pressure Off wasn’t played live.  I am not sure why.  Up until the recently, the band said that they weren’t going to be play new material, according to the Katy Kafes posted on DDM.  Plus, it is brand new.  I wouldn’t want them to play something new live if they weren’t ready.  They only get one chance to make a first impression with it, after all.  I can imagine that they want to have it perfected before introducing to a live audience.  That makes sense to me.

People seemed to be presently surprised to see Election Day on the setlist.  In fact, there is a video of it on YouTube that people have been sharing quite a bit.  If you haven’t seen it, here it is:

I do remember the band playing it during the summer of 2009.  Have they played it since then?  I don’t remember it since then.  Other surprises?  Wild Boys was the opening number.  Again, I remember them opening with Wild Boys in 2009.  I suspect they won’t keep Wild Boys as the opening track once the album is released.  I wouldn’t be surprised if they move Pressure Off to the opening track.  That said, I am still a fan of having Before the Rain be the opener.

I also noticed that Planet Earth was towards the end of the set.  I’m not sure what I think about that.  Since Planet Earth is my favorite, I would worry that they weren’t playing at all.  That wouldn’t please me, in the least.  I also find that Planet Earth really gets the crowd into it.  Likewise, I’m very used to Rio being at the very end.  In this case, it was Girls on Film.  I do applaud their efforts to mix things up a bit.

On that note, here are a few other video clips that I found about last night’s show.

What do you think?  Duran Duran ready for touring season?  Thoughts on the setlist?  I, for one, am ready!


22 thoughts on “So Nice…Duran Live at Sonar Festival!”

  1. I doubt we will see any new material live until the actual tour starts as it is the Paper Gods tour! I had no expectations to see new stuff yet, like you say it was in Katy’s Kafe & other interviews. Also the new stuff will be new to Dom, and Simon W as none of them worked on the new album. I am just happy in whatever way or form we get a live fix of these guys and look forward to the next one. I love also how finally we are getting a constant feed of news from HQ rather than the fan pages. I think the next year is going to be very exciting in Duran world and give you ladies a lot to blog about. Raising a cocktail to the Paper Gods, all four of them!

  2. Saw tour dates for Europe. Any plans to tour the US after? I live in a little hick town and will have to travel out of state. It has me excited since someone is actually promising to take me to see them. I was born in 1980 and I have been trying to fulfill that bucket list item, (the only one I have), for 23 years!

    1. Do you mean after they play the UK in November and December? I haven’t seen anything after that. We will always try to have the event calendar updated with all tour dates as they get announced. I do hope that you can see them as they are terrific live! -A

  3. By the way, I am so jealous of all of you that got to experience the 80’s, see DD live, especially more than once, not to mention, meet them. I pray I can finally be as fortunate. Does anyone remember that lady on Hard Copy or whatever in the early 90’s who drove to work naked for DD concert tickets? She got to meet the band.

    1. I can only speak for myself but I didn’t get to see them live until 1993. I have just been making up for it since 2005. LOL! I don’t remember that story from Hard Copy! How crazy!?! -A

      1. Maybe Inside Edition. I think it was hosted by Bill O’Reilly. It was in 1993. Figured she would be featured on this site, honestly as a blogger or otherwise. Bill said, “I wonder what someone would do for Pearl Jam tickets?”, or something like that. I remember not caring for Pearl Jam, so I was offended. Speaking of bands I do like, I think it is just awesome that Deftones covered “Night Boat” and “The Chauffeur”. Arctic Monkeys say Duran Duran are their inspiration. It is about time DD gets some respect and the credit they deserve.

        1. That would be weird for her to be featured on this blog since they are just two of us who do the blog with some guest bloggers, here and there. Plus, it really isn’t our style to show the most ridiculous of fan behavior. In fact, we do our best to combat the stigma that is related to how fans and fandom is portrayed in the media. As far as Duran getting the respect and credit they deserve, we couldn’t agree more! -A

  4. Luv the blog ladies! It’s awesome being a Duranie. I’ve been a fan since the beginning. My children are fans as well. Unless you’re a true Duranie, you wouldn’t have a clue about “Election Day” and where it came from. I’m looking forward to our fab four touring the Midwest. If they don’t make it to Saint Louis Missouri. I will travel. Hoping they come back, 2005 was the last time they were here. My 3 year old son, was the youngest ever in the VIP section. He’s now 13. CAN’T wait!

    1. I literally just commented about DD playing Arcadia songs live on this site or YouTube. Just saw the video for “The Flame” (since I was too young to watch it on MTV.) It was hilarous! Had the album since the 1990s and love it! They probably can’t play Power Station without at least Andy’s permission. On that note, I stumbled across an excerpt from Andy’s book, Wildboy. All he does is bash the band so he looks better. Sad. I read John’s. John admitted he had an addiction problem. So, chill, bro. I digress. Anyway, So Red the Rose is beautiful. Hopefully they will play more from it later on. I hope to catch them for the 1st time with my 15 year old. I have been dying to since I was 12 in 1993.

      1. They actually have played Some Like It Hot since Andy left. Likewise, John often played Power Station stuff during his solo live shows. As for Andy and John’s books, we have reviewed both of those here on this blog. -A

    2. Yeah, as much as I love seeing them close to home (2005 was the last time they played in Wisconsin and they haven’t played Madison since 1984), I do enjoy traveling to see them as well! Makes it fun! Anyway, so glad that you love the blog! We are happy to have you here! -A

      1. Thanks girls! I am enjoying talking about DD with people who get them and actually know what’s up. I went through a lot of ridicule for loving them in the 90s. My aunt’s sister gave me all of her DD stuff from the 80s. It was awesome! So, I had their 80s posters on my wall and rocked to their records in the 90s. (A true Duranie would never ditch their collection. But, her loss was my gain!) People laughed at me and called them fags. But, it didn’t stop me from loving them. That’s why I am so glad to see them finally getting paid respect by newer bands. Thank you for accepting me. I am glad to be here! By the way, hope you found that article.

        1. We are glad that you are here! Part of the reason we have this blog is so that people have a safe place to come be a Duranie. 🙂 -A

    1. Hmm…interesting. I wonder why it is listed on the setlist. Do you think they planned to play GOF and ran out of time or something? Thanks for sharing your pics!! -A

      1. they were about 15 minutes late. So maybe they had to cut it off the setlist.
        Before DD there was a DJ and after DD the next DJ. After that next the Chemical Brothers. Maybe they had to keep up the original time schedule. Who knows?

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