Some People Call It a One Night Stand..

Wow. Just wow. Just wow wow. Wow wow wow. I can’t say that enough. Rhonda and I should be sleeping as we have to get up early to drive from Biloxi, Mississippi (not Louisiana as Simon identified it) to Atlanta, Georgia, tomorrow morning unlike the band who started their day in Memphis only to perform in Biloxi before ending their day in Atlanta. Yet, for some crazy reason, we have needed time and some drinks in order to process today and tonight as we did it, kids. We really did. We not only got our front row but we got the exact spot we wanted to be. In many ways, I think I keep wanting to pinch myself so that I know that it wasn’t a dream. This mission was accomplished by sheer patience and a commitment to see it through. Rhonda and I had decided awhile ago that if we were going to do Biloxi with general admission that we were going to go for gold. We were going to go for our much coveted front row even if this meant standing outside in the heat and rain. Luckily for us, the general admission line was in a lovely climate controlled building. That said, we still had to sit on a hard wood floor for hours! HOURS! In fact, we arrived at the casino where the show was held at 7 in the morning. The show was to begin at 7 or 8 in the evening, a full 12 hours in the future. Luckily for us, we had the good fortune to meet some great people and we ended up joining forces in order to get up front. By early afternoon, it became clear that odds were in our favor that we would be up front. Rhonda and I didn’t verbalize much, at this point, as we knew that something wacky could happen. Yet, I’m sure we were both thinking that we really had to prepare ourselves for getting what we have wanted for so long. We didn’t prepare ourselves very well. Long story short. We were able to get our front row. Not only that, we were able to get the exact spot we wanted-basically center with a step (or a flick) to the right. It would provide good viewing of Roger and prime location for watching Dom and John. After watching a horribly loud, strange yet artsy film for who knows what reason, the band appeared on stage. Before the song Before the Rain ended, we both knew that we were SO not prepared for being in front. Following Before the Rain was my personal favorite, Planet Earth. I thought I had died and gone to heaven as John and Dom decided to grace us with their presence by coming to the very edge of the stage right in FRONT of us. I started quoting lyrics to Careless Memories in my head…you know the ones. They mention crying, dying, following people. Anyways, Rhonda and I were both overwhelmed and we were both self-conscious. Because of being so emotional, neither one of us could respond as we normally do. I’m sure that if the band was paying attention to the first row, that they must have wondered if we were into it. It was like we were both slightly frozen. We moved, we danced, we sang, we screamed but…it wasn’t like normal. Interestingly enough, the band seemed different, too. Clearly, they had to shorten their set a bit due to Hard Rock Casino wanting to use that space for a late night club (seriously…on the night we actually get front row, they don’t play a complete set. Are we cursed or something?!). The songs truly felt rushed and the intros were a two minute affair, if that. On top of that, it seemed like John no longer liked the right side of the stage as he stayed on the left side pretty consistently. Even when he did come over, he seemed to stay further back rather than move to the front of the stage. Maybe this isn’t that abnormal but we missed him. As a John fan, I missed him. I also realize that John Taylor gets VERY into the music. It sometimes seems to me that it doesn’t matter if there is an audience or not. If he gets into it, he is like in his own little world. Part of me really loves that about him. After all, I want him to be into the music. The other part of me would love for him to acknowledge fans, like me, who are out in the crowd. I know that I would love to just have one little moment (what fan doesn’t, right? We all do, especially with our favorite.). I was hoping then that at the end of the show, he might walk over to our part of the stage to shake hands or, better yet, hand me one of his picks. (Dreams are free!) Yet, he seemed to miss our area completely. On a more positive note, Dom gave Rhonda one of his picks. I was thrilled that she had a moment! I’m sure that she will treasure not only the moment but the pick for the rest of her life!!! Maybe, I should make a sign saying, “Give me a f***ing pick, John,” that I could later chant during his intro. Ha! As for the other band members, things seemed not right with Nick who always seem to have a frown on when we looked him. Not sure what was causing that. Did he think the sound wasn’t good? Did he think that the crowd wasn’t into it? Goodness knows that we didn’t seem like we were into it the way we would normally. We look forward to the Atlanta show as we hope it feels like a “normal” show for all of us. Our seats aren’t front row so I can promise you that the Daily Duranie will be a LOT less freaked out and overwhelmed and a lot more like the pair of fans that we are. Obviously, we are beyond thrilled that we got our front row. If it were to ever happen again, I bet our reactions would be very different. -A

9 thoughts on “Some People Call It a One Night Stand..”

  1. “As for the other band members, things seemed not right with Nick who always seem to have a frown on when we looked him…..”

    LOL Was Simon Le Bon at the show?(Aside from the Biloxi Louisiana thing), and I guess Roger Taylor must have been there but it's kind of hard to tell. 😉

    Congratulations on Front Row! I had front row at a GA show once, not Duran Duran, and it was interesting, a crowd surfer landed on my head. I think I like being back just a little bit. I was 2nd row at a Duran show once, but it wasn't GA so not quite the same, and it was over to the side of the stage a bit(Warren's side, but he's not very tall, so was pretty easy to look past him lol, j/k I never had anything against Warren as part of the band)

  2. Did Simon introduce Nick this time around? He totally forgot him in Memphis and Nick seemed rather annoyed by the end of the show.

    Also, my cousin had a similar experience. She couldn't dance during the show. This was her first DD show and a lifelong dream and she just stood there in a trance through the whole thing. I was just so happy to be there with her (and another friend who had never seen them) and experience that. I remember what that was like after all those years to finally see them live during the reunion tour.

  3. Sorry for the lacking of mentioning Simon or Roger! I guess you can tell where and who I am generally focused on!

    After seeing tonight's Atlanta seated show, I definitely think that having front row in a place where there is room to move would be much better.


  4. Beyond thrilled that you guys finally ended up in that coveted front row! You guys so deserved it. I think if I were ever that close to them, the shock of being that close, combined with waiting all day in line and probably skipping a couple of meals in the process, would leave me in a daze too!

    Regarding the shorter set list, unfortunately, that's pretty typical for a casino show, no matter who is performing. Casinos want you out gambling and losing money at the slot machines and card tables, not inside watching a show where they can't make money off you. I clearly recall their Foxwoods April '11 show – first show I saw on what I have christened their “All You Need Is Now Apparently Never-Ending World Tour” 😉 – having a much shorter set list than the show I saw in Boston last October – we couldn't get over how long they were on stage for the October show.

    I also heard that the show on Foxwoods this Friday is supposed to have an opening act. I don't mind sitting through an opening act if I have to, but I know that I am going to be really annoyed if I have to sit through an opening act and then the band cuts their own set short due to some kind of time constraint!

    PS. Have the talking heads above the stage made an appearance? We deliberately bought seats in the upper level partially because they were way better seats (in our opinion) than what was available to us on the floor, but also because we wanted to be able to get better look at what is going on with the talking heads too!

    I'm really enjoying reading your recaps and living vicariously through you guys until I my turn gets here on Friday night! Wishing you safe travels to Durham and Portsmouth!


  5. Congrats on the front row!!!! Color me jealous:(. I will have to email you my thoughts and impressions of my first DD show….be thankful that you decided to skip Memphis! What an absolutely HORRID venue!!! In the end the Duranies won, but had I had seats at one of the tables, I probably would have ended up in jail because I would not have tolerated being treated as I have heard the fans were down closer to the stage.

    Simon made several references to the “real” crowd in the back on the lawn during the show & he completely forgot to introduce Nick 😀

  6. I apologize for not answering this sooner!!

    MNDR is the opening act for Foxwoods today. My thoughts on her are this: she is a good singer. She needs a band or something else on stage to interact with because there is just no way to make that show interesting. I don't know how other singers do it if they're alone. Dancers?? Gah. Anyway, I think her music is great, her show is not.

    Unfortunately, the talking heads are not on this tour – at least they were not present for any of the shows I attended. The lighting rigs aren't with them either. That have smaller sets of lights that are on stage though, and they do still have the 3 video screens.

    Have a great time and hug that guitar player for me! 😀 -R

  7. Hey there. I heard the Memphis show had some challenges and I'm sorry about that. 🙁 I did hear that the show itself was good though, did you agree?

    I also heard he forgot to intro Nick. That probably went over REALLY well. The next night in Biloxi, he intro'd him twice. LOL 😀


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