Some Things Never Change!

Today, tickets went on sale for Duran’s Atlanta show in October through Artist Arena and DuranDuranMusic, their online fan community.  It seems that whenever a presale happens, there is always a great deal of discussion/complaining, depending on how you look at it.  This lead me to think back over the last six months or so and how I think things are going with the official fan community, including these presales.

I am a member of DDM and have been for a long time.  While I wasn’t there right from the beginning, I have been there most of the time.  I have never left, either, once I joined.  In fact, I recently decided to renew and upgrade to the gold membership package.  Why did I decide to stay and even upgrade with all of the fan complaints about it?  Good question.  I can’t imagine NOT being a member.  This isn’t some sort of “I need to be a member there to show that I’m a fan” thing.  It isn’t about that.  Of course, I like some of the features that come along with my membership.  I admit that I enjoy the monthly Katy Kafes as I think they give us an insight into the band members that we don’t often get and don’t really get with official interviews.  Those are not worth the money, though.  What about the message board?  Well, I go and check it out but I’m not a regular poster there or anything.  The board is becoming more and more of a ghost town as people have left due to the drama that can be found there or due to the fact that the guys themselves have discovered social networking.  Thus, the message board isn’t worth it, either, for me.  What about the extra merch that comes with the upgrade to the gold package?  I can admit that I’m looking forward to getting some of the items that comes with the gold package (messenger bag, keychain, t-shirt, etc.), but still that isn’t worth the money.  For me, though, it is all about the presales.

I can already hear fans grumbling at that statement, especially after the Atlanta presale today.  I can definitely acknowledge and sympathize with people’s frustration.  I completely agree that they do not do them well with the extremely short notice given.  Atlanta is obviously a good example of this.  Most of the fans knew that this date was true because it had been on the venue’s website and even appeared on ticketmaster.  Interestingly enough, as of this morning, that show still wasn’t listed on, the band’s official website.  How was this presale announced?  I only saw it on the band’s facebook and twitter.  What happens to those fans who aren’t involved with these social networking sites?  I guess it was listed on DDM’s site, but many fans, even those who are members skip over that main page and go right to the forum.  How did they find out about it?  Then, of course, there is the factor of timing.  When was this presale announced?  Yesterday.  It was announced, literally, within hours of the actual event.  How does that help the fan?  It doesn’t, of course, as they are many fans who might not have been online to see this announcement.  Now, these complaints are common as they seem to happen over and over again.  What can be done about this?  Obviously, one can either choose not to deal with DDM or one can accept the fact that this is how it is done.

Once one assumes that this is how presales will be done with DDM/AA, then, it is on the fan to check frequently the band’s social networking sites for any and all presale notices.  I, for one, accept that, even, if I don’t like it.  I have to put up with it in order to get to participate in the presales.  The presales have pretty much always worked out for me.  I think my worst seats through DDM were 11th or 12th row.  Can non-DDM members say that?  I don’t know.  Maybe they can.  Maybe people have found other means of getting tickets.  I do know that there are many ticket brokers out there, but, generally, I suspect people will have to pay quite a bit to have seats like I have had.  I rarely VIP, too, so these are regular presale tickets that I’m talking about here. 

Yes, the system sucks.  The lack of notice is an issue.  The communication is an issue.  I am dealing with it myself as I have been emailing Artist Arena over and over again in regards to some of the UK tickets we still have.  Yes, I’m annoyed that I haven’t gotten a response.  That said, I will still choose to work with them because they have the product I want.  Now, if someone has a good way of getting them to change some of their practices without actually giving up the membership, let me know.  I’ll do it.  I’ll encourage others.  Right now, though, I have no means of forcing them to change their behavior because I’m not willing to give up the presales.  I’ll put up with the crap for the better seats.


8 thoughts on “Some Things Never Change!”

  1. I've never felt the use for fan clubs, myself. And this is exactly why. They should be called something else because it's not about the fans at all.

    As a non-DDM member, though, the worse seats I've ever had are about 10th row. The best were 2nd row.

    Until DDM members actually leave, though, NOTHING will change. As long as they're getting your dollars, they are getting to treat the fans any way they like. Because they can. It's a no-win situation for people who really want to take advantage of pre-sales.

  2. I am online before the public sale happens and I usually have several browser windows open and am searching with each one so that when the better seats pop up, I grab them. But I am rather anal about that! LOLOL Granted, I've only been to four Duran Duran shows ever! And I have a a pretty fast dedicated internet connection, too, which probably helps.

    I have heard stories from people who've managed to get good seats the day before a show, when the band turns in its comps, but I've never been willing to attempt that.

    And most other shows I go to I get in for free.

    Artist Arena have never been very good about replying to fans – I've worked with them, so I've had some experience with that. Getting them to communicate is impossible. However, they usually are good about getting info. up as soon as it's made available to them, so that part might actually be the band's management. Gavin's pre-sale announcements were usually announced at least a week in advance.

  3. The BEST seats I've gotten through a DDM presale are 8th row. Since I dropped it, I've gotten better than 5th row 3 times through TicketMaster (or whatever service the promoter uses). I refuse to lay out the money for a VIP, so I have no use whatsoever for the expensive, poorly run “fan club”.

    Right now my biggest concern is laying out the money for tickets to the Atlanta show to have it canceled, postponed, what have you. I don't have the flexibility in my life right now to go back to Atlanta on a randomly scheduled day if that happens. So do I lay out the money and hope things go as planned, or do I pass and laugh laugh laugh at everyone else when it falls apart? Decisions! =)

  4. I'm starting to feel like I'm the only one with bad luck in regards to ticketmaster. 🙁 Krissie, I wish that I could tell you what to do with that Atlanta show. It is a risk but it could be worth it?!


  5. I have never felt the slightest inclination to join DDM because what it offers is shyte. I don't feel that non-members are truly “missing out” on anything. I've been able to get decent seats/views at all the Duran Duran concerts I've ever attended (five so far). I managed to meet ALL of the band members in person (save Warren Cuccurullo and Dom Brown) without having to pay for VIP (I have serious issues with PAYING to talk to someone for only a few minutes when that person isn't even a professional consultant such as a therapist or a lawyer). It is a waste of money, in my opinion.

  6. I never met them through DDM and wouldn't want to. Not enough time, I don't think! Nonetheless, I really am beginning to think I'm the only one who can't score good tickets!


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