Some thoughts on New Years Eve…

So it’s New Years Eve. I recognize that I should have something incredibly profound to say on this day that somehow sums up the entire year, cleanses the soul and readies oneself for the start of a new year. On that note, I really don’t have much to say. I’m still really trying to sort out the past year for myself, much less on a broader scale. All I can really gather my thoughts to say is that I’m readying myself for quite a bit of change in the next year…and even more so in 2015. So, rather than look ahead, which is rather daunting, let’s look back.

In January, we conveyed a team of Duranies together with a common cause: to find a place for Durandemonium. This task proved much harder than any of us initially thought. We wanted Chicago. We had a difficult time finding a hotel that didn’t want my first born AND all of our blood as payment. We were back and forth between two cities for a while, finally settling (much later) on Chicago, the Amalfi Hotel and Harry Caray’s (not the easiest place to work with for a gathering, I might add…) Our convention planning took many months to work through, but by late spring we had the framework ready and a website was up.

In the meantime, the band was in the studio. Honestly – I could use this one sentence as their entire year, for the most part. The band did do the AMFAR charity event in Cannes in late May, and of course there was MoMA in November – where they had the meet and greet to end all meet and greets. I’m still kicking myself over not being there, so at least there’s that… but for the most part, the band has been relatively quiet, and according to John Taylor, it seems as though they actually like being at home and not touring. Well, then.

At some point in late July (I realize I should have the exact date engraved upon my memory but I do not.) we finished our manuscript for our “yet to be really named out loud…but we know what we’d like to call it and no we’re not sharing yet” book. Amanda is working to format the book into an acceptable format that can be sent to publishers, and I’m putting off going back to edit a chapter that is now out of date and needs reworked a bit. I’m also putting together a list of publishers that may in fact be willing to at least contemplate publishing our work…and biting all of my nails in the process. Good times!

This really sort of brings us to the fall, or as everyone else in the world calls it, “Autumn”.  (Why ARE we so different here in America anyway??) Moving on… in Autumn, we started panicking, realizing that we were closerthanthis to the beginning of Durandemonium, and we had a lot of things to accomplish. So we collectively worked our fingers to the bone, got ourselves together and pulled Durandemonium through by a shoestring. The good news is that we believe everyone enjoyed themselves, plenty was learned, and we survived!!!

No sooner did we get home and settled, and Unstaged at MoMA was announced. Friends planned their trip(s), while Amanda and I remained fairly unimpressed. Until the day after.  That’s when we heard that the band was actually present and mingled…in the same room as the VIP attendees. Photos were taken, conversations took place, while Amanda and I were at our respective homes. Away from the excitement, away from the energy. We truly have the BEST luck ever. (That, my friends…is sarcasm.)  No matter, we were excited for everyone who had their moment(s), and while both of us know there’s no way the band could do this every night of a tour, or even once a week – we hope they do it again, and that we have the opportunity to be there. Doesn’t everyone?

Since MoMA, we’ve been working on our bibliography and thinking about the future of the band. We’ve wondered about their album, what their plans might be for next year, such as: When will the album be finished and released? When will we hear new music? Are they ever going to get up out of their barcaloungers/recliners and tour again? What’s more, we’ve been considering what OUR future is going to be. Will we do another convention? Have we really lost our minds?? Do we continue with Daily Duranie or hang it up because it’s simply too difficult to come up with new topics every single day while the band is in the studio? Will Amanda keep teaching? Will Rhonda finally move out of California?? Will the book ever find a publisher, and will they write another???

All of these questions, and many, many more will be answered in the months to come. One thing is certain: life is never boring, at least not for long.

Happy 2014 to all of our family and friends around the world.  We look forward to a new year with new music (and maybe even some shows!), and plenty of surprises ahead.  Love, happiness and hopes of health and safe celebrating to all!


3 thoughts on “Some thoughts on New Years Eve…”

  1. @EasternViolet here! Happy New Year to the Daily Duranie. Again, you guys have gone well above and beyond for all DD fans near and far. I just wanted to extend another gracious THANK-YOU for all the work, effort, blood sweat and tears that you have poured into the fandom. It's made an honest difference in MY life — thanks to you guys, I've met some unbelievably awesome people. And our love of DD is just the starting point. I stepped way out of my comfort zone and decided to GO to the convention. (Cities of any size or shape intimidate me, I am the classic country mouse after all). I have not one regret at all. I still breathlessly tell people that Durandemonium was one of the top highlights of my 2013, hands down. (It competes with my hubs returning home safely from a war zone)

    I can't wait to hear more about the book, and the places that will take you.

    And lastly… will this be the year where my ultimate dream will come true?? Ready to watch my face melt? 😀

  2. I am so glad you decided to come to the convention! With any luck, I will be right there to watch your face undergo an immediate and thorough meltdown… I'm crossing my fingers and hoping luck is on our side!!

    And above all, I'm so thankful that your husband returned home safely. 🙂


  3. (belated) Happy New Year!
    As the fans are now saying, tweeting, etc… “2014 = the music's STILL between us”.
    Keep up the amazing job on this blog.

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