Somebody’s shaking my tree, maybe that somebody is me

This blog post is super late. What is worse is that I didn’t even get to do a post yesterday at all. For those not keeping track (and why would you??!?), this past week was the official start to my school year. It means days upon days upon days of meetings and “professional development”. This year was particularly rough as I have taken on some extra committee work. (Here’s where I start shaking. Tree or otherwise.) While I’m proud of the work that was completed, it left *my* classroom to the end of the list. This translated into going into work all day yesterday (when I was not required) and most my day so far today. (Still shaking. It is Saturday after all.) The good news is that my curriculum is in a good shape for the first couple of weeks. The bad news is that there are other tasks needing my attention. As usual. I am ignoring that to do list now. Sorta.

What I would like to do right now is to curl up on the couch and take a nap. Then, I want to turn on something mindless on TV and do nothing but…alas. There is the to do list. Thankfully or not, the list has lots else on it than things related to my ridiculous profession. Apparently, laundry requires my attention as does the grocery shopping. I feel like there is more on there than what is common for a weekend. Ah…yes. I have plans. On Friday, after I teach the children, the next generation, the soon-to-inherit our mess of a planet, I will board a bus taking me to Chicago to fly on a little plane to toasty Las Vegas. Why am I going to this hassle? Apparently, there is some band playing there. I guess for two nights: Saturday and Sunday. I hear they don’t suck. Some people actually like them.

In all seriousness, I am kinda shocked that this little mini-fall tour of Duran’s is almost upon us. I remember on Mother’s Day when these shows were announced. Normally, with that kind of Duranie alert, I’m overjoyed and super excited. This time, it was a struggle. It was the damn tree again, which is known as my profession, my career, my job that seemed to not want me to go. But I fought the urge just to sit in the tree and watch the shows go by. Instead, I figured, what the hay. I told myself that being gone a day won’t be too bad in the beginning of the year. Honestly, I think that it will be fine. I’m not that worried. Besides, as my mother pointed out, I deserve some fun. I have worked more than I needed to, after all.

I am looking forward to the trip. The other day Rhonda and I had a productive phone conference related to our latest project. As we talked, one thing became glaringly obvious to both of us. We are on the same page. Believe it or not, we haven’t always when it comes to going on tour. We were on the same page for our first tour in 2005. Likewise, when we traveled to the UK for the second time in a year to get our shows, we definitely were on the same wavelength. Yet, I can think of other tours when we just weren’t totally aligned. The first one of those that comes to mind is the east coast tour we did in 2008. Rhonda wasn’t feeling the band as much then for a variety of reasons but I was. Then, I think of the shows in the summer of 2012. I was distracted after a significant political loss. The same could be said for me in February. My body was fighting serious exhaustion and we hadn’t been communicating much or well.

Now, though, we are on the same page. We are seeing the shows in the same way. I would go so far as to say that we are approaching the weekend similarly, too. This means that we want to enjoy the heck out of the shows, most importantly. Outside of the shows, we are pretty content to just chill. We are looking forward to talking, thinking about our project, getting away from it all. Of course, we would love to see other people and have a good time in a party setting, too, but that isn’t what is going to determine this mini-tour’s awesomeness. It’s simple. Did we have fun at the shows? Was the band amazing? Did we have a good time whether it was just us or with one hundred people or more? That’s it. Nothing more is needed. Good shows. Good people. Good conversation. Lots of laughs (and vodka!). I couldn’t ask for anything better.


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