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Today, there is a new rumor flying around the Duran community surrounding a possible song title on the new album.  This would be the 8th song title out of a possible 11, assuming that the rumor is true.  Here are the song titles I have heard, at one point or another:
All You Need Is Now
Blame the Machines
King of Nowhere
Leave the Light On
Being Followed

What is the reaction of this latest addition of “Being Followed” as a song title?  I don’t know.  I haven’t seen much, in terms of a reaction.  Most fans are just wishing that they could actually hear the song rather than just the title.  I get that.  I, too, want, want, want to hear the new stuff now!  Until then, why isn’t there more discussion about what the songs could be about?  After all, it isn’t like we know exactly what songs like Union of the Snake are about even after listening to it and reading the lyrics for decades.  Don’t the fans peculate on that song?  What about songs like American Science?  The Reflex?  Isn’t part of the fan’s fun talking about, analyzing, debating, discussing all things Duran, including having a large chunk of that discussion being about the songs?  Well, I think it is!

“Being Followed”:  Wow.  This song could be about so many things, really.  The most obvious topic could be about people/fans stalking the band.  That seems too obvious for me, especially since they did something similar with “Be My Icon”.  Maybe it is about being an influence to others.  I could see that since they are working with Mark Ronson on this album and he is clearly a fan.  It must have created an interesting dynamic in the studio.

“Leopard”:  This seems to be following in their animal theme, which includes Hungry like the Wolf, Tiger Tiger, Union of the Snake, etc.  In many of those cases, the animals seemed to reference instincts in humans that could resemble animal like behaviors.  Could this song be similar?  Could it be about Simon’s leopard pants that he auditioned for the band in during the fateful meeting in 1980?  That would a hoot!

“Leave the Light On”:  This obviously reminds me of family and friends who leave home but know that they always have a place to go.  Could this be a request that the band has of their fans?  As in, the band may be away for awhile but that they would like to always have a place to go to, a place where they will always be home?  I like the feel of that as I always feel at home when I listen to them.  (I can be such a sappy fan!!)

“King of Nowhere”:  This could be about where the band was at, emotionally, career-wise, after being dropped from their last record label and after the lack of success for RCM.  They were supposed to be on top after the release of that album and they weren’t.  They were in a state of limbo, having to re-examine things, once again.

“Safe”:  Honestly, this is the least interesting title to me because it is one word.  It could mean safe, as in not dangerous.  Playing it safe.  It could be about the band staying with a certain musical style in order to appeal to the most people even if it doesn’t grab really them, even if it doesn’t make people feel or think beyond the surface.

“Runway”:  This is similar to “Safe” in that it is one word and just leads me to think models, fashion, etc.  How very Girls on Film?!

“Blame the Machines”:  This seems to connect with “King of Nowhere”.  Perhaps, this is how Duran has been trying to figure out how and why they found themselves in the place they did after the lack of success with RCM.  Did they blame the record label?  The fans?  Andy?  The musical culture?  Radio and other promotional tools?  This is the only song that we have heard the lyrics for.  Clearly, one of the lines in there indicate that they also blame themselves.  This could be a very eye-opening song for the fans paying attention, I think.

“All You Need Is Now”:  As the album title as well, this song could be the one that encompasses the overall feeling of the album or feeling of where the band is.  It could be as it sounds, a song about embracing the present, letting go of the past and not worrying about the future.  Enjoy the moment as the fans enjoy the new material.

What does everyone else think that the songs could be about?  I would love to hear other ideas and then we can see how accurate our guesses were when the album finally gets released!


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