Sound of Thunder – Beliefs (Making Patterns Rhyme cover album)

Today brings the gift of music…a freshly released cover by the Beliefs  of Sound of Thunder!

Like Moby’s Rio, this single can be found on Making Patterns Rhyme – the Duran Duran tribute (cover) album that has been produced by Manimal Records.

This cover is in the style of “Shoegaze” and if you’re not really familiar with that sound – I would suggest possibly listening to old Tears for Fears, like anything off of The Hurting, for instance.  This has a little heavier guitar (with a lot of reverb going on), and the vocals are pretty existential, which completely changes the vibe of the song.  For me, Sound of Thunder was a song that described sitting back and  watching the world go by, as though not being an active participant for whatever reason. The slightly disjointed, disconnected lyrics hovering just over the top of the guitar really bring that concept home.  For me, this version hits a home run; but I’m really more curious about what you might think – so take a listen and send me a line!

The song is available as of tomorrow 6/10 on iTunes, proceeds go to Amnesty International.

Here’s the link on Soundcloud!


7 thoughts on “Sound of Thunder – Beliefs (Making Patterns Rhyme cover album)”

  1. Hello people from the blog, this is your official cover songs and remixes commenter…

    This is a perfect rendition of Sound of Thunder. Such a heavy distorted shoegazey sound is just what this cover needed. It reflects so well the vibe of the lyrics, feeling distant, feeling ethereal and slightly disjointed with the world. Just like you, so well, stated on the text above.

    Again, this is perfect for me. Never thought that this covers album would bring such nice surprises, so, can’t wait for the rest to be revealed!

    Also, never thought how good Duran songs sound in the voices of women!

    1. I’m so glad SOMEONE is commenting!! It’s not that I need the ego-stroke, it’s that I need confirmation once in a while that I’m not talking to myself. That’s all. That’s my story and I’m sticking to it.

      I really like the heavy distortion and yes – I totally agree about the lyrics being ethereal, I wish I’d thought of that word earlier as I was feverishly trying to write up a quick review. That’s a great way to describe the vocals.

      You know, I am astonished at how fantastic DD songs sound in a female voice. I never would have guessed that, and I especially wouldn’t have ever thought I’d be on board with that – change is tough, but I think the songs were ready for that type of change. I’m not sure I’d have felt that way even ten years ago, but I think the timing is great now.

      Looking forward to hearing more – and thanks again for chiming in! -R

  2. overall, i like it. i wish the vocals were a smidge faster, feels like they lag just a bit behind the music. but that sounds like i’m nitpicking. i definitely prefer this one over the Moby version of Rio.

  3. In my opinion Sound of Thunder is a Track that could have been on the 97 Mojo Tribute Album that was very alternative and dark too
    But what i think is amazing to see that the old stuff is so relevant within the Alternative scene…and last but not least Warren would love it :-).

    But on the other hand i was a bit shocked that a band like Fly Moon Royalty did a cover version of “Read my Lips”. they did a very good Job on it…but: “IT WAS LIBERTY !!!!” 🙂

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