Spandau Ballet - Soul Boy of the Western World opening

Spandau Ballet Wiltern Theatre

I went to see Spandau Ballet at the Wiltern Theatre in LA last night. Yes, I realize this is the Daily Duranie and maybe one of the last things many of you want to read is a review on another band’s live performance.  You should probably look away….but not you, Duran Duran. No, you four…FIVE (!)…should probably read on. (I am never giving in on Dom being a member, by the way. Suck it up.)

The reason I’m writing a show review about Spandau Ballet, is because for many DD fans, the supposed rivalry between SB and DD never existed. I hadn’t heard of it until I saw a YouTube video of Spandau vs. Duran on Pop Quiz.  (Check them out if you haven’t seen them – they’re funny!!) I just loved both bands for very different reasons. My love for Spandau Ballet did not; however, begin with “True” – as it did for many other American fans. I had heard their music well before that – for me, the very essence of Spandau Ballet is “To Cut a Long Story Short”,  or “Instinction” or better yet, “Confused”.  When I listen to those songs even today – the bridge between Spandau and Duran feels solid and I can see why I love both bands.  So to me, writing about other bands that were very much a part of that time period feels natural…and damn it, if Duran Duran isn’t gonna give me anything to write about, someone else will!

When I got to the Wiltern last night just after 7pm, I was dismayed to see that the line stretched all the way around the building and down the block. This wasn’t a GA show, it was completely seated, and the only reason for the line was a lack in security people to check bags. Ridiculous, but thankfully the line moved fairly quickly. Once in the venue though, we made our way up to our loge seats. I chose loge rather than floor because while I’m sure it would have been great to be up front, I really wanted to hear the full mix of the show. I will openly admit that for me, the experience of seeing Duran Duran live has everything to do with the rush of being near the front…but for Spandau Ballet, and knowing that I probably would not have the opportunity to see them live again (hey, it’s been 30 years since they’ve toured here), I wanted to HEAR the music without my brain playing tricks on me because I was in front of Martin Kemp or seeing Steve Norman play sax in front of me. Just saying.  (Still love you, Duran Duran, but seriously – it’s been a long time!)

Our seats were fantastic with a great view of the full stage, and bonus: the Wiltern takes drink orders from your seat! We settled in, watched Richard Blade give away tickets to see Rio and a couple of other far less interesting events (yes, I really mean that – unless you’re into Morrissey, which I am not.), and waited for the show.

The band opened with Soul Boy – a new song off of their The Story, and from the opening notes it was really clear that this was not going to be an ordinary concert for me. I won’t lie or pretend I never notice backing tracks with other artists. I am very clear that for many bands today – they must have them because they record with so many tracks for each instrument, it’s impossible to replicate live. That said, I have to give Spandau credit: they are the real deal. They PLAY…and any backing used is incredibly minimal compared to many other bands. Tony Hadley has a better voice live than nearly any vocalist I’ve ever heard, and I’m sure the Jack he used for toasting the audience does nothing to hurt him, either.  I can’t really say enough about Tony’s vocal talent OR the rest of the band. Steve Norman is a sax GOD, not to mention a world-class percussionist, of course Gary and Martin Kemp are the backbone of the band along with John Keeble on drums.  After sorting through a lot of misinformation, I’m editing this blog to update that the keyboardist’s name on this tour is Toby Chapman, and he did a fantastic job last night as well.  While in my opinion Spandau comes on stage with a lot less “flash” than say…Duran Duran…they more than make up for it with incredibly solid performance, and I still can’t get over Tony Hadley’s voice. He is amazing.

My moment of the night was hearing “To Cut a Long Story Short” – which is my favorite Spandau song. I marveled at how I was standing there, at a Spandau Ballet concert – something I just never, EVER thought I would do. I had many of the same feelings surging through my veins as I did when I saw Duran Duran – The “Original” Fab Five – at the OC Fair back in 2003. I couldn’t quite make my eyes believe what my ears were hearing. I am kicking myself this morning for not taking video, but in a lot of ways I’m glad I didn’t. I took the moment for myself and soaked it in, feeling that concert rush course through my system. I’d forgotten what it was like.

This review wouldn’t be complete if I didn’t make some commentary on the Spandau Ballet fans – many of which had been waiting thirty years to see this band. I loved being up in the balcony because I was able to see the reaction from fans – diehard Spandau Ballet fans – as they heard songs that they probably never thought they’d see done live. There was something really heartwarming as I watched fans scream with glee as Tony broke into Chant No. 1 (I Don’t Need This Pressure On) or the way the entire audience sang “True” with the band. There were so many special moments about the show I can’t even begin to name them all…and that’s just during the show.  As we waited in line outside that night, I halfway listened as the people in back of us talked about the trek they were making to follow the band on their tour across the country, and how they talked about members of the band as though they were old friends. It reminded me so much of the “relationship” Duran fans have with the band. As much as we might be different – Spandau fans and Duran fans – we’re really the same. (and quite honestly, there were quite a few Spandau fans that I recognized from Duran shows over the years!)

As I sit here, trying to formulate sentences to describe my experience, the one feeling I really want to convey is just how much the Spandau Ballet show reminded me of what I love most about going to concerts. I think I’d forgotten that concert rush – that concert high, a high I caught even while sitting in loge seats rather than in the first few rows down front.  I had forgotten just how much I love seeing bands live and fully immersing myself into the music. Hearing every single note from a sax solo. Feeling the bass drum beat, clapping my hands in rhythm and singing as loud as my voice can manage. Squealing in joy as the band plays another song through to perfection, and yes – even watching the band acknowledge fans who have loved them for thirty years. How can I honestly say I would be OK to never feel any of that again?

I can’t.


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  1. I am so glad it was streamed. I saw them live last time, but could not go this time around. The stream footage was fantastic and the sound was great. The show was pure and obviously deeply felt by the band as well as the fans. Tony was in great form vocally, yes. By the way, To Cut a Long Story Short is also my favourite song by them. I can see the appeal of sitting back a bit to take it all in. For financial reasons, I sat further back the last time DD played Nokia. As it turned out, it was the one show I saw where I got to enjoy the face masks that were used on that tour. As much as I hated sitting so far from the stage, I am glad I had that experience.

    1. I think that if it were DD, I would have had a difficult time sitting back away from the stage now that I’ve been near the front. Spandau is different because while I’m pretty attached to the music, I really don’t know a lot about the band. Never met them, haven’t really read a lot about them and that sort of thing. It’s really kind of a completely different type of “fandom” than I have for DD. So anyway, I was able to sit back and not feel at all like I was missing out on something. I love that they streamed the show though, I’m hoping more bands do it. 🙂 -R

  2. I stayed up till 2am watching the live broadcast on Yahoo. You are so spot on with your feelings during the show. Tony does still blow me away. I am a die-hard Lebongirl but Simon has nothing on Tony…so, so sorry my beloved whoosman. I’ve fallen in love with Spandau all over again.

    1. Glad you were able to catch the show, Sharon. It was definitely worth staying up, I think!! Yes, I think Tony makes me swoon…if for no other reason than his beautiful voice. Incredibly talented man. -R

  3. R- We were on the left side of the center, 2nd row behind the pit. It was nice because we didnt have anyone in front of us. I wouldn’t normally spend the money we spent, but I went with a couple of people who are HUGE SB fans. It was fun seeing them so into it! It really made me miss DD, but I agree, it gave me a concert ‘fix’. I thought they sounded really great. It was so fun!

    1. Oh!!!! I bet I could have seen you from my seat!! I could see all of the pit, and the first few rows of floor seating, especially if you were to the left of center. Darn – I really did look for you, too! I’m sure you had fun down there – it was a great show! -R

  4. I have been so sick with the flu for days but got the strength to make it to see this band perform one of the most amazing concerts I have ever been to
    I am so glad I was there.Loved every minute of it!

    1. I’ve been sick since the week my kids went back to school after the holidays, and I’m still coughing – more so now than I was before the show, unfortunately. I guess singing and cheering for the band did nothing to help. Bah! It was a fantastic show though, and like you I loved every minute. -R

  5. Great review. I was there and you completely nailed all the wonderful things about this show! Spandau Ballet are the real deal!

    1. They really are, David. I was very, very impressed. I’m not in a position to travel to more shows, but if I am lucky enough to have the opportunity to see them again, I’ll jump at it. Definitely! -R

      1. Wow I just read that Spandau used your review! See, that’s how good it was and how cool they are. I also really liked your note about this site being all about appreciating these bands and not segregating them. So many great bands from the time Duran and Spandau got started! The more good music, the better. Also a thought on the ultimate Duran album….I always felt “Hold Back the Rain” should go after “Sound of Thunder” or maybe even vice versa? Just wanted to put that out there.

        1. Hi David! I love talking about the music – because that is really what brought us all here, no matter the band. I really like your idea of Hold Back the Rain/Sound of Thunder – never know what’ll happen with the “Fan-chosen” Ultimate DD album, and the beauty of it is that you can always come up with your own – Amanda and I will each do our own once the community has voted. Should be fun! 🙂 -R

  6. Thank you for that wonderful Review! In April, Spandau Ballet will be in Germany and I hope to go to a concert, then…
    I like both bands so much, DuranDuran and Spandau Ballet, but I haven’t been to a Spandau concert yet. Exciting!!!

  7. Thanks for such a great review of the night. I am seeing them in May and I stayed up til 2am watching the live stream. I am rediscovering their music and sorry I waited so long to fall in love with songs other than True and Gold.

    1. Their deeper cuts are so underappreciated, and they are outstanding, probably better than the hits -which is something I find frequently with bands I enjoy. -R

  8. Great review. I’ve been a Spandau fan since I was 14 (and that’s a while ago…) and the times I saw them live (more often than I care to admit) and met them still range among the best experiences of my life. Such a great band.

    1. Your experience with Spandau is very much like mine with DD. I’ve been a fan of DD since I was 10, and I’m 44 now. I have been a Spandau fan since I was probably about 13 or 14, maybe a little younger, but I’ve never seen them live until Sunday! -R

  9. I even didn’t know Spands were famous in America: they suited their record company in the 80s for not helping them to break in the States…
    However, glad you enjoyed their show.

  10. I saw Spands in SF on the first night at the Warfield. The entire floor area was standing only and was so crammed full of hard core SB fans including me dancing alongside lots of new friends. The vibe was incredible with an ample supply of 50+ in audience. I got my first taste of SB through Top of The Pops in ’81 and my New Romantic older brother played ‘Journeys to Glory’ incessantly in my house. I liked SB especially their earlier stuff but was definitely more a DD fan. Your review perfectly captured how I felt. Loved seeing them play live and almost fell over when they played so many of the J2G songs — even Reformation! Brilliant show, they sounded great and the guys have aged so well.

    1. I’m glad my review spoke for the thoughts of so many! Would have loved seeing them at The Warfield – I’ll bet that was a great show too! -R

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