Speaking of John Taylor, Do You Remember Sugartown?

Funny thing about that John Taylor…he continues to be the topic of my blogs this week!

I wrote about Strange Frequency earlier in the week, and in one of the comments, someone mentioned something about Sugartown.

Well, on this date in 1999, Sugartown premiered at the Sundance Festival in Utah.  If you haven’t seen this one, you might just want to give it a shot. Out of all of John’s acting work that I’ve seen (not sure if I missed anything along the way), this is the one I enjoy most.

The setting is Hollywood, and the storyline is about the industry: music, entertainment…and the people within, focusing on the stereotypical headlines we see in the papers. Rock star with love child he didn’t know about, aging actresses trying to get decent roles, a manager that wants the rock stars to sleep with her before she helps them out, etc. etc. While the storylines are a bit cliché, it wasn’t a bad movie. (and that’s probably the end of my career as a film reviewer…)

So, do you remember Sugar Town?

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