Spiral into your Brain

I am the virus

Crazy times, am I right?

Epidemic: a widespread occurrence of an infectious disease in a community at a particular time.

Pandemic: An epidemic of a disease that has spread across a large region or the world. World Health Organization defines a pandemic as the worldwide spread of a new disease.

When I interface

Listen, I am trying to summon all the joy in my soul, and throw massive support, positivity, and sunshine behind the announcement that Duran Duran will be not only performing, but headlining at BST in Hyde Park on July 12. Nile Rodgers, Chic and Gwen Stefani are among the special guests for the gig, along with more to be announced later. The last time Duran Duran graced their home crowd – if not hometown audience – with a show was 2012. The gig is overdue at BEST, and that comment comes from someone who doesn’t even live in the UK.

However…I have some concerns…

I’m not paid by the band. (NOT one of my concerns, by the way…it’s just how I’m prefacing what I’m about to write!) As such, you can and should be assured that I’m responding the way I truly feel. I’m not a sycophant, paid player, or even close insider. I’m a longtime fan. It isn’t my “job” to promote the band, or protect their brand. So, when I say that while I’m happy to see the band finally playing a gig in their own country – I mean that. I just can’t understand why they haven’t announced a single, non-festival (I edited this a few hours after publishing for clarity), Birmingham gig to celebrate their 40th anniversary. Maybe they still will. I just know they haven’t yet, and fans are already talking about this Hyde Park gig as if it is indeed the special gig we’ve all been waiting for. Is this really it?? (also edited to included that last question)

I am a siren in the rain

Maybe it is. So sure, I’m thrilled for UK fans, as I should be. It’s about time, don’t you think?? Even so, I’m also apprehensive, and not just for that show – but for all those that have been announced. (So maybe it’s a good thing nothing has been announced about a potentially special show in Birmingham!!)

One would have had to be living under a rock to escape the news of Covid-19, aka Coronavirus, or the global pandemic. The headlines are everywhere. Just this morning sources confirmed to CNN that the very popular Coachella Festival – the same one Duran Duran performed at in 2011 – will be postponed until at least October. SXSW was altogether canceled. Pearl Jam postponed their summer tour, many of the artists on the 80s cruise cancelled at the last minute. In the Bay Area of California, any and all public gatherings of more than 1,000 people have been banned. In New York, a one-mile radius “containment area” around New Rochelle will be instituted for two weeks beginning on Thursday with the help of the National Guard. The area has what they currently believe to be the largest cluster of cases in the US, and the governor thinks this is the best shot they have at containment.

All over the country, cities, towns, counties and states are deciding what to ask of their citizens. Self-containment, self-isolation, social distancing, cancelling in-person learning and classes, banning large events…the list goes on. While I have no doubt that containment will eventually be reached and that this virus will indeed run it’s course just as influenza typically does, fear permeates and spreads in the same fashion. The populations of our most vulnerable need to be protected, yet life must go on. I can’t help but wonder how long it will be before other shows are canceled.

Everything will change forever

I’m a realist by nature. Over the years, some have called me negative, and you know, that annoys the hell out of me. It’s not a good opening line, nor is it a point I take seriously. I’m not negative, but I am not in the practice of burying my head in the sand or donning a pair of rose-colored glasses, either. I see things pretty much as they are, and I call it like I see it! I can’t say I’m overjoyed or optimistic when I see huge conventions and concerts cancelled. It isn’t comforting knowing that an entire city is being quarantined, much less an entire country – as is the case with Italy. What are the chances of a gig attended by 70,000+ in Hyde Park, or anywhere for that matter, happening? I’m not feeling confident, that is for sure. Our world is wacky enough without a pandemic, don’t you think?

Crazy times, indeed. A had a lady use her overflowing shopping cart filled with paper towel as a blocking device to stop me from grabbing one of the last three packs of toilet paper at the store this morning. I wasn’t even trying to get paper products. I just needed to walk down the aisle for sandwich baggies.


9 thoughts on “Spiral into your Brain”

  1. It’s specifically to celebrate their 40th anniversary.


    American Express presents BST Hyde Park Duran Duran, Sunday July 12
    Band to Celebrate 40 years with First London show in 5 years
    Joined by special guests Gwen Stefani, Nile Rodgers & CHIC Plus more to be announced.”

    Maybe they’ll do other shows too, but this is their big celebration.

    1. It’s a festival…that takes place each year whether or not it’s DD’s 40th or not, though. Maybe I have higher hopes. I just thought they’d at least do a one-off in Birmingham (and would have announced it by now).


      1. Yes, but they’re the ones who billed it as the anniversary to celebrate 40 years. Whether or not we think a festival show counts is irrelevant.

        1. I don’t know if it is intended, but your tone is fairly adversarial. I’m not sure why you feel it’s necessary to respond to me that way, or if you mean your words to come off that way, but they do.

          I’m not arguing with you about whether or not their own press bills it as their anniversary. It is very clear that’s how they’re selling the show, which will likely do good things for ticket sales. That’s how PR works. They’ve also mentioned that this show is the only UK show they have booked for 2020. I would add the word “yet” after that though, because they’ve used that same wording MANY MANY times before, only to come back later and add other shows – whether they were in the UK, USA, or elsewhere. We’ll see if that holds true this time, but until then, I wish them all the best in selling out Hyde Park. I’m sure they will, and it will be a great gig.

          Regardless, this is a blog – which is essentially a journal – and my writing is all about opinion and what I think, or what Amanda, Jason or any of our guest bloggers think. We discuss issues every day that may or may not be relevant to readers, and that’s fine. I’m still going to keep writing as I’ve done for nearly ten years. -R

      2. Finally, Duran Duran will be performing in London & Isle of Wight this year, but I’m scared due to the virus outbreak. 😨 I hope that this nasty virus will subside and eliminated in the summertime. I’ve never been to Europe, and I want to go travel to a few countries like Denmark, Iceland, Finland, Italy, and the UK. I heard The Katy Kafe last night, and Simon talked about Las Vegas residency. He said he’s up for it. Did anyone had a chance to listen to this yesterday?

        1. Hello anonymous!

          I did hear the Kafe yesterday, actually. I haven’t had the opportunity to write about it yet – and because of the way we have needed to schedule our publishing as of late, I’ll probably post the highlights on Monday. (I know it is later than normal, and I’m sorry about that)

          I can understand the fears over Covid-19. World Health Organization finally classified it as a pandemic, and I can’t see that helping to settle fears, that is for sure. I hope the virus subsides soon so that more concerts and festivals are not canceled, but to be honest I wouldn’t be surprised if shows are canceled in the coming weeks. I think in the meantime though, it is best to be concerned and prudent, but also continue to live your life.

          As for the Vegas residency – this is a subject that has come up several times in the last several years. The band has already played several shows (I think 8 but don’t quote me!) at The Cosmopolitan in Las Vegas over the last three years or so. That’s nearly a residency right there, just done over a very prolonged period of time! LOL

          But seriously, I can see the draw for Vegas. For one, the shows sell well. The Vegas crowd is either super young and looking for a club, or they’re people about my age who are looking for a fun evening where they don’t have to compete with the 20-somethings. Duran Duran plays the music they love to hear and remember well, and they play the hits – they don’t play a ton of their new music (although they do throw some in). The seats can sell for what I would consider to be a premium price, and the band doesn’t have to go through near the rigors of travel that a full tour might. A residency might really be advantageous in that sense. I don’t know how the other band members would feel about it, but at this point, I wouldn’t even begin to guess what Duran Duran has up their sleeves. 😀 -R

          1. We the readers are looking forward to your next blog about this on Monday! That would be cool and exciting! Thank you so much, R!

          2. I’d better get started on writing it, then!! 😀

            Have a lovely weekend (today is my “Friday” on the blog) -R

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