State of the Fandom and Keeping Fandom Alive

It seems rather quiet in Duranland, lately.  Our daily readers have decreased and we are receiving a lot less comments here, on twitter and in facebook.  What I can’t figure out is whether my statement about the quietness is true or not.  I know that is how I feel, but it may not be factually true.  It might be that things are quiet on the Daily Duranie front  or on a personal level.  So, readers, I ask you.  Do you think it is quiet in the fandom?  If you think so, too, why do you think that is?  If not, what am I missing?  If it is quiet, what can or should be done about it?

I admit that I’m insanely busy and that is putting it nicely.  I have been basically working two full time jobs and trying to get ready for not only this huge trip but another trip.  Therefore, I haven’t had a ton of time to check into the various message boards or browse through twitter and facebook.  I only have time to check into my specific world.  Who has left what comment here?  Who has mentioned us on twitter?  What facebook notification needs to be dealt with?  Yes, I do check to see if the band has posted anything important and what John and Simon have said lately on twitter.  I openly admit that I have been lost in my own personal fog and haven’t had the time to interact much with other fans that I am missing but I just haven’t had the time to indulge that way. 

Perhaps, then, the problem is just with me or is it?  If it is a community wide lull in the action, is the lull in the US fanbase?  It might feel as if it is the whole fanbase to be becuse the biggest fanbase that I interact with and know best is the US community.  Could it just be that people aren’t really interested if the band isn’t touring near them?  Maybe.  I know that I have seen excitement from people going to the UK tour but haven’t seen much from others.  I don’t fault anyone for not being all that interested if the upcoming tour doesn’t affect them.  I think everyone’s interest in their fandom of choice comes in waves.  At times, we are super into it and other times not so much.  It could be that people are tired from the US tour.  It could be the holidays.  It could be that everyone is as busy as I am. 

So, if the fandom is, generally, disinterested now, should something be done about it?  Maybe nothing should be done about it because it is natural for people to have down times with their fandom.  On the other hand, maybe, we all need something to spark our interest again.  For me, I will be very Duran focused for the next week or so, assuming that I will be going to shows in the UK.  Yet, how should fans stay interested who aren’t going?  What would you recommend?  Should people get together with other fans?  Should people make a plan to hang out on twitter or facebook and talk to other fans?  Should there be more time on message boards?  What about putting their videos on or listening to their albums?  How do you, personally, keep your fandom alive?  Do you give yourself breaks?  Do you try to check into Duranland on a consistent basis?  


8 thoughts on “State of the Fandom and Keeping Fandom Alive”

  1. Duranie fandom is a part of my life and, as such, is subject to the ebb and flow of whatever is happening in my life. Simply put, there are times of great activity and times of stillness. Duran Duran is not the only priority in my world nor is the band the top one. The North American leg of the tour is over and I'm now switching to winter holiday mode. I don't think one can sustain a constant high in anything. One needs a change of scene, another distraction, a moment of rest. I don't understand the need to fret over the apparent lack of activity among DD fans. People have lives!!

    I'm still listening to AYNIN and occasionally connect with certain online friends (Twitter, Facebook, message boards, etc.) but that's about it. I don't feel any pressure to fill every waking moment with thoughts of Duran Duran. Through the years, my interest in DD has waxed and waned. I don't feel I have to apologize for that. If an album sucks, I'm not gonna be as involved in the DD scene. Simple as that. Fortunately, their latest album has sustained me well.

  2. I completely agree that there is an ebb and flow. I also agree that people do have lives and other things going on. Yet, I also am aware that fans/people do walk away and as someone who studies fandom and Duran fandom, in particular, the line between a regular lull and having someone completely walk is a fine one.


  3. I never have a tour to look forward to, so there's no ebb and flow for me. It's completely irrelevant to my level of fandom. Sure when an album is due out and the time around that sees me more involved but that's it. It think for US and UK fans who get regular tours, the waxing and weaning is related to tours but for the numerous fans in other regions without tours it could be more to do with album release.

  4. I guess it's been back to reality and on to some other ventures for me for a while. I've noticed such a downturn in JT's Tweets lately, and I've got to admit, he keeps me going. The calendar arrived this past weekend, and it did perk me up for a while.

    I'm still around, still reading the blog. But I do seem to get more obsessed when a favorite band is releasing a new album or touring. I have a Radiohead show to look forward to in March, and hope to snag a ticket to a Coldplay ticket somewhere, sometime.

    They are no Duran, but I'll try to make them fill the gap till The Boys return stateside.

    Have a wonderful time on your trip. I feel good things for you guys. After a failed May trip, you DESERVE it!!!

  5. I think one is always a fan, but there will definite ebbs and flows, even for the most devoted of fans.

    For instance, earlier this year there was the new album, spring shows in the US, Simon's unexpected voice issues, and then another US Tour in the fall, so there was a lot going on especially for those of us in the states, and I was definitely following quite avidly.

    But now that activities in the US have more or less wound down, even though I am following along on what the band is doing, I am not quite as fanatic about it. Planning for the holidays takes precedence for now too. I do read what is on my FB page from DD, and follow John and Simon on Twitter, and of course, your page. But that's about it. I think it's just the nature of the beast, we tend to be most interested in what is going on in our own backyard.


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