Stay with the Music…Let It Play a Little Longer…

Thursday night, Duran played the first of four rehearsal gigs.  My heart soars as I type the word, “played”.  I honestly didn’t know if I would ever see Duran play again after the cancellations in the spring and summer.  Thursday was filled with much activity in Duranland as there were fans there and the rest of us sat back and waiting for any and all reports about the show!  Now that it was a couple of days ago, like many of you, I have read many reports from those there and saw a couple of clips via youtube.  From everything I saw and heard, it sounds like it was a fabulous show and that Simon demonstrated a solid voice.  This, of course, has been greeted by much celebration throughout the community.  In fact, there seemed to be little discussion about Simon and much more discussion about the setlist.  Thursday’s setlist featured many gems, including some new songs that have never been played or rarely played, older songs that needed the dust wiped off them and some songs that they don’t play very often. Many of the old standards were not played at all. 

Most of the fans seemed excited over hearing songs like Leopard, Too Bad You’re So Beautiful, Secret Oktober, Tiger Tiger, and Shadows Are on Your Side.  Strangely enough, though, there were still many fans who complained about the setlist.  I can’t really understand that for three big reasons.  First, shouldn’t the best part about the show be that it happened at all?  They haven’t played since May and we were facing an uncertain future.  Did those fans forget that?  Or is it that they are never satisfied?  Second, it was a rehearsal gig and not a full set.  There are other songs that can be played at the next show.  This isn’t exactly the definitive setlist for the upcoming US tour.  Will they play some of these songs?  I bet they will since they are practicing them.  Will they play songs that they haven’t publicly practiced?  Quite possibly.  Lastly, it seems to me that Duranies are constantly complaining about the setlists.  Most hardcore fans want something other than the big hits.  This setlist is exactly that.  Again, I have to wonder if people would ever be satisfied.  I know that I didn’t love every song played but was still way excited about it for the reasons I have already mentioned.  They were able to play at all and they chose non-standards.  Yay!

Based on people’s reports and the setlist, I was terribly excited by the fact that it seemed that Duran had returned and returned in a way in which they will really please their dedicated fanbase.  Then, I saw Simon’s tweet about being on “vocal rest”.  Am I the only one totally worried about that?  Granted, I don’t know exactly what it means to be on vocal rest.  Does it mean that he can’t sing at all?  Does it mean that he shouldn’t talk?  Maybe to keep things to a minimum?  I don’t know.  Nonetheless, it scares me because he needed to be on vocal rest after just ONE show and it wasn’t a full show, either.  How is he going to do in a few days when they are due to perform 3 shows in a row?  How will he do with the upcoming US and UK tours? 

Perhaps, I’m being overly concerned and for no reason.  Maybe I’m trying to protect myself by thinking the worst now in case it goes badly, it won’t come as a complete shock.  It’s possible that this is just my crazy reaction after flying all the way over to the UK for shows and didn’t get any.  Nonetheless, I’m a little surprised that I don’t see many people sharing my concern.  Is it because they want to believe that everything is cool?  I can certainly understand that.  There is a part of me that desperately wants everything to be great (and maybe it is).  I can’t imagine how I will deal if it is not.  I have plans for Chicago and for the UK.  Beyond that, a lot of my life is focused on their band and the fan community.  That said, I’m sure that I’m over-reacting.  Someone please come and reassure me.  Please! 

No matter what, I will be looking forward to the upcoming shows at the end of the week.  If those go well, I will feel much, much, much better.  Then, I, too, will feel much more like celebrating!


5 thoughts on “Stay with the Music…Let It Play a Little Longer…”

  1. Vocal rest just means no singing or speaking (or keeping to a minimum) to keep recovery going. So it sounds like Simon is just trying to keep his voice in tip-top shape by not using it when he doesn't need to (I can't imagine him on full vocal rest without speaking, though! LOL).

    I don't think it's anything to worry about. When I was singing, I used to let my vocal chords rest between performances to make sure that I didn't overuse it unnecessarily.

  2. I agree with what Robin says above. I'm sure they're just proceeding with as much caution as possible. The more shows they can perform, the less we will worry!

    I don't get the set list gripes either. I'm thrilled with it, and hope they keep playing some of these rarities when they get to the US.

  3. Will see for Simon healtth, but like any sportman they perform and then they rest, I believe after what he lived this year he takes precautions and that,s ok. He sound well on what I saw on youtube.
    For the setlist the problem is that they are too good! They have so many great songs that everyone want some in particular. And there is two different Duran Duran, the dancing fun Duran with Girls On Film, Hungry Like the Wolf, etc and the melodic Duran with Ordinary World, Before the Rain etc. So there is fans who wants to dance other to hear great music, some nostalgic fans some who want the new stuff and the guys just can play everything. Maybe because of the voice of Simon specialy they never did very long shows, around 2 hours sets, never 3 hours. But hey… 2 hours of pure magic!


  4. I wouldn't be concerned at all if it weren't for the fact that he was already on vocal rest for most of the past what…4 months (give or take). That's the truth of it – none of us would probably think twice if we hadn't gone through the past several months with this band. Robin is right, people do vocal rest all of the time when they're in a performance mode and no one notices. The difference of course is that they haven't postponed an entire tour previously, come back to sing a single show…then TWEET to the entire fan base that they're on vocal rest the day afterward.

    Am I complaining to Simon? I'm not sure. On one hand, I appreciate his honesty. On the other hand, of course I'm concerned, and not in a negative “Well, this is it – they are going to cancel the entire tour…I knew this was too much too soon and it just serves them right.” sort of way, just the regular sort of concern you have for someone you care about. I know I'm not going around yelling that the sky is falling…but on the same token I'm still not buying my UK plane ticket until I see for myself that the guy can sing three shows in a row and come out of it fine. Call me crazy, but I've learned that the unthinkable really CAN happen sometimes, and in my life – it can even happen twice!! (but it'd better not!) – R

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