I’ve tried very hard not to comment on the snippets of music I’ve heard so far, mainly because it’s really hard to tell how something is going to sound from 30 seconds of music.  I will say that some of the songs have really intrigued me, others have kind of just sounded good (as if that’s a bad thing, right?), and still others have me very excited.

So then why do I feel an impending sense of dread?  Isn’t every other album out there the same?  I mean – not every song on an album is going to bowl me over, and there are some I might add, that I don’t even end up liking.  That’s normal, and I know that.

The word on the boards with regard to the album seems to be fairly mixed at this point.  Some are excited, some are thrilled, some think it’s not good…etc. etc.  Each of us have our own opinions, and none of them are wrong.  I get that.  It’s hard not to feel the urge to knock fellow fans alongside the head when they openly pronounce the album as dead before it even drops though.  First question I ask is if they’ve actually HEARD the whole album, and the second question I ask is – if so, where can I grab a copy?  🙂

What really pains me though, more than any other comment, is when some gentle soul will hope that the album goes really big, and then some other genius will announce that there’s not a chance of that happening at all.  The album will never get played on radio, and therefore it’ll never chart, and it’ll fall flat like a pancake.

Really?  Is that what constitutes an album being big?  Is that what “success” really is all about?

My thoughts on that are simply that maybe it’s time that we fans get a better understanding of what success really is.  Personally, I think success has far more to do with how we ourselves feel about something in the end, rather than what recognition we receive.  My goodness, I’m a fantastic mom – I know this because, well, I have three children whom I’m raising to be amazing little people.  I don’t win awards for that, and I sure as heck don’t get a paycheck.  That doesn’t mean I’m not successful, that’s for sure.  Success for me is giving and getting love from them, and seeing them grow into the most fabulous humans.  That’s real success.   I kind of think the band is way over the idea of hitting the top of the charts. (here’s a tip for all of you fans out there – try listening to the lyrics of the few snippets we’ve had.  Really listen, because it’s not hard to hear, but you have to WANT to hear what they’re trying to say.)   I truly think they are in this for the love and joy of making music.  They want to play, they want to tour, and I would even say that they want to see all of our faces screaming for more.  Perhaps that’s success for them, these days.

After all – they said right in their press release that they’ve got nothing left to prove and everything to play for.  If that doesn’t give us an idea of what they’re after as far as success is concerned – maybe it’s really time we look at why we’re still fans after all these years.  Are we really thinking that we’re hear to see 1985 happen again?   It’s time to redefine success, and stop setting ourselves and the band up for failure before the album even drops.

Oh, and if you’ve heard that whole album and have deemed it failure…you know where to find me.  I’ll take that copy off your hands.  Ha!  😉


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