Sure as Silence Follows Rain

Fingers in my brain

So, I’m going to open this post by saying I’m an idiot. I was apparently far, far sicker than I realized yesterday. Somehow, I wrote and posted an entire diatribe that wasn’t meant to post until today. Better yet, I didn’t realize that I’d actually posted the blog – even after people had commented on it. (No, I wasn’t on medication. I hadn’t even taken an aspirin!) It wasn’t until I was watching television last night just before bed that I realized I’d accidentally posted the blog that day. Not once before that did I give it thought, even when people tweeted that the blog was well-written.

I have somewhat emerged from the fog of illness this morning, enough to think about some things. As I commented yesterday, it’s just a very strange time. The world’s unrest, the elections for the US, coronavirus, and whatever else. More than one person commented on how awful the world, and life, is right now and that it must be difficult for the band to even be creative.

Who are you to fail

That’s an interesting thought. On one hand, I am a musician. I don’t think I’ve been this creative in many decades, and it is the one of a few bright spots in my life. However, I don’t know about anyone else, but when I’m seeing movie premieres scrapped until November, it makes me wonder. What about press conferences with health and city officials suggesting not to hug or shake hands? Watching good people leave presidential races because we’re back to choosing between two old white men yet AGAIN?? Well, it doesn’t leave a lot of room for hope or creativity, does it?

Then again, maybe it does…and to be frank, I sure as hell hope the band is past the writing stage of the album at this point now anyway.

Then there’s the coronavirus. What a fucking MESS. Sorry for cursing. Actually, no. I’m not. This is ridiculous. Yesterday, the state of California declared a State of Emergency. Health officials were on TV, talking about how to handle large gatherings. People, including myself, are wondering how long it’ll be before sporting events, concerts, and other events are curtailed. Costco is an absolute nightmare. A zoo. You think doing presales are bad? Try fighting carts driven by determined people headed for the toilet paper aisle at Costco. It’s like doing battle.

I’m having to rethink whether or not I should go to a party tomorrow night – my neighbors take turns hosting parties on the first Friday night of the month where we bring a bottle of wine and a dish to share – 150 neighbors are on the list, many of whom are over 60 years old, and I’ve been sick with a cold this week. Maybe one of them are sick now, and they could spread it to me or my family? It seems crazy to even have to consider this sort of thing. It’s a bizarre time to be living on this planet. Seems like music is one of purest joys we have left. And yet..

Who am I to resist

I still have to wonder where the people are? Where’d the fans go? It used to be that when we’d even get the slightest murmurings from somebody “in the back” saying that an album is going to be released six months (essentially) later than originally estimated, people would come out of the woodwork. There’d be calls for public floggings, people carrying clubs and/or torches… (slight exaggeration on my part, perhaps), but right now, it’s mostly silence.

*taps non-existent microphone*

This thing on???

Am I the only one left? Nope, can’t be, at least not here in America. I just checked Ticketmaster and it seems as though most of the seats for the two Vegas shows are gone. I’m going to apologize up front because I know there are people from other parts of the world who read this blog and will undoubtedly comment that I should be so lucky as to even have the band play in the US – therefore insinuating that I should shut up about the cost of tickets and Ticketmaster. Sorry, but I’m going to “go there” anyway because it’s my site and this is a real problem regardless of where the band is playing.

I try to leave the memory behind

As I checked seats using the password for the presale that TM sent me this morning, I noticed that on Saturday night, the cheapest seats available were about $300 and they were way back…like IN the back. Oh hell no, I’m not driving my happy ass through the California desert for the back at $300 plus fees!

I love Duran Duran, and I admit that I have paid a pretty penny to be near the front for a good many shows. However, one thing I haven’t done, and refuse to do, is pay an insane amount of money to be in the back. The seats I saw today were all on the secondary market, and they were all highly inflated, non-DD VIP pricing.

I can’t speak for anybody else, but I’m out. These prices are crazy, Ticketmaster is doing nothing to stop the secondary market because – surprise surprise – they directly profit from it! I wouldn’t be surprised if the artists do as well to some limited extent. My thinking is: if people are willing to buy those super insanely priced front row tickets at $5,000 or more a piece – artists sure don’t have a difficult time saying that the command VIP prices of over $500 for second or third row (much less first), do they? Sorry, but I’m calling a spade a spade here. Everyone profits, except for the fans.

What’s left to believe in

Granted, maybe you’re one of the privileged few that doesn’t mind shelling out stacks of cash to have a front row center seat. Maybe you think a 90-minute show warrants a $500+ ticket price. For that matter, maybe you’re one of those that likes to buy as many tickets for all the shows they can – regardless of whether or not they’re actually able to attend the shows, so that they can sell them off one by one (at inflated prices) to fund the front row ticket habit. I’d just like to be one of the people to say thanks a bunch. You’ve managed to help price fans like me right out of your way.

Several years back, I knew I’d have to get very lucky to get those front row tickets, but at least I felt like I had half a shot. Likely, the same shot as anyone else. Sometimes I’d be lucky and other times I’d be in second or third row. Maybe back a bit further, but it was still all luck. Nowadays luck has gone right out the window. Ticketmaster, along with these crazy people willing to buy so many tickets at one time (buying a limit of four only is a limit if you use a single device along with one sign-in, people) and resell them for inflated prices, has kind of ruined the whole concert experience.

I don’t know. Seems to me that the world is off it’s damn axis right now. Nothing is working quite right. I keep waiting for the other shoe to drop, but maybe, it already has.


2 thoughts on “Sure as Silence Follows Rain”

  1. Great to read your up front and honest thoughts about the craziness of ticket prices/availability etc. in your recent posts – thank you x
    PS – yes I’m in the UK but in many ways it’s easier that the shows haven’t been here as I haven’t been tempted to spend money I don’t have going to see the band!
    Hope life treats you more kindly soon x

  2. I am beyond myself right now with the whole Tickemaster / Official Platinum seats that has ticket face value price 3x to be front row ! Imagine if that is bad for US people, what do you think it is for us Canadian people !!! Prices are 1.37 x more with the exchange rate and the more popular the concert is, the more the tickets are going up, up, up and that is a disgrace for us, who are true fans of the bands / music that we cannot afford it… My friend actually is boycotting Ticketmaster all together.. I know she is the only one paying the fact that she won’t see her bands / groups anymore but she cannot accept the fact that one ticket that used to be $135 face value now is over $500….

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