Symbiosis and the Duran Duran fan

The word of the day is “Symbiosis”.

I know many of you haven’t heard that word since middle school biology, so let’s do a refresher.  Symbiosis is any interdependent or mutually beneficial relationship between two persons, groups, etc.

Something miraculous happened today – my little write-up of the Spandau Ballet show was reposted and retweeted by the band themselves!! Spandau Ballet. That’s right. They took the time and interest to repost something a mere Spandau Ballet and/or Duran Duran fan had written. Call me flabbergasted.

There are moments in life where something happens and it feels like the filter that had been there diffusing the light and creating shadows has been removed. The view of everything around you completely changes. That’s kind of what today has been like for me as a Duran Duran fan. Over and over, I have had fans, fellow Duran Duran fans, tell me that they’ve met bands and artists…The Fixx, Spandau Ballet, Rick Springfield, Bryan Adams, among many many others. The one thing each Duran Duran fan noted was their shock that these bands and artists really wanted to meet their fans, the people who support them. At one point, it dawned on me that I really don’t have any idea what that  is like.

On one hand this morning, I was overjoyed. We have never had blogs posted by a band like Spandau Ballet before. (All due respect to Rio- the Duran Duran tribute band though, because they support this blog by reposting our reviews and interviews about them, and we truly appreciate the effort!) While I maintain that we write this blog for the Duran Duran fan out there – it feels very good to be acknowledged by the people we idolize. That small acknowledgement is validation for a tremendous amount hard work, of which there is plenty – both seen and unseen. I couldn’t believe what I was seeing on Facebook. Spandau Ballet actually reposted my article?? I dashed off a quick note to Amanda to share in my joy. I don’t know why, but it never occurred to me that another band would repost a review of ours before Duran Duran ever did. Then again, it never occurred to me that any band would acknowledge our work because I’ve been trained to expect far, far less in the 4.5 years I’ve been blogging, not to mention the decades of being a Duran Duran fan prior. It has always been our choice to write. It has always been our choice to support – we chose to do this completely on our own, without being encouraged or forced to continue. But isn’t that also the point?

I suppose it’s vaguely similar to the surprise of having one’s photo taken with the President of the United States before ever having one with Duran Duran.

I’m thrilled that Spandau Ballet thought enough to repost my review as a Duran Duran fan of their show. Of course it was a glowing review they deserved, and of course that in turn helped their cause – which is to create interest and ultimately ticket sales. The thing is, it helps OUR interest too. We are always happy to expand our reading audience and support fantastic bands that are appreciative in the process, which is something we plan to do more often. Daily Duranie is about curating and cultivating symbiotic or even cyclical relationships between bands and their fans.

Food for thought.


7 thoughts on “Symbiosis and the Duran Duran fan”

  1. That’s awesome news Rhonda! Not only does it respect you for taking the time to right it, the very fact that you now know someone in Spandau Ballet’s group even read it is a charge all in itself.

    I’ve always liked Spandau myself, not a huge fan by any means, but ‘Only When You Leave’ is one of my all-time favourite songs along with ‘True’, and now they’ve given all fans another reason to like what they’ve done, and who they are.

    If Duran ever did the same they’d be giving a well-deserved nod of approval and not simply pandering to what they sometimes give the impression of thinking of us as over-zealous fans. We are just fans, short and simply put who are just trying to show how much we care about WHAT they’ve done, and WHO they are. Symbiotic? Absolutely!!

    1. Agreed. But as it seems, I may just need to settle for knowing that other bands care about cultivating that relationship. I suppose you can’t have it all. -R

    2. D’oh, that should be ‘write it’ as opposed to ‘right it’, lol 😉

      And, you never know with Duran, I’d bet that they know all about the Daily Duranie. But, perhaps are hesitant to start a trend by mentioning one fan page/group lest they then feel like they have to mention them all?

      Still, it would be really nice if they’d try and build some posi-vibes with fans by doing so as a build-up for the new album, whenever it finally arrives.

      (Hmmm, ‘Whenever’ not a bad album title name either, ha, ha)

      1. Funny because they have no problem with retweeting or mentioning every single celebrity or magazine that dares to type the name Duran Duran – and yet those types of retweets do very little to cast a wide net the way it might if they worked with the few fan managed blogs out there. There really aren’t that many these days, and even fewer that actually keep up. -R

    1. They’ll get it – and you know, whether they support THIS blog or not, our purpose is really to bring the fans together. There are a few other “copy-cat” blogs out there, thinking that if they are more positive, etc…that they’ll drive traffic their way. Maybe they will, and maybe the band will support those blogs – but the bottom line is that we’re here for the fans, and we’re proud of that! -R

  2. Congrats for being retweeted!
    As I probably already mentioned on your beautiful blog some time ago, the DD guys could really never establish any sort of communication with us, since their debut: who is that musician who is able to relate to screaming fanatics? I do understand them.
    I will miss dearly the All You Need is Now years, where they could reconnect with their fan base with that album: certainly they arrived down to us certianly only for promotional reasons, but, to me at least, they have been very kind and sweet.

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