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You’ve Got That Thing Which Makes Us Smile

I’m still reeling from the video for Pressure Off!  Tell me that I’m not the only one!  I can see many, many, many fans express nothing but excitement and joy after watching it.  There are people who are making and posting screenshots and gifs from the video.  Clearly, it is a hit with fans!!!  Yes, I realize that there are a few people out there who might have tiny criticisms but, for the most part, there is nothing but praise from Duranies!  While I generally choose to focus on our fan community, seeing a new Duran video that is super fun, super sexy connected a very catchy song, I have to wonder.  Will it catch attention of the not-yet-converted, those non-Duranies-as-of-yet?  I think it could.  It definitely could.  It definitely should.

I think this is especially true as it seems that Duran is experiencing more and more commercial success with this album.  As we know, Paper Gods placed in the top 10 in the Billboard Album Chart after it debuted and just recently, Pressure Off entered the American Top 40.  I had to look.  When is the last time Duran placed in the top 10 for albums and top 40 for singles?
Based on what I could see from Billboard.com, the last album to hit the top 10 album chart was the Wedding Album.  Holy crap. Notorious came close in 1987 at number 12.  Then, I saw a tweet on October 17th from American Top 40, which stated, “.@DuranDuran debut at #39 with their 20th hit, “Pressure Off.” They pass up U2 (1984) as the longest charting act this week (since 1983).”  WOW!!!  This tweet came out BEFORE the video premiered.  Could Duran really be doing what people often accuse them of not doing, which is capitalizing on momentum?  If the single was already on an upwards trend, the video could only help, right?  That’s my theory!
I have often thought about what it would be like if Duran enjoyed the commercial success like they did in the early 80s or even the early 90s with the Wedding Album.  While, yes, I was around during both of those times, I wasn’t old enough (I’m a young Duranie and proud!) in the early 80s to really pay attention like that.  I just knew that I loved them and thought that everyone should!  Duh!  In fact, you can picture ME arguing with kids at the lunch table about how cool they were!!  I know that I used their commercial success (at least to whatever extent a 10 year old could muster) as part of my argument about how cool they were.  During the Wedding Album era, I was just about to leave home for college.  I was in too much of a daze.  Once I got to college, I really didn’t pay attention to much beyond trying to survive, academically, in my classes and getting to know people.  Then, for a long time, the post college me doubted that the general public would ever come to their collective senses to realize how fabulous Duran still is.  Now, though, I’m hopeful.
I know that Simon mentioned in that Yahoo interview last week about how Duran’s current success helps validate the longtime fans.  He’s right.  It does but I don’t know that any of us really NEED that validation.  I know that they are amazing and always have.  I don’t require others to tell me they are great in order to feel right.  I KNOW I’m right.  I appreciate that Simon is looking out for all of us.  I really do.  The thing is that I really do want them to have commercial success right now.  Why?  Two simple reasons.  First, they freaking deserve it.  That really goes without saying but I feel compelled to mention it a time or two.  They work hard at creating new music.  Clearly, they worked hard at making Paper Gods.  I am a firm believer that if you work hard, you SHOULD get rewarded for that.  On top of working hard, they created an amazing album.  Shouldn’t that get rewarded?  I think so!  While Simon is worried about our validation as fans, we are wanting the band to be validated.  The other reason I would really love to see them experience success is so they (the band) get the message LOUD and CLEAR that the world needs them around for a LONG, LONG time to come.  While, yes, I need them around for a long time to come, it has also become obvious that the rest of the world does, too.
So, come on world, let’s give Duran Duran the commercial success they so deserve!!!

Duran Duran History – American Top 40

Duran Duran history for January 28 has me thinking about the old days of Casey Kasem and the American Top 40 that I would listen to on the radio (and watch on TV) each Saturday morning here in Los Angeles.  On this date in 1984, Duran Duran was all over the countdown, as “New Moon on Monday” as well as “Union of the Snake” was featured on the broadcast for that day. It was a good time to be a Duranie!


Today in Duran History – A View to a Kill & Get it On

On today’s date in 1985, American Top 40 featured A View to a Kill at number 11 and Get It On (Bang a Gong) at number 9.  With side projects, Duran Duran et. al surely dominated the charts at the time. Little did we realize back then that we were in the beginning of a long drought.


Today in Duran History – Is There Something I Should Know?

Wanna feel old for a second?  Today is Andy Taylor’s son’s birthday.  Lovingly referred to by many as A2 in the community, today is his 30th birthday.  That’s right friends…THIRTY. I announced that he apparently miscounted the years and went about my day, because that “I’m 30” business is just nonsense.  Between that and Roger posting a lovely photo of VERY GROWN Elliot and Ellea to his Facebook yesterday, I’m just done.  

Back to business….

On today’s date in 1983, American Top 40 featured my very favorite Duran Duran song, Is There Something I Should Know at #7 on their weekly countdown.  Only #7???  🙂

Here’s the video.  Today hasn’t started off so great here, so I’m just going to take the opportunity to try and reset Wednesday – my least favorite day of the week.  Cheers!  -R