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Happy Anniversary Katy (with Nick)!

I don’t know about anybody else out there, but I’m convinced that time is going much faster now than it did when I was eleven. Just recently, Katy Krassner (Duran Duran’s very own Ask Katy!) announced that she has been working with the band now for twenty years, when she started working with them at the age of 12. (See, I completely get this math because I was about that same age when I got married….right?!?) My initial reaction was that she clearly has miscounted by at least a decade, but it turns out that yes, she really has been around that long. By Nick’s own account, Katy is their longest employee, and  I can’t remember a time when Katy was not a part of the Duran Duran family.  Say what you will, she’s been around for a lot longer than some of us have been loyal…myself included. (there were those dark days between about 1995 and 2000 when I was too busy getting  married, moving, and having my first two babies to know what was going on!)

For the Katy Kafe’s this month, each of the band members are going to ask Katy about her time with the band, beginning with Nick. What is interesting about Nick and Katy is that you can hear the admiration each of them have for the other – in fact Nick is Katy’s son’s Godparent. I listened and found myself smiling at their memories of Lemonheads and Alexander the Grape in dressing rooms (Katy is a candy girl!), the first time that Katy met Nick – he was doing some sort of a call-in for college radio stations and Katy was very nervous about meeting him (apparently it worked out!), to Nick & Co giving Katy fashion advice.  I laughed when she explained how each of them came out telling her to ditch the vest she was wearing only to have Simon then come out and tell her he loved it.  (Of course he did, he’s Simon!!) There were stories about a particular yellow suit that Nick admitted burning and not replacing (I honestly didn’t hear who owned this suit because I was “parenting” in that particular moment, but I’m betting it was Simon….), and recollections of Katy’s curly hair (which is now straight, thanks to Nick introducing her to the art of getting it straightened!). Everybody wants Duran Duran-centric Kafe’s, but honestly I really liked hearing Nick’s memories of Katy.

While the stories and memories are funny, it was the warmth with which they speak to one another that I loved most. As fans we really have little idea about all the behind the scenes work that goes into the band, and it’s not just the studio work I’m meaning. It really does take a village to make it all work, and I think it’s a testament to Katy, but also the band themselves, to hear of people who had worked for them long ago coming back to do more, whether we’re talking about Nile Rodgers…Spike Stent….Dom Brown…Anna Ross…or Andrew Day. (who is currently working with the band to revamp/redesign their website to coincide with the new album- he worked on the original site as a graphical designer. As an aside, I am excited to hear that perhaps a new website in general is on the horizon for the band. I am on dd.com nearly every day and trust me, it is WAY WAY WAY OVERDUE!) In the very little work I’ve done with bands before, I’ve always found it to be a virtual revolving door of people as albums come and go. With Duran Duran that doesn’t seem to be the case, and it’s nice to see that it really is a little like a family.

I know a lot of people think they’d love Katy’s job. I also know a lot of people find fault with things every now and then. Heck, even I find things that could be improved. All of that said, I want to take a second and wish Katy a very Happy Anniversary!! Not only do I NOT want your job…I am sure I couldn’t do it nearly as well. (I’ve very little patience, you see.) Twenty years doing anything is quite an accomplishment, and to think you’ve worked for one band for that long is amazing. Cheers to you and I can’t wait to hear your Kafes with the rest of the band this month!