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Have You Heard DD14?!?

DD14 is coming.  Someday.  Maybe soon. Maybe not.

Today is Monday and I thought I’d begin the week with a little commentary on something I saw on Facebook this morning.  Apparently someone in the Krassner-Hughes household (that’d be Katy’s house if you’re already clueless) has heard #DD14.  Now I’m not sure if that person was Katy or Tanner…or even Brian for that matter, but someone heard it, and someone must have liked it because there is now a hash tag of #SOworththewait on Twitter.  And Facebook.

Naturally, this tidbit sent a small percentage of the masses nearly over the edge of Monday.  In my own case, my comment about hearing DD14 was not that I was surprised she…or someone in that house had heard it, but that it was about time. And it is, in my not-at-all-humble-opinion.  Still others though ranged from humorously jealous (can’t blame ’em really) to the particularly interesting comment, “That is not right. You should have waited like the rest of us.”

When I read through the comments and replies, at first I thought that person was joking and went on my way.  After all, I figure that Katy works for the band. Why wouldn’t she hear DD14 in advance? I made my own comment as I mentioned above, and then wondered if Katy even reads the comments. Probably not…but that’s never stopped me before. Not long after I’d posted, the person came back and reiterated that she just felt Katy should have had to wait to hear the finished product.  Like the rest of us.

In my head, Katy isn’t “like the rest of us”. She is not a fan, whether you like her, hate her, or are reading this and have no idea of whom I’m writing. She works for the band (along with quite a few other artists!). She does PR and she deals with fans – it is her work that keeps US talking about THEM. She’s also known the band for many years now, and unlike the rest of us – her relationship with them is very much factual and real. Whereas my “relationship” with the band is one where I’ve listened to their music, watched their videos, followed their interviews and written this blog for many years now, and gotten a few grins and perhaps a wink or two from the stage….I don’t think she has their posters hanging in her closet, and I don’t think she has to fantasize about what it might be like to interview Nick Rhodes, because she’s already done it. Many. Times. Over. So, with that in mind, I’m going to give her my blessing on hearing DD14 and then teasing the HELL out of us about it, because that’s her job. In fact, I applaud her, because after having written this blog now for more than a few years, I’ve discovered that working with my own kind – fans – can be very rewarding. It can also very much feel like you’re continuously slamming your head onto a wood table, then passing out, coming to, and doing it again. Every. Single. Day.  But then, that might just be me!

So I ask – is it fair that Katy heard DD14 before the general public? I’m curious to read your comments and opinions on this one!